ex wife bein slut in pub

well if u read my othere posts u will no my wife was turnin in2 a little slut we were in bed and tina said do u want me 2 tell u how i met those black guys i said love 2 she put her hand round my cock and slowly started 2 wank me tina said it realy turns u on doesent it guys fuckin me yes well when u went on the stag weekend 2 blackpool sue cam round and we were chatin and she said do u still want 2 try diffrent guy she said she would go with her 2 pub with her 4 an hour then leave she said get tarted up and ull have pick ov guys a few hours later tinas all dresst up she tells me in great detal she was wearin red thong red push up bra redlow cut top with buttons and denim microw skirt sue nocks on door and says 2 tina u look hot and undos 2 buttons ov her top and says we going 2 warwick arms which gets a few black guys in they get 2 pub about 8pm sue gets drinks and tina sits down sue goes over 2 put sum music on and starts talkin 2 black guys all the time shes chattin 2 them there lookin at tina they cum over sue interuces them and thet chat away 4 20mins then sue finishes her drink says shes got 2 go and said 2 tina these 2 will keep u company leroy said 2 tina leroy said u want go 2 disco here tina said love 2 they went in got there drinks and sat in cornerleroy said weres ur husband then she told him and his mate said he must be mad id want fuck u all weekend i got right hard on u dresst like that then leroy starts feelin her leg just at the top ov her skitt and says is that why u come here 4 2 get a good fuckin by a big black cock and puts his hand up her skirt and says u like black cock tina says never bin with black guy he then takes his hand gets tinas hand by his vip and says have afeel tina udose his vip and starts feelin is cock and says its massive leroy said wait till it gets hard its only semi and his mate says lets go outside so i can watch u fuck her leroy gets up grabs her hand and they go outside down an ally tina says u can come back 2 mine leroy says want fuck u now and puts her agant fhe wall and gets her tits out and rips her nickers off and start finger fuckin her she got his cock out and wankin him and says she start cumin oh oh yes oh fuck me his mate goes fuck the slut shes beggin 4 it leroy says do u want this black cock 2 fuck u she says yes fuckin fuck me fuck me fuck me he turns her round and starts fuckin her doggy ram his cock deep in 2 her and his mate sayin that it leroy fuck the slut hard and tina says shes never cum as much in her life then leroy says iam cumin yes iam cumin tina says fuckin fuck me his mate says cum in the slut and he them shoots up her she says he seemed 2 cum and cum he stood up andhe said suck my mate off she looked at him his mae put his cock bye her face he said swollow it and she give his mate a blow job and swollows his cum and she gets up and goes 4 her nicks leroy said there no good lets go back in pub and there sat in pub and he tell tina 2 it u love it dontgo buy some drinks and gives her some mony when she cums back hes talkin 2 another black guy leroy says cum sit on my lap then she looks at guy he says tina isent it she says yes i no tom dident no u were in2 playin away leroy says she loves it just fuckt her in the ally and liftrd her skirt up said u like have a feel he puts his hand bettween her legs and start playin with her pussy leroy said told u once id fuck u ud do anything i want tina says yes then leroy said go and fuck him then ive got 2 get home 2 the wife then says 2 steve tell me how it goes 2morro nigth u how me a few drinks steve says
lets go 2 mine they get 2 his flat and he says i want u 2 do steeptise which she does then he says suck your tits finger yourself she going oh oh yes iam cumin come sit on my cock which she does thats it ride my cock if only tom could see u now whot a slag his wife is thats it ride u love it dont u yes yes love it love whot black cock whot are u ohohohohohjoh whut are u ohohohoh ia a slut that loves blck cock ohohoh get off iam cumin i want shoot over your face put your yung out and he shhot all over her face then he said get dresst and ill phone u taxi as she goes he puts 20 pound in her hand she says taxi not that much he says buy tom a drink have fun with leroy your a good fuck tina says do u want meet again steve says as i said your a good fuck but i only fuck white girls once but ull get plenty ov black cock in pub becases leroy and his mate will tell all the guys in the pub whot u got up 2 then i said iam cunin wank me faster now but tina took my cock in her mouth and i shot my load then she said u like me being a slut dont u i said yes
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