Hotel Threesome

My girfriend (A) and I had been out for the evening having dinner with relatives at a restaurant in Windsor. A had dressed elegantly in a knee length black skirt and white blouse with knee length high heeled lace up black boots and black opaque stockings. Underneath was a little more exciting. We had been to Erotica a few days before and she was wearing a white bra with black lace trim, a grey pin striped under bust corset with a six strap suspender belt and black lace panties. A is a size 16 with a 38E bust and very long legs.

When we drove home A kept lifting her skirt in the car and showing me the tops of her stockings so by the time we got through the front door we were both as horny as hell. Rather than just go from there we decided to hit the internet and see if we could chat to some single guys with the outside chance of a short notice meet. We were in luck; we got in touch with a guy (M) who was staying at a 5* hotel and conference centre no more than 10 minutes down the road.

We chatted over the net for a while and swapped some pics. M seemed like a nice guy and A liked the look of him so we offered to come round and see him. After sorting out some details and checking that he was into curvy girls (some guys just aren't) we jumped back into the car and headed over.

No more than 15 minutes later M met us in the car park. It was past midnight by now so he quietly led us into the building passed the night porter and up to his room.

Once in the room we wasted no time and A took off her long black overcoat to reveal what she was wearing with added bonus that she had undone the top few buttons on her blouse to show off her fantastic tits.

M started to stroke her arms and shoulders, telling A how sexy and gorgeous she was whilst looking nervously over at me.

"She's all yours." Was all I said.

With that M began to paw and fondle A's tits through her blouse whilst kissing her neck. A reached down and began to stroke both our cocks through our trousers before M ran his hand up her skirt. A suddenly stopped and stepped back from M smiling at him. She reached for the zip on her skirt and undid it before letting her skirt fall to the floor. M gasped as he saw her long legs in her boots and lace top opaque stockings. A continued and unbuttoned her blouse before sliding it off her shoulders and then stood in front of M in her bra, corset, stockings, suspenders, panties and boots.

M immediately went back to A's tits, freeing them from her bra. Even though I see her naked every day I still wonder at A's amazing tits. They're soft and round with large nipples that grow very hard and erect when she's aroused, as she was now. She held them and squeezed them together so that M could suck on both her nipples at the same time.

I began to undress and M followed until we were both stood in front of A naked and both with rock hard cocks. A sat down on the edge of the bed and began to stroke M's cock. He was the same size as me and shaven also which A seemed to approve of. She smiled at him and then sank her mouth over his cock sliding it in whilst cupping his balls.

"Christ, you can do that all year." M managed to say before stroking A's hair as she slid up and down his shaft, taking time to lick the tip of his cock as it slid just out of her mouth.

M pushed her back onto the bed and slipped her panties off and over her boots, leaving them on the floor. He lowered his head down between A's legs and began to lick and suck her. I knelt on the bed beside A's head, she mouthed 'I love you' and then began to suck my cock slowly.

I looked down and watched M as he licked fingered A's pussy before running his hands over her stocking clad thighs which she had lifted into the air. He lifted his head and I saw that his mouth was rimmed with juice.

"Do you want to fuck her?" I asked.

M stood up and put a condom on before spreading A's legs and then pushing himself into her, both of them groaned and A tilted her head back, arching her back. M began to fuck A slowly whilst she sucked on my cock with me supporting her head and playing with her nipples which I know she loves.

I sensed that M was having problems keeping cool as he kept stopping and looking away into the distance.

"How is it?" I asked.

M grinned and said;

"I might have to cum now and go for round two if that's ok with you two?"

We said it was fine and he seemed relieved before continuing to fuck A, getting quicker as he did so. Then I told him one of the few rules of the meet. You must cum over A wherever she asks for it, normally on the face or tits as she loves spunk.

M started to fuck A hard and fast and she responded by egging him on and holding her legs apart. Suddenly M stopped and A told him what she wanted.

"Cum all over me here." She pointed at her face and neck.

M quickly moved round the edge of the bed pulling off the condom and then knelt opposite me by A's head with the tip of his cock by the corner of his mouth. He began to wank furiously and after a matter of seconds cried out. The first spurt of cum missed A's face as it went straight over and landed on the bed next to me. After that it was like someone had turned a tap. He spurted what seemed like gallons of spunk over A's face, neck and hair. She took some into her open mouth before spitting it out to join the rest of it that had plastered her, wiping it over herself, smearing her makeup so she felt a complete slut.

She leaned over and whilst rubbing his cum into her neck and down onto her tits and corset she sucked his cock clean.

The night continued from there with M cumming again and me adding loads too. We indulged in some DP which we've certainly never done before but will definitely do again. If I get time I'll submit another entry with all the details.

When we eventually left M walked us back to our car passed the same night porter who gave us a strange look! We'll try and meet again someday.
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3 years ago
very nice of you to share the wife
3 years ago
i had pics open as I read and cock in did it make me cum sooooo hard x
3 years ago
Loved it. Great story and great night by the sound of it! x
3 years ago
Well written, make up make and female names. It's hard to keep track of it all when letters are used.

Very well written.