2nd handjob and finger fuck with blonde neighbor

BBW neighbor had a problem with her internet 2 afternoons ago so she asked if I would come over and help.
Her husband is out of town all week every week and didn’t even get home last weekend.
She also has 19 year old twin daughters, and one of them was in bed asl**p after working an early shift.
When the 3 ladies are out and I have to take care of their dog I cum in their underwear and put it back in their drawers, but that’s another story and videos you can see on my profile.
I checked everything out for her and while I was going around she was in loose black shorts and a tight black T . She’s 5’ 2” BBW with 42C tits (I know from checking and cumming in her bra’s).
The modem and router was in her bedroom and I have been lying on her bed and masturbating with her vibrator onto her undies a few times before so I was really turned on to see her sitting in bed with skimpy shorts on. I knew I had lain right there naked, rubbing my cock on her sheets and pillow and now she was right there.
When the repair was done she got back up a stepladder as her husband had put the wireless router on top of a cabinet. She wanted to know what each piece of equipment was for next time. On the ladder her left breast was in front of my face and her thigh was by my shoulder.
I couldn’t resist, I slid my hand up her left thigh to just under the bottom of her shorts.
A month ago we had masturbated each other off – see previous blog post – but I guess she was surprised.
She says “Oh my God, what are you doing?” and I said “You turned me on being so close together in your bedroom and walking around in those shorts”
I moved my hand further up inside her shorts and squeezed her ass.
“Come down” I said. She said” ****** is in her room” I said “I know, but she didn’t come out the whole time I have been here, she’s asl**p”
She got down of the stepladder and stood in front of me
“What are you going to do?”
I stepped towards her, put my arms around her back and started kissing her, long, slow, erotic.
When I saw she was not going to stop me, I put my right hand down the front of her shorts and went straight to her blonde bush, then put my middle finger on her clit.
She moaned and I said “Remember we can’t make any noise”
In the meantime it was a huge turn on to think one of her girls would catch us.
I took her right hand and pulled it into my shorts and put it on my cock.
She grabbed it and started stroking me nice and slow.
As her pussy juices started flowing I slid my middle finger into her and curled it back towards the front wall of her pussy to massage her g-spot. I could hear her moan deeply.
I said’ Wow, you’re even hornier than last time”. I stayed deep inside her and massaged her in small circles.
She said “Oh my God this is going to be quick” and I said “I guess you haven’t had any action in a while. It’s OK, you cum first and then I will tell you where I want to cum on you. Can I cum on your face, in your mouth, your tits if I want” and she said “Yeh, you can cum where you want, God this is good”. I knew if I asked her when she was horny I had a better chance of a “yes” to anything.
I held her tight and pressed harder on her pussy wall, deepening the massage. I could hear her breathing getting heavier and my hand was moving around in loads of juice. She had slowed way down on my cock as she focused on her own pleasure and I was glad I get to last longer.
Then the climax started, her pussy clamping on my hand and her moaning with her head stuck in my chest to keep quiet.
I slowed the massage down and she had a few more little jerks as she finished, then I took out my finger put it on my lips and tasted her. She looked up at me and said” You are so sexual, I never knew”
I put my finger in her mouth and said “Here, taste your pussy, I like it”
She licked it off and I said ”OK, you told me I could cum wherever I want, so now I want you on your knees to suck me”
She asked “:Are you going to cum in my mouth?” and I said “I haven’t decided yet, that is part of the fun. Let’s see how you suck my cock first”
She got down in front of me and licked the shaft from base to tip, grabbing my balls in her left hand. She licked over the top of the head and then went down on me, sliding it into the back of her mouth, sucking hard. I gasped as I thought she would tease me slow.
She pulled me out of her mouth and said “Sssh, be quiet” I said “Yeh that would be something if ***** walked in now”. She said “That would not be funny at all” but it was turning me on as I had cum on both her daughter’s undies and pictures a few times.
“OK, finish me, suck me off hard like you did just now” and she went down on me, gliding up and down, using her mouth like a tight pussy and sucking the cum out from inside me.
I knew she was able to make me cum without using her hands, not all women can, but now I decided I wanted to SEE my load, not have it disappear down her throat. I said’ Fuck yeh, ******, suck the cum out of me, you’re really good”
She obviously thought I was going to blow in her mouth and like a good girl was up for it.
As mu cum started to build up she was really pumping me with her mouth.
I said “OK, now. Shoot it all over your face”
She was surprised but quickly pulled me out and held me over her face while she jacked me with her right hand and squeezed my balls with the left.
I said “Look at me, look in my eyes, what are you doing to me?”
She said “ I am sucking your stiff cock and taking your cum on my face”
I was seconds away. I asked “ Did you like how I finger fucked you?” and she said “Yeh it was fantastic, now it’s your turn” and she gave the final strokes as my cum burst out and landed on her blonde hair, nose, chin, lips. I had to bite my lips not to scream as I watched my horny neighbor take my load.
When I was done I said “OK I wanted you to see my cock shoot but you still have to swallow my cum” and between us we wiped all of it onto our fingers and put it in her mouth. I said “Wait till you have it all before you swallow” and she nodded.
She opened her mouth and showed me the load and waited till I told her she could swallow. I stood there staring, burning the picture into my mind.
When she swallowed I pulled her up to her feet and we kissed again, me squeezing her ass and coming around to grab her tits.
She said “You should sneak out now before ***** wakes up and I’ll tell her you fixed the internet. Her and her s****r have homework to do.”
I said “OK” put my hand on her pussy through the cotton shorts, smiled at her and left.
That was 2 days ago, I haven't seen her yet to know how she feels about our session.

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8 months ago
I wish I had a neighbor like that!!