I’m Gonna Be First in Line Today

While it was a long time ago I still remember waiting every day for the ending school bell to ring while in high school. Why? Because that’s when I would rush like hell to the “dead zone” behind the gymnasium to get a chance to pay to either get blown by or actually fuck little petite Vicki. A simple BJ (she sucked and spit most of the time) cost only $10. And if you were bold enough to fuck her it only set you back $25. I was a little apprehensive about fucking her, especially when you aren’t always the first guy in line. Nothing worse than sloppy seconds or thirds, etc.

The last week of school we lucked out as we got out of school 2 hours earlier each day. That meant a better chance of getting your rocks off without being late for getting home. Well, one of the most memorable days was the 2nd to the last day of school. Vicki and I were both in the guidance counselor’s office. We got caught screwing around in class (not literally) and our teacher wasn’t going to put up with our crap anymore. Sitting there she and I began to talk about the after school fun and I asked her if I could be first this time. She said she would do her best to accommodate me but a few other guys asked the same thing.

I said, “Gee, too bad we’re here, I could use a good release right now!”

Looking around she replied, “Well, if we each ask to use the restroom I can do it in the bathroom with you”

I was surprised at that and questioned her, “But what if there are other guys in there?”

“You go in first and if it is empty then I’ll come in. We’ll go into one of the stalls” she suggested. I agreed and one at a time we got permission to go to the bathroom.

Checking the boy’s room out quickly I let her know if it was safe to come in. We went down to the last stall, a nice wide handicapped stall, and quickly closed the door and locked it. She told me take my cock out and sit on top of the toilet tank and spread my legs. I whipped out my already half hard cock and began stroking on it while I got on top of the tank and put my legs up on the side rails. Vicki sat down facing me as she straddled the toilet seat. With no hesitation she moved right in and after a good healthy spit on my cock to lube it, she began to give me a great blowjob. I was really enjoying it and I felt like I was going to drop a load any moment when I had her stop.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like what I’m doing? She quizzed me.

I told her, “Yeah, I like it but not as much as getting the chance to be the first one in line to fuck you.”

“Wait a minute I never said I’d fuck you. I only said I would blow you.”

“What does it matter to you? You’ll fuck or suck any cock in school so just shut the fuck up and turn around”

Forcing her to stand up I hop off the toilet tank and grabbed her by her shoulders and f***ed her to straddle the toilet seat and lean on the tank. I reached to her waist line and grabbed her pleated skirt and yanked it over her back.

“Please, take your time, I’m not even wet yet” she begged.

“Fuck that shit! I’m ready and that’s all that matters. So shut the fuck up and bend over.” I told her as I took my cock in one hand and with the other I pulled her panties to one side and rammed my cock into her pussy in one quick move. She let out a muffled cry as I rammed my cock up to the hilt.

“Oww, you’re hurting me. Please, let me get wet befo……” she started to cry out.

Grabbing her hips and thrusting even harder I said, “I don’t care if you’re not wet. It feels great on my cock. Just shut the fuck up or I’ll fuck you in the ass too.”

“Oh shit no! Please don’t’ do that. I’ve never done it that way. I only do blow jobs and regular sex. Not that!” she begged.

I didn’t give a shit what she was saying; all I knew is that the load of cum I felt earlier was getting bigger. Taking a grip of the back of her skirt and the other hand taking a big handful of her long hair I rammed her pussy as hard as I could. Pulling her head back as I fucked her I felt the first explosion of cum shooting out. I quickly pulled out of her and f***ed her to sit down on the toilet seat as I grabbed my cock and jammed it into her mouth forcing her to suck the rest of my load. As I felt the pulses subside I let go of her hair and began to stand upright. Though I had taken her fairly hard she didn’t want to let go of my cock and sucked even harder on it trying to keep it in her mouth. I pushed her head back and as my cock popped out of her mouth I grabbed it and slapped her in the face with it wiping the final drips of cum all over her face. I could see cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth. I reached over and slapped her in the face and demanded, “You fucking cocksucker, don’t you dare let one drop hit the floor. If one fucking drop hits the floor I’ll bend you back over this fucking toilet and fuck you in the ass right now. So you better swallow all of it!”

As I watched her swallow I was surprised to see her actually lick her lips. I reached over and grabbed some toilet paper and threw it at her and told her to clean my cock off. She carefully folded the toilet paper to wipe a few lasting drips of cum and before she could wipe them I told her, “No, lick it off you fucking slut” which she eagerly did.

After cleaning off my cock she looked up at me and sheepishly said, “I’ve never had it like that before. Even though it hurt at first I have to admit, it felt great. I didn’t know you could be so f***eful”

“You don’t’ know how dominating I can be, bitch. Just wait till the next time! Maybe I’ll let you see what it’s like to get fucked in the ass.”

She looked at me with a little fear in her eyes and said, “Uh… okay”

After carefully checking to make sure all was clear we exited the bathroom and went back to the counselor’s office. She looked at both us and asked us where we were. I told her we both had to use the bathroom and got permission to go. She couldn’t prove otherwise so she just looked us over. I guess she noticed both of our faces were still a bit flushed when she looked at me and looking down at my crotch she said, “Well young man… the least you could do is zip your pants up before you leave the bathroom!” Reaching down I nonchalantly pulled it up while she looked at Vicki and told her she had some “t-p” stuck on the side of her skirt. Vicki quickly removed it and tucked it in her blouse pocket. After our individual discipline discussions the counselor told us both to go back to class. But since classes were now over we simply headed our individual ways. As she walked away I could see her tugging on her skirt and panties from the rear. I guess that one shot of cum I shot in her pussy was dripping down her leg now.

Damn it’s good to be the first one!

74% (12/4)
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6 months ago
That`s so amazing story and so good to know about your youth ahievement in sex.
If someone was earlier he was better in girl`s eyes.
6 months ago
very good
7 months ago
jeeze i miss high school
10 months ago
great stuff as usual
10 months ago
I aim to please. Now you know I'd rather please YOU in person but since we're just a few miles apart I'll have to settle with writing stories for you.

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10 months ago
It's like my autobiography