A Little Twist at My Last Massage ...... By BigSof

I have a really bad back from an auto injury several years ago and have been getting massages to relieve some of the discomfort I have. The problem with that is I, like so many people with injuries, have an addiction. I’m not talking about pain killers… I am now addicted to massages! Now I know some of you are laughing thinking I am trying to 'be cute', but I am telling you, I could get a massage right now and 1 hour later if given the chance I’d do it again, and again, etc. The overall feeling of serenity and calmness you feel is my addiction. Of course any time you get a 'Happy Ending' that’s a major bonus.

For several months I have been going for a massage every Sunday morning at 10 am. The Chinese gal who does them is the owner and she is fantastic. I never fail to leave unhappy. Like many start up clinics she has been doing it all by herself. However, business has begun growing lately and she is finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for services. She recently had to hire a front desk gal, Pixie, to answer the phones, take appointments and handle walk-in customers. She also hired a new ther****t, an American girl. Pixie, a short Chinese gal, very petite and about 25-30 years old. From what I’ve heard from the owner, both are very good. Of course she never discusses the 'extra services' either girl offers since she still claims her shop is 'legal and don’t do that kind of stuff'. Well I know firsthand she offers 'extra' services but I didn't know if the new gals did or not.

Today was my chance to find out how much extra at least one of these gals would do. I went in for my normal appointment around 9:50 this morning and found Pixie, sitting at the front desk. She was wearing the typical 'scrubs' blouse most gals wear doing massage but was wearing short shorts. It was somewhat a strange combination but kind of sexy too. She told me the owner called in sick and both she and the other girl were working today. She said the other girl, Jeanette, was already in session with a client but that she’d be done in about 15 minutes and I could wait for her or she would take care of me right away. She also gave me one other choice; to reschedule for either another day or next week. I was so looking forward to my weekly massage that there was no way I wasn’t going to get one today. It would have thrown my entire day out of balance. So I told Pixie I’d go ahead and I’d have her do my session.

She led me to the same room I use each week, placed a fresh towel at the end of the massage table, turned on the CD player and turned to leave telling me, “Okay mister, you get undressed and lay on table face down and I get hot packs and towels and be back right away.”

So, as soon as she left I got undressed and sat on the edge of the table. And as I usually do I sat there playing with my cock to get things started so I could see how far this massage would go. Once I had a good sized hard on I turned and lay face down on the table and haphazardly covered most of my ass with the folded towel… still folded. Of course I parted my legs and pointed my hard cock straight down between my thighs so she could get a good look at things. A few moments I heard a faint knock at the door before she came in to start the session. After closing the door behind her she set the hot packs down in a warming tray then came over to me to start the massage. The first thing she did was grab the towel off my ass and told me to flip over that she likes to start on the front, do the back and then end on the front again. Immediately I thought, 'Okay, this gal is liberal' and flipped over. I noticed she had lost the scrubs blouse and was now wearing a t-shirt type top cut off just below her cute little boobs. My thought of her being liberal soon disappeared as I watched her d**** the towel over my entire chest, stomach and most of my legs. She didn’t even look at my hard on. As she stood at my head and began working my chest she would stretch her arms all the way down my chest to my stomach. Every time she did this I’d open my eyes to gaze at her tits as they loomed above my face. I could see the bottom of her tits hanging under her short blouse. They looked nice and firm but also had a nice jiggle to them. Since I didn’t know how liberal she might be I reluctantly kept myself from raising my face up into those cute tits.

Moving to my one side she began to work my stomach, lower stomach area then down my thighs to the knees. As she did this she bunched up the towel and had it covering my junk. I figured today I was only going to get a massage… no Happy Ending. After she repeated the same things on my other side she told me to flip over again. She held the towel up as I flipped over I made sure my cock was pointing straight down again. Then she covered me with the towel again; from head to toe like a mummy. Stretching my body out felt good but I wanted a lot more. After working my back she asked me where the most pain was that I had. I told her that according to my doctor the Sciatic nerve was damaged during my accident and it was causing me pain in the groin area as well as down through my buttocks and my legs. With a poke of a finger in the middle of my right butt cheek she asked me if this was the spot it mostly hurt. I told her yes but it also ran down to my knee and around my butt to my groin. With that she ran her open hand down my butt cheek between my legs and right passed my balls to the front of my thigh. “Is this where doctor told you nerve not good?” I took a quick breath and holding my breath said ‘yes’. She said she would work the area a little then suggested some stretching to help. I didn’t care what she did as long as I was going to get a chance to flash my junk at her and maybe, just maybe, get a little hand play.

I was expecting her to slowly and gently massage that area but she did just the opposite. Her hands, covered in hot oil, were firm and quick as she methodically ran her hand from my butt cheek down through my legs and around my groin to the front of my thigh. Surprisingly it felt a lot better than a soft touch might have and my cock felt that too and began to spring back up.

“Muscle very tight. You need to exercise more and stretch this area.” She instructed me.

I told her I couldn’t’ exercise due to my other back problems and she told me I should at least stretch. And with that she went down to my feet and grabbed my right ankle and after bending my leg at the knee she put it up against her chest. She massaged my calve and shin then moved her attention to my hamstrings. “Ooh, very tight… must stretch” She then took me by the ankle and stretched my leg upwards slowly and said, “Tell me when hurt.”

Well, I didn’t say a word because right then my cock and balls were hanging out in mid air for her to catch a view. My ankle was now up on her shoulder as her hands slid up and down the back of my thigh, stretching and kneading it. Every once in awhile her hand would bump into my swaying dick which helped it stay nice and firm. She then put my leg down and did the same to the other side. Only this time her hands did a lot more bumping into my now hard cock.

She whispered, “Hmm, seems like hamstring not only thing like stretching”

I just mumbled a 'uh-huh' and waited to see what she was going to do. Sadly she didn’t do anything. At least not right then. Instead she lowered my leg back to the table but now took the towel, and covered my ass and legs again.

“Okay, I work your back and thighs deeper now, okay?

I said sure but I had no idea what she meant by that but I soon found out as I felt her getting on top of the table. She moved up to my hamstrings with her knees while she supported herself on her hands on either side of me. Using the points of each knee she worked my hamstrings. It actually felt pretty damn good. Then she moved up my back working small areas as she moved all the way up to my shoulders. By then her hands were on either side of my head. She worked my shoulders her knees moved from out wide to real close to my neck. After she finished the deep tissue work she got back down off the table and did a typical massage over my back area to relax it from the deep tissue work. She then moved back down to my hamstring area and worked it rather lightly. I am not a big fan of the light touch and prefer a more aggressive touch but this felt good. It felt good enough that my cock began responding. Again I felt her hands bumping into things but nothing more than before so I didn’t expect anything more at that time. Well, I was wrong. As her hand went down my ass on either side, instead of widening out to go down my thighs her hands went straight down between my butt cheeks and rubbed straight down over my balls and shaft to the table.

“I see this area still need work. It okay to do more here?” she asked.

‘Of course’ is what I softly said but in my mind I was screaming, “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG… START STROKING ME BABY”

She responded by asking me to get back on my knees again which I gladly did. I thought this would give her full access to my balls and cock and make the hand job a lot easier. I felt as she grabbed the oil bottle and poured some in her hand some of the oil drip on top of my ass. It was still nice and hot and as it trickled down between my butt cheeks it felt even better as it slid over my asshole.

“Now, please relax. I do special massage for you; that okay?

“Sure, I'm at your mercy” I said to which she giggled.

Then she got back on the table like before and I felt her hands start to massage over my ass moving the oil all around. And as her hands came together in the middle of my butt more oil dripped down over my butt hole. Then I felt one of her fingers began to play over that dark hole. While circling it she gently pressed against the opening. With no resistance, her finger slipped into my ass and quickly found my prostate. At first I tensed for a moment but as she started to massage my prostate and stroke my cock with the other hand I relaxed and let out a long deep moan.

“You like what I do?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop. That feels fantastic!” I managed to reply.

The prostate massage and hand job were working well together and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm starting so I asked her to slow down a little so I could enjoy it more.

“I have something that you like more” she whispered to me.

I said okay as she went over to the corner table, opened a drawer and then returned back to me. With my face in the hole in the table I couldn’t see what she was doing but after she got back on the table I soon felt her hand back at my butt again. But this time instead of a finger poking my ass I felt something much larger. As it pushed into my ass I deduced that it must have been a dildo of some sort. While it was a much bigger than her finger, surprisingly it felt okay. She resumed her stroking of my cock and tilted the dildo down so it would hit my prostate again. Once again I felt that all too familiar feeling building up and told her I wanted it to last even longer so slow down a little. After a few minutes she began slowing down then slowly removed the dildo from my ass and got down off the table.

“Okay, now you turn over” she instructed me.

Hell, I didn’t want her to stop but I figured she had something better in mind so I quickly turned over. As I did I immediately looked to see what it was she had stuck in my ass and I was right. She had a 6” smooth plastic dildo in her hand. She was doing something back there but since I was facing the other way I couldn’t see so I just waited to see what would happen next. Standing over my head, she began to massage my chest again. This time my eyes remained closed as I tried to imagine things going on as she worked her magic. She moved to my side and as her hands moved over my stomach they seemed to go straight down for my cock. Grabbing it she began to slowly stroke it again. As she did I turned my head to one side and opened my mouth as I let out a big sigh. As my cock began growing again I opened my eyes and got the shock of my life. She was standing, totally naked right next to my face while she was jerking me off. But as my eyes focused looking back at me was a half hard cock. She was a fucking she-male and I had no idea. I didn’t know what to do. As I looked at her with my mouth still open waiting for her to explain it she made her move. Without a word she said grabbed the back of my head as she pushed forward and her half hard cock slipped into my mouth. I am as straight as they come and swore I would never suck ANY cock at any time but I suddenly found myself totally confused and turned on.

As my lips tightened around her cock she began to pump back and forth against them forcing her cock deeper into my mouth. Her cock was only about 4” or 5” long so the whole thing fit in my mouth. I was so conflicted at this point but I couldn’t help but suck on that big clit. And as a reward for my 'warming up to her', though it was a bit awkward to do so, she bent over and began to suck my cock. I stopped sucking her cock and began to stroke it so she could get a better position on my cock. Her cock was growing larger and harder and had a deep red when I looked at it again. It looked like she might blow a load any minute so I slowed down my strokes on her cock and with my other hand reached under and slipped a finger into her ass. She let out a deep guttural moan and began to fuck my finger hard.

A few moments later she asked me, “You not have something bigger than finger to fuck me?”

Without even thinking about it I replied, ‘I sure do’ then got up off the table and guided her to get on the table face down. Grabbing the hot oil I splashed some over my cock then got up on the table and straddled her ass. Sliding my cock along her ass felt fantastic. But it was like heaven when my cock, during one of the slides, found her back door and slipped right in. I reached under her and grabbed her tits while I nibbled on her neck all the while my hips were driving my hard cock deep into her ass. As my thrusts became deeper and harder I heard her begin to moan even more. Thinking she might be ready to cum I told her to get on her knees. As she did I reached under and stroked her big clit and my cock continued to pound her ass. It was an awkward position for me but it was working quite well as I soon felt my balls tighten up and shoot a massive load in her ass. When I felt my cock stop surging she asked me to switch places with her. And as I did she began doing exactly the same thing to me. I couldn’t help myself as I lifted my ass up to convince her to jam that big clit in my ass, which she gladly did.

Though I had spent a good load my cock was still hard so I reached under myself and began to stroke the hell out of it as she fucked me hard. A few moments later as my cock began to spew out another load I felt her straighten up and unload as big a load in my ass. When I felt that hot juice filling my cavity my cock kept spewing its own load. I never came for so long in my life as I did that moment. When we were both exhausted by our mutual ass fucking and cumming she slipped her cock out of my ass and got down off the table. Turning my head to watch her she reached into a container and took out a hot wet towel and wiped her cock off. Though her cock was only about 4” or 5” before, the damn thing, even though it was now kind of limp, looked more like 7”or 8”. Then she grabbed more towels and wiped my ass and back off. She had me flip over the wiped the front of my body down as well. When she got to my now semi-hard cock she bent over after saying, ‘I clean this better this way’ as she took it in her mouth and sucked it dry.

Giving it one more hard suck down her throat she let it pop out of her mouth and said, “Okay, I go and clean up and meet you outside, okay?”

I nodded yes and as she left the room I sat up on side of the table. Across from me on the wall was a full length mirror. I looked at myself and wondered if I really did do what I had just done. Looking in the mirror I saw my now limp cock and wondered was I still straight or had I gone over the line? As I got up and bent over to pull my shorts on I couldn’t help notice my ass was a bit sore. Standing up with my shorts till around my knees I looked at myself in the mirror. I wiggled from left to right making my still semi-hard cock flop sway back and forth. My cock was still a bit red and I was tempted to jerk off again but didn’t. Instead, after I finished getting dressed I sat back down again on the edge of the table and thought about it again… ‘Am I still straight?’

I’m still wondering!

100% (23/0)
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3 months ago
Great story. Wish to read more of them
9 months ago
still straight, but you've expanded your sexuality for good
9 months ago
HOT, love your erotic writing. Damn, my cock is hard and precum dripping.
10 months ago
Great story, Hon! You are really develop your erotic writing skills. I really enjoyed it. Keep having fun! Loved it! Hugs, Jenna
10 months ago
nice story!