Bitch from Omegle chat

Story sent to me by a friend of mine he changed his name to remain anonomous

You: hello asl

Stranger: 22 f

You: im brad

Stranger: Emma. Age?

You: m 25 nj

You: how are you emma

Stranger: Good, you?

You: i am good

Stranger: Up to much ?

You: watching chicago pd

You: and you

Stranger: Nothing really, in bed

You: what are you wearing

Stranger: Underwear and a top

You: i am 6'0 180 brown hair and eyes here

Stranger: Long brown hair, blue eyes, thin

You: what are your measurements

Stranger: What to you mean ?

You: how big are your breasts

Stranger: 34 C

You: awesome

You: i have a big cock

Stranger: Nice

You: 8 inches

Stranger: Very nice

You: do you have a bf'

Stranger: No not really

You: are you horny

Stranger: Yea kinda

You: do you like anal sex

Stranger: Sometimes

You: do you have kik or skype we can trade pics

You: i wanna see you naked

Stranger: Nope, only have this

You: any pics

Stranger: Nope

You: wanna cyberfuck

Stranger: Sure

You: get naked

Stranger: Okay

Stranger: Done

You: whats your fave position

Stranger: I want you to decide

You: i want you to ride my throbbing cock

Stranger: Mmmm okay

You: lower your pussy down my cock baby

Stranger: Mmmm I put it all in

You: feels so good baby

Stranger: You're so big

You: sucks and nibbles your nipples'

You: ride me harder babyu'

Stranger: Mmmm yea

You: take it all

You: cum for me so i can fuck your ass

Stranger: I grind on you, rubbing my clit

You: tak it baby

You: take it all

Stranger: Mmmm

You: ride faster emma

Stranger: Okay

You: inserts a few fingers in your ass

Stranger: I moan

You: do you like that

Stranger: Yeah

You: cum for me baby

Stranger: Yea cumming

You: do you squirt gush or spray

Stranger: Squirt

You: squirt baby

Stranger: Mmm yea

You: all over my cock

Stranger: Mmmm nice

You: did you cum

Stranger: Yea

You: do you want your ass fucked now

Stranger: Yeah

You: how bad do you want your ass fucks

Stranger: Really bad

You: get on all 4s

Stranger: Done

You: enters my cock in your ass slowly

Stranger: Mmmm

You: spanks your ass'

You: do you have a dildo

Stranger: Yes..

You: put it in your pussy while i fuck your asshole

Stranger: Okay

You: you like being double stuffed emma'

Stranger: Love it

You: feel my cock ripping your ass deep

Stranger: I mown loud

You: feels so good baby

Stranger: Don't stop

You: fucking you harder faster and deeper

You: spanks your ass again

You: i am gettin so close to cumming do you want me to cum in your ass

Stranger: Yea

You: o0okl0olo0o0o0o0oo0o0o0oo0o0o0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000oooooooooooooooooooooo000000000000000ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo000000000000000h yes

You: filling your ass deep with my massive load

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: cum for me baby

You: did you cum

You: are you ok love

Stranger: Oh yes baby I loved how you filled my tight ass with your big cock baby
Stranger: I gotta go baby thanks I needed to cum so bad I came two times squirted all over my bed. I wish it could have been for real good bye see you in the next life

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