Karaoke With A Sexy Twist

For over 10 years I have been doing karaoke shows at local bars, restaurants and a shit load of private parties. They are usually the same scenario, set up, play karaoke music for 3-4 hours then breakdown, pack up and go home. At one bar I play at I have quite a few “regulars” who I have gotten to know. Two girls, s****rs, are in that group and they always sing duets together. They are quite good and also nice on the eyes. The shorter one isn’t as “chesty” as the tall one but she is more petite overall, which I do like. Quite honestly I’d do either one of them if I had a chance. About two months ago the older one called me to ask me if I’d do a private party for her and her s****r, and of course I said “sure”. She gave me the physical address which I looked up on Google maps and noticed a remark for that address saying it was a “Naturist Park”. So I looked that up and realized it was a nudist colony. But from what I hear I guess they like “Naturist Park” better. When I asked her if I had to drop my drawers she assured me that was my choice as the park is “clothing optional”. I told her that my being chubby as I am I felt I didn’t need or want to show myself to skinny people. She told me not to worry that some folks there were twice my size. I said, “Are you talking waistlines or pecker sizes?” She laughed and said “waistlines silly” and that people there do look at each other and compare but don’t stare since they are so used to it. Anyway, the day came for the gig so even if I wasn’t going to get naked I took a shower and scrubbed myself and got into every nook and cranny, especially my ass. I didn’t want to get brave and drop my drawers then sit on something and leave any “Hershey Stripes”. Once I arrived at the place I stopped at the gate where a gal gave me instructions to follow a guy who was sitting on a golf cart and he would show me where to go to set up. As I followed him I couldn’t help but check out the people walking around. Sadly almost every one of them was either my age or older and were just as chubby as me. Occasionally I saw a few guys and gals younger but for the most part I didn’t see any centerfolds or Adonis’. So I guess she was right after all, I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

Once I was at my destination I went ahead in and setup all my gear and did a sound check. As the hour to start was arriving several people began to enter. Half of them clothed, the other half either half naked or totally in the buff. Those that were totally stripped were tan from head to toe and like those I saw before, chubby like me. Then the gals who hired me showed up. To my dismay they were both dressed from head to toe. They came over to my setup to greet me and the taller one, who has at least DD’s gave me a peck on the cheek. I pulled her I close to feel those big
tits against my chest and they felt good. Then her s****r, the little one said, “Hey! My turn…” and then came in for a really tight hug. As she hugged me she said, “Oh, you feel so warm” as she kind of wiggled her body against me. I told her, “Be careful! Seeing all these naked bodies walking around has already got me stirring”. With a giggle and another body wiggle, this time against my groin, she said, “Oh good, then half the work is done!” I looked at her with wide open eyes and said, “Oh, this is gonna be a fun party!” she assured me it would be. Then she cornered me with the big question. “You gonna drop your drawers and join the party or not?” So, rather reluctantly I dropped my shorts and yanked off my shirt tossing them onto a chair next to my table. Following me she pulled hers off and said, “Okay, that’s much better. Now you won’t stick out like a sore
she said. Well, I wasn’t too sure I wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb because my dick was starting to stir a little. Quickly I excused myself and retreated back to my table and sat down.  
Well, after 2 hours of singing I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary as far as anyone “having fun”. I figured it was her way of just teasing me. As the 3rd hour ticked by a lot of the older folks began to leave leaving only a handful in the room. Most of the ones still there were naked and just talking to each other sitting at their tables. Again, nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Just as I thought the night was going to be a bust... One showed up! A gal about 40 years old who stood a good 5’10” walked in wearing about 4” high heels which made her tower over my 6’ height. She wore a sarong style wrap around her very statuesque figure. I gawked at her while she seemed to coming straight towards me. My mouth was hanging open a little and I don’t think I blinked for about 3 minutes when I heard her say, “Are you the one I need to ask if I want to sing a song?” After what seemed like 5 minutes I answered her,
“By all means, just tell me what song you want to sing.” Trying to act naturally and not wanting to stare at her gorgeous figure I looked at her eyes for the answer. She told me the name of the song and since the no one was singing just then I quickly loaded the song and directed her to the microphone. I watched as she kind of slithered her way to the mic stand. As she reached with for the mic with one hand she grabbed her wrap loosened it down to her waist exposing the most perfect tits I had seen in ages. As the song started and she sang to it I couldn’t tell if she was a good or bad singer. My mind was just focused on those tits. As she sang they jiggled slightly but other than that were as firm as 16 year olds. I looked around the room and saw some of the people looking back at me with big grins on their faces. I guess being a newbie in a naturist park was showing through the way I stared at this singer and they caught me. A few of them smiled and winked at me and I just smiled back, a little embarrassed at being caught acting so c***dish.  The table I sit at has a nice soft black leather cover over it and hides all three sides of the table from view. And I was glad it did! Because I was already sprouting a fairly decent hard on after seeing this gal come in. I was just hoping I wasn’t going to have to stand up anytime soon and let people see it. The gal finished her song and thanked me and went off to sit with some friends. I again watched her as she walked away. Her hips had just the right amount of sway in them and those heels made her leg look twice as long as they were. As she sat down I watched how very lady like slid her hand under her butt and smoothed the sarong out as she sat. Damn she was hot!  
Bringing my attention back to reality I kept the singers going up to sing. As time was going on even younger folks were coming in and a few of the older ones still around left. And it was then that things changed. The music they sang or requested I play became a lot more vibrant. A lot more people were getting up to dance fast songs instead of just the slow ones. It was kind of funny to see the guys dancing fast while their peckers bounced all over the place, almost in time to the gal’s tits bouncing as well. A few requests were made for line dances and they all seemed to really enjoy them a lot. I think I played 5 or 6 in a row and not one of them sat down until the last song played. And when the last line song did stop I reached over and lowered the lights and turned on my special effects lights and played a nice slow song. I intentionally played a very long song so I could get up and go take a leak. Four or five couples stayed on the floor and danced to the 6 minute song. It was then I noticed this younger crowd was a lot more liberal than the older group.
I watched as one couple got really close and I could see the guy grinding into his girl’s crotch as they danced seductively. Several times he twirled her around and I could see he was fully erect from all that grinding. And when they came back together each time I watched as she grabbed his cock and tucked it between her legs. This was something I never expected to see. As they danced he was gently but noticeably sliding in and out between her legs and you could tell as he slid inwards her butt cheeks clenched as she tightened around his shaft. They were “dry humping” while dancing and it was driving me wild. I didn’t want to go for my piss call right then because my cock was hard again after watching them. I could have just grabbed my shirt and held it in front of me but I didn’t want to take the chance and get caught. As I sat there continuing to watch them my one hand disappeared under the table and grabbed my cock. I couldn’t help but
touch myself as they kept up their dry hump. Sadly I noticed the song coming to an end and before I could announce or play another song the guy doing the dry humping yelled out for me to play another slow song, which I quickly and gladly did. As they resumed their dancing and humping I noticed no one else seemed to be watching them, just me. As the song ended the couple walked off the dance floor right in front of me. I couldn’t help but look at her ass as she walked by and I could swear I saw some white fluid dripping down the back of the inside of her thighs.

I guess I spent too much time looking at the humping couple to realize that all but one gal and guy who were leaving; all the others were fully nude now, including the gals who hired me. The smaller gal came over to me and asked me if I would sing a duet with her. I said sure. After all, I had already cum and my dick wasn’t hard anymore. As I got up I was glad to see it hadn’t totally shrunk and was hanging nice and long. As we did our song she wanted to dramatize the song a little so she threw one arm around my waist and pulled me in tight. Turning and now facing face to face I could feel the tip of my dick just touching her hairless pussy as we moved about. This was all my dick needed to stir things up again. I turned away from her so my dick would “back off” but instead as she continued to sing she came around me and drew me in tight again. This time I could feel her pushing more noticeably against my dick like she did earlier. While she was singing her part I whispered, “Careful, I’m gonna get a hard on if you don’t stop that!” Then when I had to do my part she whispered back, “Why do you think I wanted to do this duet with you. Now hush up and hold me close!” And with that she really pulled me in tight and wrapped her loose arm around my waist holding me tight against her. My cock was happy to oblige her and sprang up rather quickly. As it poked the slit of her pussy I could now feel a bit of warmth coming from it. I looked around and though 2 or 3 people were occasionally watching us sing most were just talking among themselves like nothing was going on. I was beginning to realize this was my opportunity to have fun and I was going to take it. So, as the song continued I pushed back against her even harder. Her eyes widened as she felt the tip of my dick pushing against her pussy slit and she grinned while she stood on her tip toes. With the hand away from the audience she reached down and opened her pussy lips letting my cock slip in. It felt great as we hugged each other and sang. She must have done thousands of those Kegle exercises because I could swear her pussy actually sucked me deeper inside her. Just when it was in as far as it could go the frigging song came to an end. As the people applauded we discreetly came apart and I quickly turned, still with a stiff one, and retreated back to my table. She casually walked with me whispering to me,
“Let’s do another later, okay?” I told her ‘anytime’ and quickly sat down before anyone saw my pecker sticking straight out. I quickly went through the song slips and picked out a singer who had chosen a nice long song and had them come up to sing. Once they did I grabbed my shirt and held it in front of me while I retreated to the bathroom. As I walked into the empty bathroom I noticed that there were no doors on the toilet stalls. I thought, ‘Boy these people sure are liberal’ I sat down quickly in the furthest one from the door and quickly grabbed my dick and began to jerk off. My dick felt kind of wet and I figured it must have come from her. I brought my hand up to my nose and could smell her pussy perfume. It was sweet smelling. Spitting into my palm I wrapped it around my cock and went back to jerking off. I only had another 1 minute before the song would be done and I had to get back before then. So before I could cum I frustratingly got up began to leave the bathroom. As I did I just happen to notice there was someone in one of the other stalls. As I walked passed that stall I casually looked in and saw the guy who was dry humping while dancing was in there with his eyes closed and jerking off too. I kept going before he opened his eyes to see me.

Back at my table we kept things going until it was time to end the evening. I usually sing the same song each time and then play some more slow music while I shut down part of my system. As I sang the song most of the people had hugged each other and left. Only 2-3 people were left as the music then played the first nice slow song and I began to tear down my equipment. I turned off all the special effects lights leaving only one small light in the back of the room on. After the first song was done and I had put most of my gear in my car I came back in and was going to disconnect the last speaker and amp when I heard someone behind me say, “Can I get one more dance in please?” without turning I said ‘sure’ and kept the music going. I then felt a hand on my shoulder and as I turned I saw it was the other s****r who hired me. Though she had her wrap back on now this gal had a set of tits that were out of this world. “I meant I want to dance with you, okay?” I said sure once again and moved out to the dance floor to begin. As we did she took off her wrap and let it drop to the floor. “I want to dance with you like my baby s****r did. Okay?” Like a broken record I once again said sure. Looking around I now saw we were alone. But I still felt a little out in the open. As we danced she reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock. Though it was kind of limp it was still nice and full and her warm hands didn’t take long to make it hard once again. “Hmm, I see what my s****r liked about dancing with you. Your cock is at just the right height to dance with and fuck too” And as she said that she parted her pussy lips and pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy. At that point I didn’t care about music and just stood there slipping it in and out of her. I felt like I had died and had gone to heaven. As we thrust harder and harder I could feel my load building up. Then without any warning she pulled away and told me she had one more surprise for me. I looked at her very curiously and asked what? She told me, just wait here for a minute as she walked toward the door and left.

Why the hell was she leaving? I'm standing there ready to cum and she pulls away and walks out on me. How fucking frustrating that was!

As she disappeared into the darkness I heard a chair make noise in the very back corner of the room. I then heard the very distinct sound of high heels clicking on the wooden floor. As the small light in the room lit her up I could see it was that statuesque gal who sang that one song earlier. I thought she had left but here she was again walking towards me and once again I was gawking as she did.
“I like those special dances you did with the s****rs. Can I get one of those before you go?”

I couldn’t get the music playing fast enough! After it started I turned to see that she had dropped her sarong to her waist again. As our chest touched each other’s I could feel the firmness of her breasts against my chest. Her tits had a nice coolness to them but quickly warmed up against my chest. My cock was still hard and because her heels made her so tall it was sticking between her thighs. We danced almost like a “couple” does until about half way through the song. She turned around with her back to me rubbing her ass against my cock and asked me if she could have that “special part of the dance" now. Glad to oblige I watched as she dropped her sarong to the floor exposing a perfect heart shaped ass. With her heels on she towered above me so all she had to do was slightly bend over and as she did I tried to slip my once again hard dick into her. She reached between her legs and told me she wanted to guide it in. It felt like she had fairly well lubed herself in anticipation. As it slipped in she felt a lot tighter. It was nice and tight like a teenager’s virgin pussy. I grabbed her hips and began the ride. She grabbed a chair and leaned on the back of it while I rode her hard and fast. I felt like I was going to cum and let her know. She quickly pulled away, dropped to her knees and told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Just as I let my load go she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked me hard. Just then ALL the room lights came on and standing in the back of the room was the entire young group, cheering and hooting and hollering at us for what we just did. Though I felt a bit embarrassed I didn’t stop fucking her mouth until I happened to look down. In the fill light of the room I could now see why she wanted me to do her doggy style.

She had a dick bigger than mine.

I took a step backwards causing my cock to pop out of ‘her’ mouth. I looked at her, then her cock, then at the crowd, then at my cock (which was still dripping) and was startled when I heard them all yell.... “WELCOME TO OUR PARK”

I stood there, cock still dripping, wondering what had just happened and how I was going to handle
the fact that I just fucked a she-male in the ass in front of 20-30 people.  

Well, all I can say is ....I'm scheduled to go back again next month!
100% (8/0)
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Wow my man , that is a cumming experience.
10 months ago
fantastic story, two sisters and a she male. Who could ask for more in one night?
10 months ago
Wonderful story. Very stimulating and imaginative. Keep having fun with your erotic writing. Hugs, Jenna
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I totally loved that story! You obviously have a very sensual mind:)~
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luvly hun