Miem.....fresh fuckmeat

I was down in the garage with Miemke , we would take the car and go to the house outside of town.
I had my policeuniform on me.
She had a pair of high heel shoes and a dog collar around his neck that says "fuckmeat".
Otherwise she was naked.

A motorcycle gang had all of their bikes next to my car and a couple of guys were down there
I have told them before about Miemke
-Well,well...so this is Miemke
-We really need some fuckmeat to our gangmembers
I said
-I'm gonne take her to a house out on the countryside and have her there for about ten days
-Me and about fifteen other guys gonna go all the way with her,gangfuckin,slappin,spanking,beating...
-If she isn't totally destroyd when we are back here you and your gang maybe can have her for a couple of hours.
He said
-Does she really like all this rough treatment?
-Yes she does but I don't really care,
what is important is that me and the guys that fucks her likes it.
-you're a lucky man Mr.Hanson

I was driving out to the countryside where my house was.
A signal from the cell,it was Ramon.
-I just wanna say that ten-fifteen guys jumped in their cars and start driving out to your house
-When they heard about Adonia they went crazy.
-Okay,thanks for calling

I had Miemke sucking my cock....oh,she really knows how to handle a huge cock
I had to stop the car....I just had to fuck her
-Get out of the car!
I threw her down on the ground and started to fuck her,f***ed my huge cock up her tight ass
I fucked her the only way I can,hard and rough, pulling her hair,slapping her ass and face
I told her to kneel down in front of me
-Taste your ass !
I f***ed my cock down her troat,she could hardly breathe.
She was a fantastic cocksucker,I love to have her in front of me working and sucking my huge cock.
I felt that my cock is gonna explode so I told her to stop,and then.....

I had my fist in front of her face I told her lick on it
She did it I hit her hard in the stomach so hard that
she lay folded on the ground, I pulled her up and hit her even harder.
-I just had to do it....had to get it out
I pushed her up against the car and gave her a kiss,
before I hit her two or three more times and then spit in her face
She said
-Oh baby ,you're a real man
But I was so excited by all this hitting... my cock explode on one of the windows at the car.
Miemke could barely stand up but I told her to lick the windows clean and swallow all of it.

Oh...I think this is the best sex I ever had.
Never had a whore like Miemke ..to bad I couldn't have her for myself

When we arrived at the house I said
-I was going to have you for myself today but a gang of horny freaks will be here soon
She said
-A gang of horny freaks...I am ready
-Hope they are wilder and rougher than the gangs that fucked me yesterday in the "fuckroom"
I said:
-I know they are

An hour later about fifteen guys arrived.
In the meantime I have ordered food from a restaurant and put out for about fifteen
Miemke ..?
Well, she was laying on the middle of the table as a christmas pig .She had an apple in her mouth
I said:
-Well,you know Miemke ...the fuckmeat.
-We have her as a dessert

to be continued..
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1 year ago
1 year ago
I will continue it for you::
15 guys rape and fuck her asshole and loads it up with cum. Then she squats he ass on my face. stuff my fist in her cunt so all that cum in her ass explodes out in my mouth. After I pull my fist from her cunt she pisses all over my face. At the same time the 15 guys piss in her mouth as she drools it down her body onto to me. we get up and start kissing and spiting in each others mouth. I cram my cock in her mouth and cum. Then she gags so I kiss her as she pukes in her mouth. That made me sick so I puked right back at her. I make her mop up every bit of the mess and swallow it. Before the 15 guy leave she licked and cleaned all there assholes. We spent the rest of the night eating each others asshole and pissed on each other
1 year ago
Love this hard brutal sex !
Yeah !
1 year ago
to be continued? OK! So i will let you know how I want it to go. I want her to circle suck the 15 guys while she sits on my face. When they get hard turn her face down/ass up. All of them fuck the shit out of bot holes. When they cum they cum in her asshole/ all 15 loads. She gets up, sradles my head, squat her ass on my mouth, I stick my tongue deep up her asshole and suck like crazy. She pushes and grunts to push out her over filled fucked ass as I suck. The 15 guys stand around her and piss on her face and in her mouth. The river of piss runs down her body onto my face as her fucked asshole explodes into my mouth. Then she pisses on my face too. Next time I want her to have 40 or 50 cocks
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hard and rough !!
Perfect !!
2 years ago