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[Story] Six big strong ones and....Miemke

This is Another story:
It was in the bar after a workout at the gym with my bodybuilding friends- Steve,Jonny A,Jonny W,Larz from Sweden and Nacho-
when I told them.
-You guys use to say that we should spend some money on a whore and go all the way with her,gangfuck,spanking abusing...
-yeah,so what
-Well,I have this slut at my place,her man is tired of her,and you want believe it.
-She is a total subslut,i fucked and spanked her hard last night but she only wants more
Someone said
-Are you sure,Hans
-Isn't it just one of your sexfanatasies
-No it's true,you can check her ou... Continue»
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[Story] Miem.....fresh fuckmeat

I was down in the garage with Miemke , we would take the car and go to the house outside of town.
I had my policeuniform on me.
She had a pair of high heel shoes and a dog collar around his neck that says "fuckmeat".
Otherwise she was naked.

A motorcycle gang had all of their bikes next to my car and a couple of guys were down there
I have told them before about Miemke
-Well, this is Miemke
-We really need some fuckmeat to our gangmembers
I said
-I'm gonne take her to a house out on the countryside and have her there for about ten days
-Me and about fifteen other guys ... Continue»
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[Story] Miemke get in the hands of Mr Hanson

The phone rang.
-Hi Hans,I just wanna tell you that Miemke Thorsun is in my bar!
It was my friend Ramon who called
He ownes a bar downtown and behind the counter there is a room where we and some other guys use to fuck and abuse whores.
-She asked for you
-She really wanna meet you
-She's gonna be in my bar for a couple of hours
-Okay,I said,I'll be there in ten minutes.

I haven't met Miem -as she use to be called- but she was a legend around here.
Her appetite for sex and men was enormus.
She was s the kind of sub-slut you only can dream of
I heard stories about her getting gangf... Continue»
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