A Flash for the Maid

My wife works for a health conglomerate firm and goes all over the state and works her ass off every day. Me, I retired from the USMC after 32 years so now I work from home designing and maintaining websites, doing graphics, file sharing and anything else I can do to make a few extra bucks and occupy my time on the computer. I don’t have to work but it keeps me busy and away from golf courses and those fancy club houses which I up hoar. I am not the type to hang around those places and hold a martini glass and talk about my stock portfolio. I’d rather sit on the back patio with a beer, scratch my nuts and talk about the game last night or who’s banging whose wife when they’re at the clubhouse tipping martinis. One of the perks of being home all day is I get to run around all day in my boxers or maybe just shorts and a t-shirt. Occasionally I even run around in the buff but I do use a towel to sit on for hygienic reasons.

Most days my wife leaves around 7:30 and doesn’t get home till about 5:30. I do the “Mr. Mom” task of making our bed and doing our morning breakfast dished for her before I do a little morning workout for about an hour in our in home exercise room. Then after a good shower I hit the office to work till around 4:30. On most days the only interruptions I have are from FedEx or the postman making special deliveries. But today I was expecting the final two of several women I had been interviewing women to return to the house for a private maid position. Even though I am home every day my schedule with the web and graphic design has been taking me out of the house more and more so my wife and I decided to hire a private maid to come in 2 days a week to keep things. We didn’t want one of those commercial services. We felt a private maid would give us not only better service but more reliability and a friendlier relationship. We had talked to about a dozen women before whittling it down to just a couple. Today I had to re-interview the final two women. These two interviewed well previously and within one week I was to choose the final one. They both had the same basic qualifications and claimed to have the skills so now I had to base my decision on personality and my own instinct. So, I decided to give each some trial cleanings in the house and see how they performed, only then would I make my final decision.

At noon time the first gal, Hendrika, a 29 year old Dutch college girl showed up. She was very statuesque at about 5’9” with short blonde hair and a rather slender but well proportioned build. She had a Dutch accident which was kind of cute. She asked me to call her “Rita”. I went over the details of the challenge for the final decision and she accepted the challenge. She would show up tomorrow morning at 8:30, after my workout, and perform the list of chores and await my decision after the other girl had done hers. As I walked her to the door I gave her a key for the entrance and told her I looked forward to seeing her the next day. As she walked down the sidewalk I watched and couldn’t help but notice she had quite a nice tight looking ass.

Around 1:15 Janet showed up. She was referred by a friend of a friend of a friend, etc, etc. I really don’t know who it was but she seemed to know her stuff and had presented herself well and while she wasn’t anything to write home about she wasn’t too bad looking. She could probably lose a few pounds here and there but I guess my wife could too. Just don’t tell her I said that!! Janet was kind of “clinical” in her first interview and she also understood the challenge she faced and accepted it as well. She didn’t ask too many questions. I also gave her a key when she left. She was to come back in two days around 9:00.

The next day I went thru my regular routine and then after my workout I hit the showers. Right in the middle of soaping up I heard the familiar beep from our alarm system which lets us know someone has entered thru one of our doors. Knowing I was expecting the Dutch gal Rita I just went on with my shower. Her chores included the exercise room and the master bedroom; but not the master bathroom as I knew I be in the shower when she came. As I finished my shower and dried off I wrapped myself in a towel and discreetly looked out into the master bedroom to see where Rita was. She had already made the bed and I could hear her in the exercise room. So I headed to my part of our master closet to dress and pulled the door behind me. Our closet is massive, almost as large as most people’s bedrooms. I dropped my towel onto the dressing chair and reached into one of the built in drawers for clean skivvies and socks throwing them onto the chair for a second. Standing in front of a full length mirror, with my back to the door, I grabbed my hairbrush to comb my hair. As I began to brush it I could see Rita’s figure walk by the door in the bedroom. I figured it was okay so I just kept brushing my hair. Then when I put the brush down and grabbed my socks I bent over, still facing the mirror, and as I went to put my socks on looked into the mirror I saw Rita’s outline peeking thru the door jamb. Thinking I might have some fun with this I took my time getting the second sock. Before I put it on I grabbed my cock and stretched it a few times and spread my legs and did a little shaking back and forth to make it swing around a little. After I put my other sock on I turned sideways and while still looking towards the mirror started stroking my cock till it got nice and hard. I could see she was still planted in the door jamb watching so I took the chair and pulled it sideways so I could sit down in front of the mirror. I reached over for the towel and then taking some spit from my mouth wiped it over the head of my cock and started to really stroke it hard. In about two or three minutes my head fell back as I blew a nice heavy load of cum into the towel. As I did it sounded like Rita must have hit her head against the door jamb or something. When I finished stroking the cum from my now half hard cock I finished getting dressed and went out to my office. A little later I went looking for Rita. She was just finishing cleaning the last of her chores. She looked up at me with a bit of a timid look and said she’d be with me in just a minute and would meet me in my office so we could chat. When she came in I asked her how she liked what she had done and if there was anything about her work that she didn’t like or had any questions. She had a sweet grin on her face and said no and that she liked everything she saw and did. And she added that she would really enjoy working for me if it was my decision to she would like me to choose her. As she was leaving I paid her for her time that day and told her I would contact her in a day or so with my decision on who got the position.

The next day the other gal showed up right on time. This time I was thinking about what happened with the Dutch gal and decided to see if I could have some fun with this one too. I was a little surprised when she showed up. She looked a lot different than the other day. She was a nice short skirt with a tight blouse that actually made her look a lot thinner than I thought she was. Well, we discussed her chores. I told her she had to do the living room, the dining room and the guest room, in that order. What I didn’t tell her was that the guest room has a connecting door to the exercise room and that I was going to be working out in there. We usually leave the connecting door, which is a pocket door, partially open just for air flow. So I figured I could do a little “show and tell” flash show when she go to that room and see how she reacted to it. So I got my exercise shorts outfit on, which meant no skivvies, shorts and a t-shirt and sneakers and headed to the exercise room. I made sure the pocket door was about 1/3 open and then put some music on and started my workout. The room has plenty of mirrors around the walls so it is easy for me to see if she is looking in the room at any time.

About 90 minutes into my routine I could see movement in the room. So I decided to get into a position where I could start my little show. Lying down on a weight lifting bench with my legs spread apart I made sure I was in a position where she could look right up between my legs. I pulled my cock out of one leg of my shorts and let it hang there while I got ready to look like I was doing some exercising. Reaching down I tugged on my cock and got it half hard so it was more impressive for her to see. Just then I could see she her outline edging into the doorway so I grabbed the weight bar and lifted in up.

“Sir?” she called to me.

“Yes Janet!” I replied looking back at her. And as I did I could plainly see her eyes were fixed on my cock until she saw me looking at her.

“Um, Sir do you want me to change the bedding on the spare bed?” she asked.

“No, that’s okay. It hasn’t been slept in since it was last changed.” I told her.

“Very well, then if not I will be done in just a few minutes.”

I then told her, “Very well, if so then just come on in and just have a seat I’ll be done here in a few minutes myself.”

She eagerly replied, “Oh, Okay!” Then went back in the room and finished.

Before she came back to the room I decided I was really going to have some fun at this little flash game. After she came back in the room I asked her if she would be a spotter for me. I had to explain what that meant and the she agreed. The first time I had her stand between my legs just as I had been the first time she saw me so she could catch the bar in case I dropped it on my stomach. Of course that was ridiculous. I just wanted her to stand down by my cock and be able to see it. I was only using about 30 pounds of weight so there was no way I was going to drop it. As I went thru the motions of lifting it and struggling with the barbell my cock would slide in and out of my shorts and it didn’t take long for her to notice. At first she tried to look away but as it grew longer and harder she began to look longer.

When I stopped lifting the weight she suddenly stopped looking at abruptly looked up towards my face and asked if everything was okay and I told her it was. I said I was going to try another exercise and had to change to another apparatus. I got up and moved to a standing bench press machine. I told her I was going to do squats and that I wanted to measure how LOW to the ground I could get and that she had to measure with her hand how far I got. She asked me how to do that so I told her to make a fist with one hand and put it on the ground sideways and then put her other hand flat on top of it with its palm facing up. I had to get low enough to the ground to actually touch her palm flat on the palm with my butt to count each time. I told her I had to do at least 30 repetitions. All she had to do was stand of front of me and count the squats. I h d to demonstrate the position on her to make her understand then she agreed to do it; after a little smile and giggle.

Once in my position on the machine, again with only about 30-40 pounds of weight I started my exercise. At first I played it safe and barely touched her hand and kept my junk in my pants. After about 10 reps I told her I had to go to the bathroom and while I was going asked her if she would get us both a couple of glasses of ice tea of something else to drink. While she went to get them I simply ran to the bathroom, flushed the toilet then returned to the apparatus. I pulled my short leg aside so my cock wouldn’t have a problem dropping out the next time I did a squat. As she came back in she handed me my drink and I and thanked her and took a sip. Taking my first rep I made sure not to let my junk out just yet. Then slowly as I started to take more reps I maneuvered myself so that my cock would start to slide out and sure enough it did. As I lowered down on my next rep I could feel my ball sack touching her palm slightly. I didn’t go any lower than that as I didn’t want to alarm her plus I wanted to see her reaction. Surprisingly she didn’t say anything. On my next rep I did the same thing only this time on my way back up she said…

“You’re not going down as much as before. You’re barely touching my palm.”

I responded with a little fake heavy breath, “Oh, okay….” And then went a little lower on the next rep resting my ball sack right in the palm of her hand.

“There you go!” she said. Then as the fullness of my balls landed she said, “Oh my, I think we had a little wardrobe malfunction?”

I responded, “Sorry about that. When I work out I usually don’t wear underwear. It restricts my movements. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Well, you’re in your own home, so who’s going to complain?"
She quickly rebutted and looking up in my eyes she then gave my balls a slight squeeze.

Looking down at her I replied. “I’m not!”

“Me either”
she said.

So I continued with my reps and while doing so I was looking down at her tits. This got my cock growing again. Each rep it slipped more and more out of my shorts and as it grew I could see her eyes lighting up. After about 5 or 6 reps it was at full mast at sticking straight out of my shorts and right in her face. Looking down at her I could see the tip of my cock was about 2 or 3 inches from her mouth. Slowly I edged myself forward to see what she would do. When the tip of my cock was about an inch from her mouth she closed her eyes and I could see her lips slowly opening. As I eased forward I touched my cock to her lower lip. Her jaw dropped down to open her mouth and she moved in closer and slowly widen her mouth then wrapped it around my cock as her hand very warmly pulled on my balls. She took in the entire length of my cock down to the back of her throat till her nose touched my belly. Her face wiggled slowly back and forth like she was trying to get more of me in her mouth as she groaned. Looking down further I could see her other hand was under her short skirt and was playing with her pussy. Letting go of the weight bar I reached down and grabbed both sides of her head and gently f***ed her head back and forth onto my cock. Her mouth was nice and warm and she was now really getting into sucking it. Salvia was dripping from her mouth and down my balls as she deep throated me with each thrust. It was so good that I was starting to get a little weak in the knees. So I pulled my cock from her hot mouth and pulled her up to her feet. As I did I pulled her short top off over her shoulders revealing a rather nice pair full tits. Cupping them in my hands I could feel they both felt like teenager tits. They were perky and had really nice long nipples that were a joy to suck on. Then I tugged on her skirt which fell to the floor quite easily revealing something quite surprising to me.

“See, you’re not the only one who likes to go commando!” she surprised me with.

In shock I replied, “Well no. I guess no!”

And with that I had her hold onto the apparatus bench then dropped down on my knees in front of her and wrapped her legs around my shoulders so that her pussy was right in my face. Digging my tongue in her already wet pussy I tasted a delicious sweetness while my hand wrapped around her ass holding her tight to my face. She was so wet I could swear she had already cum and I was so hard I felt like was about to cum. Not wanting to waste a moment like that on just eating pussy I put her down on the floor and rolled her over onto her stomach. I told her I wanted to take her doggy style. She said she loved doggy style and got up on her knees right away. Slipping my cock into her we began to pump away but I told her I didn’t want to go too fast and cum too soon. I reached around and under her to grab her tits once more. They felt great hanging there swaying under her. I then had her lay flat on her stomach and close her legs. I wanted to still fuck her doggy style but I always wanted to do it with the legs closed for a tighter feeling for more friction. Once I slipped my cock back in I got that extra friction I was looking for and she seemed to like it as well. We both enjoyed it so much that we began to really fuck a lot harder. But as we did our thrusts began to get a little too wild and my cock would come out of her pussy. On one shot I pulled out and when I pushed to go back in I hit the wrong hole and wound up going straight into her ass hole in one shot. It happened so quick that I didn’t realize it and I kept pumping and pumping. I must have pumped her 4 or 5 times before she took a huge breath and yelled ….

“OH FUCK ... YOU’RE IN MY ASS!” she screamed.

I didn’t stop, I kept pumping.

She repeated, “YOU’RE IN MY ASS!”[/i]

“I’m sorry, you want me to stop?” I asked her.

“Uh … um, well... no, just wait a minute. Slow down a minute.”


“Okay, I’m getting used to it now. Just take it a little slower and easier. I really like it now”

So I began to follow her instructions and we both began to enjoy it. I liked the view I had of my cock disappearing into her ass and the roundness of her ass looked great along with the submissive look of her pinned to the floor.

I didn’t want to cum in her ass so I pulled out and I reached over and wiped my cock clean and turned her over. I have always enjoyed the old missionary position so I had her place her legs over my shoulders while I slid my cock into her pussy. We fucked for a good ten minutes before we both were ready to cum. I could feel her pussy muscles tightening against my cock as she exploded in her orgasm. When I was about to cum she begged me to cum on her face. Normally I prefer not cum on a woman’s face but she wanted it so I obliged her. Just at the right moment I pulled out and as I came I stood straight up on my feet so that when I came she got the full stream. As it shot out and hit her face my load shot a good three feet and hit her eight times. I never touched my cock once. I let it naturally shoot on its own. It was strange to watch it jump up and down as each load shot out. Some of my cum shot out shooting out over her hair while others hit her in the eyes, tits and mouth. When my cock stopped pumping she reached up and pulled me to her and stroked and sucked me dry.

After which she said to me, “Well sir. I hope you will consider me for the job. As you can see I do clean up things very well!”

I replied, “Ha, yes. This I definitely noticed! I will keep this in mind”

After we cleaned ourselves up I took care of pay for her work for the day, and told her I would advise her of the job in a day or so and sent her on her way.

The next day I did finally make my decision on hiring a maid. But my wife was a little confused as to why I hired two maids for two different days of the week. I told her I was trying to help the President by bringing down the unemployment rate.

98% (37/1)
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