Playing with neighbor's 42C tits while she gi

I knew it would happen. My wife is out of town for 2 weeks and the blonde BBW next door is also home alone all week. On Friday afternoon she called me with a computer problem. I said I would come over right away and she said "Give me 5 minutes I need to change" When I got there she had the lowest neckline shirt you can imagine, with her 42C cleavage and I could see nearly all of those tits. She said her husband's overseas till next weekend - hint - I kept looking at her cleavage while I was talking to her fixing her network. When I was done she thanked me and I decided this was the time to push my luck after knowing her for years.I said "No problem I enjoyed the view, that's the most I have ever seen of your boobs". She asked "Really?" all innocent. I said "Yes, I'm glad you changed for me".
She stood still and looked at me all coy and I said "Let me see them properly”
She said “You serious?” and I said “Of course, you have been teasing me for years”
I reached out and pulled her V neckline open and stretched it under her tits, what a glorious sight.
Then I started to massage them. She was staring at my hands on her tits. I moved in and kissed her and she put her arms around my neck and pressed hard on my mouth.
I pushed my hard on into her groin and she moaned. Then she pulled away and said “One of my (18 year old twins) daughter’s is on her way here, she will be home any minute”.
I said “I’m so horny for you now, will you give me a quick handjob at least?”
She was obviously worked up too and she said “OK, but you need to be fast”. I said “That depends how good you are!”
I dropped my shorts and pulled out my cock for her. She said “God you ARE horny, it’s really hard”
I said “Yes, put me out of my misery”
She laughed and pumped my cock, while I played with her big tits. We had been teasing each other for years with sexual references and flirting and now something was finally happening.
She dropped her left hand to my balls and held them, squeezing them while she jerked my cock.
I only lasted a few minutes, given I had been on my own all week and her k** was about to arrive.
I started moaning and said “Fuck yeh, I'm gonna cum” and she stood back a bit to watch me shoot.
She said “Wow, nice load!” and I said “Yeh, been a long week on my own”
The cum had sprayed onto her floor right by the front door so she went to fetch some tissues to wipe up the mess. As I was pulling my shorts up we heard a car horn and she said “Shit *****’s home already that was close”. I said “Well you were pretty efficienet, I didn’t take long at all”. She said “I don’t get much practice with my husband out of town every week. I said “I’ll be glad to let you practice on me, even return the favor soon”. I quickly went to sit in front of the computer to pretend I was still fixing stuff and her daughter walked in and said ”Oh, hi, what’s going on?” and her Mum said “Just fixing a computer problem, all done now I think”. I know she has always been hot for me so I expect some action will happen next time we are alone. This just happened so I came over here to note it down right away. Hope it gets you off.

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