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Polly's Last Day at Work

Its fair to say I'd fancied Polly the whole time she worked with us and something told me she liked me as well.
It was her last day before moving onto a new challenge.
Maybe thats where my bravery to finally ask came from.

It was nearing the end of the day a I saw Polly approaching my end of the office. As she got nearer I convinced myself to go for it, Why not I'd probably never see her again.

"Hi Polly do you fancy a goodbye drink after work tonight?"
"No, but thanks for the invite"

I was gutted.

I went for a drink with a few other collegues anyway.

I Went home, had dinner and jumped in the shower.
As I was in the shower I heard the doorbell go.
I got out and wrapped myself in a towel and headed for the door.
Looking through the pep hole I saw Polly still in her office clothes!

"Hello, Can I come in"?

Polly walked straight through into the lounge.
I didn't know where to look or what to do, I was still wrapped in a towel and soaking wet.
"Would you like a drink?" I asked.
"No thank you" she replied.
I asked her to excuse me while I get dressed, to my surprise she told me not to bother she wouldn't be here long.
"Ok" I said and sat down beside her, rather embaressed by my appearance.

I looked her in the eyes and could see she wanted exactly what I did.
Not saying a word she reached inside my towel and started to stroke my Cock.
It didn't take a minute for me to get solid and throbbing she got to the floor and started to kiss the inside of my thighs while continuing to stroke me up and down.
Before long she was sucking my balls and deepthroating my hard cock without even gagging.
Fucking hell I thought this is a dream come true!

She got off of the floor and began to stand.
Her knickers dropped to the ground and she straddled me.
She was soaking wet, I slid straight in with ease.
Her pussy was warm, wet and wanting me.
I could feel her throbbing around my hard shaft as she grinded up and down.
Looking me in the eye the whole time.
Polly continued to ride me until my hot seed exploded inside her, it was at that point her back arched and she screamed too.

She stood up, pulled her knickers on and said I've wanted to feel that for 3 years, Bye Paul.

With that she left and I've never seen her again!

If you're reading this Polly, Thank you xxx
Posted by bigstar1 2 years ago
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