My wife wanted to fuck again and again

My wife is normally pretty shy. From time to time she gets VERY horny and cannot get enough. One afternoon she came home from a ball game. I sensed right aways that she was in that mood.
We immediately went upstairs. She remove her clothes tight away. She started to remove my pants. When she got to my underwear, she only used her mouth! She carefully remove the underpants. My cock was fully erected and ready. She bended over and wanted me to fuck her from behind. I quickly rammed her hard. We fucked for a few minutes. When my wife is this horny I need to satisfy her rectum as well. Quickly I had two fingers in her anus. She moaned and enjoyed it.
I pumped harder and harder and suddenly I pumped my cum deep inside her...
That was not enough. She wanted more. I took out my fingers and pushed my yet again erected penis deep into her anus. I fucked her hard, and she need me to stop. I bend down and started licking her anus. It was hot, wet and soft. I jerked off as I licked her. Suddenly I was ready to cum again. I stuck my cock deep inside her ass and pumped even harder until I filled her ass with my cum.
We lay down on the bed. She slowly started touching my cock again. Quickly it was hard again. This time she took it into her mouth. The taste of her pussy and anus and my cum made her very horny and she started to slick and suck hard. After a few minutes my sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed it all and look very happy. I got her vibrator out and played with her clit until she came. Actually she came twice... What an afternoon!
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2 years ago
Very nice job...three loads are commendable.
3 years ago
Nice story. I remember days like that
3 years ago
more details
3 years ago