Mutual Masturbation With Blonde BBW Neighbor

I was about to leave town and she came over to get my house key to look after the place.
She is a big girl, 42C tits, 5’ 3” and we were having idle chat when she said “Well give me a kiss before you go”
She has flirted with me before, even in front of my wife, so I have been working to have fun for a while now.
I leaned over and she put her arms around my neck. I decided to go for it and put my left hand on her ass. When she pulled into me I grabbed her left tit with my right hand and watched her face up close for a reaction.
She pulled her mouth away and looked at me. She asked “What are you doing?” and I said “I want to feel your body”
She was staring at me so to push her more I took her right hand put it on my cock. I was wearing shorts, no underwear.
She said “Wow you’re hard” and I said “What are you gonna do about it?”
She said “We probably shouldn’t be doing this”. I said “Who will know, the others are both out of town and I don’t think you’re getting much action with ****** gone every week”.
I took her hand and rubbed it up and down my cock saying, “I want you to make me cum”
She slowly stroked me and I said “You’re horny too aren’t you?”
She nodded her head.
I put my right hand under her dress, moved up to the top of her panties, then slid it down to her slit.
“You’re wet” I said.
She moaned quietly and opened her thighs to give me more room to play.
“Take my cock out so you can stroke it properly”
She pulled down my shorts and worked my cock slowly with her right hand while she cupped my balls with her left hand.
I slid my middle finger into her now, spreading her juice around to lubricate her.
“How long has it been since you came?” I asked. “A couple of weeks “ she said.
I asked “Do you like this?” and she said “Yes, it’s good”
I said “ I am gonna make you cum like this and you are gonna milk my cock till cum on you”
“OK” she said quietly.
I asked “What do you think of my cock?” and she said “It’s nice, big, hard”
I said “******* look at me and tell me what we are doing”
She said “You are fingering me and I am stroking your cock”
I asked “Do you like it?” She said “Yes”
We just stood there like that, me sliding in and out of her, and she stroking me while we looked at each other.
“I’ve been wanting fun with you for a while” I said.
“How long till you cum?”
‘Soon” she said.
I pushed my finger further into her, my palm rubbing against her clit.
She said’ Oh God it’s good, I am gonna cum”
“Look at me” I said. “Who is making you cum ?”
“You are”
“Say my name, tell me who is finger fucking you”
“You are Mac, you are finger fucking me”
“Tell me to make you cum’
“Mac please make me cum”
“Your pussy’s soaking ******, open your legs”
She opened her thighs another couple of inches and I pressed my finger into her deep, working faster, and my palm was massaging her clit.
“Cum now ******, cum for me and keep pumping my cock”
She was starting to tremble below the waist so I realized she was about to finish.
“Look at me ******, look in my eyes as you cum, feel what I doing to you”
Her mouth opened and she started to moan, getting louder and louder.
“Cum for me ******, let me see how you cum, then I will show you how I shoot cum for you”
She was shaking quite badly, her hips thrusting on my hand, then she said “Oh God I am cumming, ohhhh God”
I could feel a rush of juice in her pussy, could feel it contracting on my hand as she went through it.
She stopped trembling and looked at me. She said ’ God that was intense”
I said “Good, looks like you needed that. Now let’s see what you can do for me”
She cupped my balls again and pumped me faster. I moaned with pleasure.
When she saw me getting into it she suddenly slowed down, squeezing my shaft. I said “You’re a cock teaser”
She laughed and said “Oh yeh?”
“Make me cum” I said. She said “Oh I will, but I’m in charge now”
She alternated with slow and fast strokes, twisting her hand around the shaft on the slow ones.
She spat on my cock to make it smoother to rub. I said “I want you to suck me”
She said “I bet. You like to be sucked?”
I said “Mmm I love it”
She slid her mouth over the end of my cock, rubbing it into her mouth. Then she gripped my cock at the bottom and moved her head back and forward on the shaft.
I said “Wow you’re good at this” She said “Uhuh, now you’re gonna cum for me” and she stood up, looked into my eyes, and put up a good fast pace on my cock.
We kissed again and I kept my eyes open to watch her. I grabbed both big tits and massaged them.
She pulled away to look at me. “You like my tits don’t you” I said “Yeh they’re really big and soft”
She smiled and said “OK, now let’s see how much cum you have for me”
She looked at my cock, then at me. “Cum on Mac, your turn, cum for me”
I was freaking, I could feel the cum building up inside me but was enjoying making it last.
I couldn’t hold out anymore. “Shit I’m gonna cum”
She stood back to look but I grabbed her “No, up against me”
I pulled her close, could feel her dress against my cock and we looked into each other’s eyes as I shot my load.
“Ow, OW, FUCK!” as I shot my load onto her dress.
She laughed out loud, looked down at her dress. “Well this needs to go into the laundry before anyone sees the mess!”
“Fuck that was good” I said as I pulled my shorts up.
“I think you better wash your panties too, there was a helluva lot of juice in there!”
“Yeh well you made me horny” she said.
“Mm that was pretty good I must say, now I got to go to the airport”
“Yeh take care, I’ll see you when you get back”
We kissed again, more a friendly kiss than a sexual thing and she left.

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