Shower Her With Something

Recently I made an unexpected big splash in our new neighborhood. We just moved to a new home the end of this past week. The home was a former model home and it was the largest of the three model homes in a model center that was sold off and the previous office. So, naturally the home has all the bells and whistles. Well, that is except one thing... they disarmed the alarm system when we closed on the house. I noticed this when we were opening and closing the door constantly moving furniture in the front door. I wasn’t hearing the high pitched “beep” I used to hear when we first viewed the house with the realtor. But to be honest with you I was glad I wasn’t hearing it since they opened and closed the door a good two hundred times during the move. The guys did a great job and put everything exactly where my wife and I had planned it all out. I spent the next two days hanging pictures and unpacking things while my wife worked each day.

After the move was finally finished and we were all settled down we decided to contact our immediate neighbors and introduce ourselves. That next morning, before doing so I sat in my office and made up a nice introduction letter with a photo of ourselves on it that we could handle out to folks. Since my wife work days and I worked from home I took it upon myself to walk the neighborhood and greet people that were home during the day. It didn’t dawn on me until the third door that I was going to be meeting mostly women. After all, today most men still work out of the home. I guess I am an exception. After meeting quite a few women, some who were quite good looking, I went back to our place and went about my regular chores. One of the chores on today’s list was to paint the unpainted two car garage walls. We only have one car right now so it was completely empty making the job very easy. By lunch time I had it done but I was sweaty and exhausted and covered in paint. Needless to say I needed a good shower. I left the garage door open to help the drying of the paint and after cleaning up my painting supplies headed in for my shower.

The shower felt great! The hot water felt great and the soapy lather cleaned off all the paint quite easily. And of course I couldn’t help but lather up my favorite places. After all I am a guy and all guys love to lather up their cock in the shower. Their balls hang nice and low from the hot water and the soapy lather seems to make them look a bit sexy in the mirror. And I guess looking in the mirror across from the shower I thought so too. As I was admiring myself I turned sideways to see how my cock looked and then turned with my back to the mirror and put my foot up on the shower stool and bent over so I could look between my legs and see how I looked from that angle. I reached down between my legs and pulled several times on my cock, the foam from the soap dropping from it like a big drop of cum.

As I reached behind me and rubbed the opening to my ass I thought I heard a muffled noise. In the corner of the shower is a shaving mirror. Looking into it I saw the face of one of my new female neighbors. Now I know that darn alarm system should have been turned back on. I would have heard that darn beep when she came in the open garage door. She was standing just outside the doorway of the bathroom watching me the whole time. She didn’t see me notice her so I continued to play dumb. I stayed with my back to her view and continued to stroked my cock while I had my leg on the stool and by now I had a full hard on. But this time I grabbed my back brush and lathered the tip of it up and slid the round handle of it towards my ass. Slowly I slid the tip of the handle in my ass till it was about six inches in my ass. Then as I slid it in and out of my ass I began to beat my cock as hard as I could. Turning around slowly so she could get a good look at both my cock and my ass action but still facing away so I could see her in the mirror I could now see her rubbing her tits with one hand. I couldn’t see if she was doing anything else but I could only imagine that she was rubbing her pussy with her other hand. A minute or so later I stated to cum and as I did I turned towards the glad doors and shot a huge load all over the glass doors and turned and looked right at her. She was staring at my cock as it was spewing its load but when it stopped she looked up at me and when she saw me looking at her she stood straight up, gasped, let go of her tit and ran out of the house.

About three days later my wife invited this same gal and her husband over for dinner. It was a very nice dinner. She acted like nothing happened but for some reason she made very little eye contact with me, especially when I sat there with my hand in my lap groping myself when no one else was watching. I guess I showered her with too much already.

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11 months ago
god thats so naughty. to fuck your arse in front of her too. wow
1 year ago
hot story!
1 year ago
No! ... But maybe I'll write a sequel!
1 year ago
Did you ever find out what she came by for?
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Looking forward to see how you develop these characters.
2 years ago
Maybe she wants more but will not admit it.