A Massage for My Exchange Student

We had Mary, an 18 year old senior in high school who was an exchange student from Norway, staying with us one year. She arrived two weeks before the school year was supposed to start. She was a rather cute young lady about 5’6” tall with the typical Scandinavian features; long blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tits, a perfectly round ass and a really cute accent to top it off.

Just a few days before the school year started my wife and our three pre-school k**s took off for a couple of days to visit her f****y out of town. I couldn’t go due to my “work at home” job, plus someone had to sign in Mary at school. A couple of days after my wife left it was time for Mary to be enrolled in school so we headed on over to get it done. After I got her signed, because she had such a high academic rating from home, they also asked if she wanted to join any after school sports. She was excited to see they offered volleyball, a sport she used to play back home. She asked if it was okay with me if she could join and I said sure. Coincidentally sign up and the first practice was that day so, since she was kind of dressed for it I left her there so she could get signed up and start practice. I gave her a spare cell phone we picked up for her so she could call me when she was done. Then I headed back home to finish some work.

When I arrived back at the school to pick her up I saw her with a group of other girls all huddled together. She seemed to have made a lot of friends already. As she hopped into my car she immediately started to rave about how much fun she had and how she loved being here in the US and that she met so many new friends. When we got back to the house she asked if it was okay if she could take a shower and I told her of course it was and that she never had to ask. I added that our home was now her home and she could do whatever she wanted. As she went into her room to get ready for her shower I suddenly remembered one of my chores I had on my “honey-do” list while my wife was gone for the two weeks was to fix the shower line in the guest bathroom. The controls were unpredictable and would either scald you or give you pure cold water without warning. So I told Mary she’d have to use the one in the master bedroom instead. When I showed her the bathroom she was shocked. Our bathroom shower is rather large. It measures about 8’x8’ with a nice bench in the center and has 16 shower heads hitting you from every imaginable direction.

Giving her some privacy I left her in there to take her shower and closed the doors behind me … well, almost! I did manage to leave the door slightly ajar. Hell, I am a red bl**ded American guy who is horny and his wife and k**s are now 1,200 miles away leaving him alone in his house with a gorgeous LEGAL aged blonde bombshell that is naked in my bathroom. Okay, I can’t help but take advantage of an opportunity to at least get a peek of her naked ass if I can. So I waited till I heard the water beginning to run in the shower and then after a couple of minutes I edged over to the doorway. Ever slowly and with great hesitation I pushed against the door and looked in. Well, to my dismay she was already in the shower and while I could only see her outline in the shower she had the temperature of the water up rather high and the steam had already steamed up the glass walls so I couldn’t see a damn thing. “Fuck-A-Duck!!” I thought! What rotten luck. Figuring I better not push my luck I closed the door and went into the kitchen and sat there and made myself a snack.

About 15 minutes later a barefoot Mary came into the kitchen wearing only a towel wrapped around her head and another one wrapped around her body. She walked up to where I was sitting, said, “Oh, that looks good, can I have a bite?” and I said sure. I asked her if she wanted me to make her some dinner but she said she wasn’t really that hungry. She did say what she really wanted was to go lay down. She added that while the shower felt great she didn’t realize how much running she had done today and her legs and back were hurting from practice. I asked her if they didn’t have an exercise ther****t at the school to help them with their pains and she said no. Then she said that back home they always have massage ther****ts. I told her they don’t have them in the public schools here. I added that to get a massage you have to have go to a regular massage ther****t or have one come to you and pay them generously. She said she wouldn’t do that because she can’t afford it right now. She spent all her easy cash on the way over from Norway and would have to wait until her father sends her more money. I jumped at that and told her that I’ve had many massages and know what they do and I could probably help her and I wouldn’t charge her anything. She thought that was a great idea and asked if I could do that now and I said sure. Damn right I would. I told her the best place to do it would be in my spare bedroom where I have a chaise lounge. It would be easier for me to move from side to side when working on her. As we moved towards the spare bedroom I told her I was going to get out of my jeans and go put some shorts on which would be more comfortable for me. I told her to go ahead and lay down on the lounge and cover herself with the towel and get comfortable and I’d be right back. When I got in my room I yanked off all my clothes, socks included, ran to my nightstand and grabbed a Viagra (hey, it can’t hurt) and downed it. Then I sprayed a little body spray here and there, stroked my cock a bit and then put on a pair of really thin silk type short shorts.

When I got back to the spare bedroom Mary was on the lounge with one towel covering the lounge and the other barely covering her ample ass. I could see the side of her tits bulging out nicely from underneath her. I went over to the side table and put on a nice mood music CD, closed the blinds and then cut down the lighting. She muttered that it made the room nice and then tucked her head into her arms and closed her eyes. I went into the bathroom for a second and grabbed a bottle of lotion my wife keeps there for our smallest one. Putting some lotion in my hands, rubbed them together to make the lotion warm then lowered down to her back and began working her shoulders and back. She immediately reacted to the warmth of the lotion telling me how great it felt. Though I am no ther****t I could tell she had a firm body and I could also tell that she was not afraid of my touch. As my hands starting working lower I could feel her body reacting to my hands. It seemed to me that as my hands got lower down her body that her hips were moving around a little. But that could have been my imagination too.

Skipping passed the towel I moved down to her legs. I wanted to get in a position where I could look up that towel and see if I could get a look at her pussy. Starting at her feet I worked up her calves and then to her knees. One leg at a time I worked them and as I did I very carefully moved them apart from the other giving me a little glimpse to her pussy. And from what I could see it was clean shaven. Not wanting to be too brave I moved them back together again. Feeling a little brave I asked her if it would be okay if I moved the towel off her butt a little. She didn’t say anything, instead she just reached around with one hand, yanked it off her ass and threw it to the floor and said, “Is that enough?” I chuckled, said, “Okay” and then I told her that was just fine. She told me that in “her country” nudity is something nobody gets embarrassed about. Again I told her okay and said that the US is a few years behind in that regards. Standing next to her side I started to work her hamstrings which she told me really hurt her a lot and that I needed to work on them a lot. I told her I could do a better job if I got in a better position and she said for me to do whatever I had to. So I straddled her legs and knelt on either side of her legs sitting on my own legs above her knees. Working her hamstrings once again she told me that it felt much better now. As I worked her hamstrings my hands would wrap around the inside and outside of each thigh like I was stroking my own cock. I stroked her thighs right up to where they joined her crotch. I could feel the tender skin of her pussy lips as they met my fingers. As the thumb of my hand slid upwards I intentionally lifted it up so that it would touch the area close to her anus. A couple of time I could feel her cheeks relax and spread a little. I don’t know if she did that or it was just the pressure of my fingers but it got my cock stirring. The head of it was now sticking out of my shorts lying against her thigh.

Moving back and forth from thigh to thigh I stroked each thigh and poked her pussy enough times that I could see it glistening a little. So now I decided it was time to move upward towards her ass and try something really adventurous. As my hands started to massage her butt cheeks I would move her cheeks together and then with each movement apart I’d spread them apart. I could see her butt hole and it was nice and tight and very clean looking. Taking a bit more lotion in my hands I let in ooze down between her cheeks letting in glisten all over her ass and pussy. Then as I let her cheeks come back together I moved my hands up to the small of her back again. In order to do this I had to shift my position up towards her butt. This put my cock right across the crack of her well oiled ass. At first I didn’t do any moving around and just let it lay there feeling the nice crevice of her ass as I massaged her back. As I rubbed her back I would lean forward and using the pressure of my own lower body press my cock against her ass even more. Now she seemed to be reacting to it as I could feel her seeming to spread her cheeks a bit as I massaged back and forth. Taking the hint I now began to move my hips back and forth letting my cock begin its slide along the of her ass crack. As I would move back the tip would slide down towards her pussy and then back up her cheeks to the top again pushing deeper between her cheeks each time. And with each stroke she seemed to moan a little more and relax her cheeks a little more. Rising up for a moment I grabbed the lotion bottle and let an ample amount of lotion drip down right where the tip of my cock lay on her ass. She let out a little “Hmm” and wiggled her ass a little and said she was really beginning to enjoy this free massage more and more. Then after setting the lotion aside, using hands to spread her cheeks apart I let my cock slide between them and started to hump her ass. With each slide it went deeper towards her pussy and when it found that warm spot I stopped and using my hand slowly pushed the tip in and twirled it around and around. She loved that saying it felt good against her clit; then she gasped as I sank all I had into her. I kept it deep inside her pushing hard against her ass as if I could get an extra inch or so if I tried harder. Then we began to rhythmically drive against each other as we both enjoyed the feeling of our bodies sliding together with such oily ease. I reached under her and grabbed her firm tits and massaged them only wishing they were somehow behind her so I could suck on them while I was fucking her doggy style. Knowing I wasn’t going to last too much longer before coming I mentioned it to her. She told me not to cum inside her because she wasn’t on the pill. But then she said she still wanted me to cum inside her which confused me until she made her next move. She asked me to pull out and as I did she reached behind her, pulled her cheeks apart and then said, “Okay, put it back in and fuck me again... then cum inside me.” I didn’t hesitate for a second. My cock was still rock hard and in a split second my cock was sliding into her tight little hole and I was driving it deep and hard. I thought she was enjoying our doggy style fuck but when we started to fuck Greek style she went ballistic. She stuck fingers from one hand in her pussy and finger fucked herself and grabbed her tits with the other hand all while screaming at me to fuck her as hard as I could. And I did just that until I came like a race horse. My cock pumped cum like it never did before and I swear I didn’t think it would ever stop. When I finally pulled out of her ass and lay down next to her she turned on her side and reached down and grabbed my cock and began stroking it. My cock is extremely sensitive after I cum so when she started to stroke me it was like I was going thru another orgasm again and I went thru the roof. She got a thrill out of that.

After we were all done we both took a long hot shower together. The next day I treated her to a real massage session with a female ther****t at a local shop. After all, she earned it. My wife came home a few days later and never knew what went on. Sadly Mary had to return to Norway before the school year was even into the second semester due to a f****y tragedy. I'll miss that accent!

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3 months ago
Great story, did you ever get pictures of her?
5 months ago
We fucked quite a few times before she left to go back to Norway. The best one was in our pool and again after the pool in the shower.
5 months ago
7 months ago
mmmmmm. very erotic
10 months ago
I try to be as descriptive as possible without making it look like I am writing a new version of "War and Peace"
10 months ago
incredible description of what had to be an awesome experience
1 year ago
nice story. i love giving massages for exactly the same reason
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
loved it. thanks
2 years ago
I wish it was me, u r a lucky guy