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[Story] The Very Good Christian

We were out for our summer works do.
It was organised for a local pub close to work, just a few drinks after work on a Friday night.
As I was driving I wasn't drinking but went along for the laugh anyway.

Abigail was a girl working in the office at the time who obviously didn't go out much and had led a quite sheltered life (seemingly).
She often told us about her Church and talked to us about her religion.
She was very pretty in a plain sort of a way.

As the night progressed she steadily got more and more d***k everyone thought it was very amussing as she clearly didn't drink very o... Continue»
Posted by bigstar1 2 years ago

The Canadian Tourist

It was a normal Friday night and I'd gone for a drink after work in Soho.
A few drinks soon turned into a night out.
It was about Midnight when I noticed a very cute girl looking across the abr at me.
I asked my friend what did he think of my chances?
His reply "go for it".

So I walked over to her and her friend.
As soon as they noticed me making my way over her friend put on her coat and left!

I thought that was the end of my chance, but she didn't start putting her coat on.
When I got to her she immediately asked for a drink.
I went to the bar and waited to be served.
After a ... Continue»
Posted by bigstar1 2 years ago

Polly's Last Day at Work

Its fair to say I'd fancied Polly the whole time she worked with us and something told me she liked me as well.
It was her last day before moving onto a new challenge.
Maybe thats where my bravery to finally ask came from.

It was nearing the end of the day a I saw Polly approaching my end of the office. As she got nearer I convinced myself to go for it, Why not I'd probably never see her again.

"Hi Polly do you fancy a goodbye drink after work tonight?"
"No, but thanks for the invite"

I was gutted.

I went for a drink with a few other collegues anyway.

I Went home, had dinner... Continue»
Posted by bigstar1 2 years ago