my horny ex wiffe

this is my first time doing this ive been reading your storys and it reminded me about whot my ex wife used 2 get up 2 i was 21 my wife tina was 19 she was a virgin when i met her she was 5ft5 34c dress size 10 with long black hair
we had bin married 4 6 months and had a house near 2 town it was a saterday night i was going 2 work at pub and tina said she was going out with her mate i was hot summers night i left 4 work and said bye 2 tina she had low cut top and short skirt i had a feel ov her tits she hadent got bra on so i went 2 work and about 10.30 her mate come in2 pub i said wears tina she said shes gone 2 club so i got home at 12.30 and was went 2 toilet then went in2 bedroom 2 see if icould see her comein i could hear her chatin then i saw her with 2 black guys i could hear whot they were sayin the 1 guy said we comein in then and started kissing her and havein a feal tina said i was in so sorry then he said lets go 2 churh yard my cock was rock hard she said ok so i give them a couple mins and went down church yard it was about 4oo yards from our house my hart was racein as i got round there i went round the back ov church there was tina with her top down and her skirt on the floor she had a cock in each hand and they were fingering her pussy and playin with her tits the guys lookt well in2 there 40s then he said give me a blow which she done strat away and he saide told u she loves it and the othere guy went behind her and started 2 put it in her pussy she stopt suckin and was realy moaning oh oh yes fuckin fuck me oh oh fuck me harder the guy sai told u the slut loves it then he said iam cumin the othere guy said emty your load in2 the little slut which he did thrn the otere guy said its my turn and he fuckt her aganst the wall he diden last long and shot his load in 2 her she pulled her top up and put her skirt on the 1 guy put her nicks in is pocket and i moved so they couldent see me when thry left
i gave them 10 mins and started 2 work home the 2 guys were passin me on the road and the y were chatin about my wife he was sayin she was a wright slut hed fucked her the week be4 at mates house i got in2 the house tina was sittin on settee with some music on and said your late and i said bin 4 a walk round church yard and sum slut was gettin a good seeing 2 then put my hand up her skirt and said weres your nicks and said i can feel all that cum in ur slut cunt she was sayin in sorry i said dont be sorry put mycock in your mouth withen seconds i cum in her mouth and we chated and i said it realy turned me on and said tell me how it all started and she told me all about it while i was lickin her lovely wet pussy but thats anothere time

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