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One week earlier in summer i had been off work with a bad shoulder,so after a few weeks i was getting quite bored,only so many times you can sit at the computer wanking..
One night the mother in law had popped round and in conversation said i was bored,she suggested that the charity shop where she worked was really short staffed,as one of the helpers out the back had broke her hip,so why dont i help out there,your having a laugh i said no chance.
its ok she said your be out the back helping out with jean blake definately not if thats who i would have to put up with.
she is alright when you get to know her replied the mother in law,i said will think about it,after a few hours,dicided that i would it will get me out the house and if she got on my nerves i could always piss off home..
Monday and tuesday passed without any incident she got on my nerves bossing me about, i did explain that i was doing her a favour by helping out,oh sorry she said,i know you are and we are really grateful.
Well what happened on wednesday would change my views on jean blake forever yes jean blake the 66 year old whos shit dont stink sort of is what happened we were going through some donations,when i was going through a bag containing quite skimpy underwear as it was used i said to jean what do we do with this stuff,showing her the underwear.oh we will have to put in the bin as its used .its a shame as its quite nice..fuck i thought did i really hear correctly.
yeah it is pretty nice,maybe i should take home to the wife,she will look nice in said jean,thanks i said so would you,it will suit you? she laughed i dont think so, it would you got the figure for it,im to old she replied. your never to old i said that wednesday really with broke the ice with it was closing time i went for a wazz and came home.
on the way home the only vision i had in my head was jean in the undwewear and trust me it really turned me on,my cock was solid all the way home and the thought just took over my mind all evening.
well on thursday afternoon around closing time there was just me and jean left in the shop,and what she was about to tell me shocked me,i have a confession to make steve.whats that i said..well you know that underwear from yesterday i took it home and tried some on..instant erection and jean what did it look like well i dont like my body so did not like it,but i need a second opinion well im happy to pop round and have a look if you would like me to, as long as you dont tell the wife.
oh i would never tell she replied but as it is i have put some on today could you tell me what you think.. fuck me i thought yes off course,so once in the back room i sat on the chair as she came in,right i said lets have a look then,slowly she undone her blouse buttons obviously very nervous off it came and wow what fantastic tits lovely and firm i it looks lovely i said will you take the skirt off as well,yes she said so down it came,a lovely pair of skimpy black knickers with matching bra..what can i say you look amazing bl**dy stunning i said.
really she replied,yes really amazing my cock was so hard it was throbbing.
cant believe im sat here looking at you in this underwear its a pleasure to look at you,then out of nowhere she said should i take my knickers off,oh please i said if you could,slowly they come down exposing a mass off grey hair around her pussy,god i said that looks lovely, is that all i can do is look.what else do you want to do with it,touch it kiss it i replied..she walked over to me and her pussy was practically mouth level without hesitation i went in for the kill,my toungue worked overtime on the delicious pussy,spreading her cunt lips and pushing my tongue in deep,i could have licked away all night it was the sweetest cunt i had ever licked,her clit was so hard so fucking suckable.
after half an hour of sucking and licking her cunt out,i moved up to kiss and suck those wonderful tits,are you ok i said to her..yes this is wonderful i moved my head up to kiss her on the lips passionately kissing her tounge in her mouth, as i gently rubbed her cunt.
what about sucking my hard cock i asked, i have not sucked one for thirty years,but are you happy to do it? yes she replied i dont care how good you are i just want to put it in your sweet mouth,she sat on the chair and slowly took my hard cock in her mouth,to be honest i did have to f***e it in a few times,but none the less this was an experience i could not believe,after a few minutes of her sucking i asked if i could put my cock in her cunt,oh please do she replied,so on the counter at the back there she laid,cunt staring at me i looked down and watched the tip of my hard cock get lost in to this wonderful cunt,please god i was thinking dont let me cum as this is to good to end,but sadly after 15 minutes of sliding into such a wonderful cunt,i cound not wait any longer will i get another chance or not i was thinking,so where was this cum going to go,in that cunt so without hesitation and a few grunts my cum had exploded deep inside jean blake,fuck that was great i said still slowly fucking her
have you cum inside me she asked,yes i said is that ok,she replied i wanted to see it come out,oh sorry i said, well you will have to show me tomorrow,really you would like more tomorrow.oh yes if you dont mind..mind i said you can have it whenever you want it
to this day jean blake gets it whenever she wants..

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2 years ago
fantastic story made me so hard reading it
2 years ago
great story wish I could met Jean
2 years ago
Great story
Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Sounds too much like real life to be a story! Thank you for sharing it.
3 years ago
any comments would be appreciated...