night out with wife

last saterday i went out with my wife she looket so sexy she had black microw skirt on hold ups white low cut top showin her 34d tits off and white bra and thong we sat chatin 4 an hour a few guys were eyein her up and i told her 1 guy was sittin by us watchin her cross her legs and try 2 look up her skirt he dropt something and u could see he was tryin 2 look up her skirt p said is it turnimg u on my wife then smiled said yes but whots realy turning her on was phone call shr had with her mate at lunch time i said tell me then mal my wife said hher mate and her husband went 2 the lake car park 4 a bit ov fun she said she was wankin him off and she had her tits out and this guy walkt 2 the car and started watchin them he got his cock out and started wankin it she said it was massive she then sat on her husbnd and road his cock while she watcht the guy wank out side he shot his load and her husband cum in her then they went home and she said her husband was sex mad since she said when they got home he fuckt her doggie stiyal and when he was fuckin her he was sayin u wish it was that guy outside with that big cock in u dont u u slut she said yes she said her husband never fuckt her so many times in 24 hours i said 2 mal did it turn u on she said yes iam realy wet now she then got up felt me and saud turned u on as well then went 2 toilet when she came back she put her nick on my lap and said there realy damp i said u want go 2 lake then she said yes b4 we left she flasht her pussy a couple ov times we drove 2 lake and started playin i went 2 feel her pussy she was soakin wet and i hadent tucht her i said u are soakin mal then went down on my cock then i said guys comein he started watchin my wife sat up took her top and bra off and sat on my cock she cum and kept on cumming guy got his cock out and startrd wankin then i opened the window mal just kept rideing my cock as he started playin with her tits he was sayin thats it fuck that cock he then opended the door and put her hand on his cock she lookt at him and started 2 wank him he shot his load within seconds then i come in her we chated with him for a few mins and then left when we got home i was rock hard again she stared wnkin me i said u went further than your mate did u want him 2 fuck u mal said no he was in his 60s and had a realy small cock u like guy that watch her mate i said would u have let that guy fuck u mal sat on my cock and stared fuckin me and said id have let him fuck me if u said it was ok i said id have ley u then i shot my load in her then mal said we can try going this saterday hopfully guy will be there with big cock and he can fuck me while i give u blow job that that point i got hard again inside her and we fockt all night so see whot happens this sat when we go 2 the lake
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2 years ago
Like many of your stories, these could be good if you took some time to write better. Skip the text spelling and use spell check.