Sex with Young Black Hotel Maid

I was staying in a 5 star hotel with a huge room.
The morning after I arrived I was in the toilet. I heard the maid come in and start to clean the room. Immediately I got set to have some fun.
I was completely naked and there was no towel or robe, just me stark naked. I pulled my cock a few times to get a bit of a hard on for my grand entrance.
I had no idea what the maid looked like or where she was, but that is the excitemtn of these encounters.
I opened the toilet door and stepped out into the open bathroom area on the side of the room. There she was, a slim and very pretty young black girl on the other side of the bed.
She looked at me and I pretended to be surprised, said “Sorry I didn’t know you were here”.
She said “It’s OK, sometimes we see things working at the hotel”
I said “I bet you do, you are not the first maid to see me naked”
She asked “ At this hotel?” and I said “No, other hotels all over the world, sometimes maids walk in when I am sl**ping or in the bathroom and I don’t hear them”
She asked “What happens then?”
I said ‘Sometimes they say sorry and leave, sometimes they laugh to cover their shock and I tell them it’s OK, you can stay and clean, other times we have some fun”
All the time we are talking she is looking at me naked and I could see she was OK with it.
She asked “What do you mean fun?” and I said “Well you didn’t already leave so go close the door”
When she did that I put my arms out towards her to come to me. I pulled her close to me and looked at her and said “You are very very pretty”
She said “Thank you”
I looked at her nice big lips and bent forward to kiss her. She was willing and we locked in a nice long kiss, with me testing her by pushing my tongue into her mouth.
When we stopped I pulled back, unbuttoned her uniform down the front and pulled it off her so she stood in front of me with her bra and panties on.
I ran my hands over her black skin, her shoulders, her sides. I said “You are really hot, I want you”
She said “I have a boyfriend”
I said “When did you last have sex with him” and she said “Two days ago”
I asked “How long did he fuck you?” and she said “Just a few minutes till he came”
I said “Then I will show you how a man makes love to a woman properly”
With that I unclipped her bra – little 32B tits – and pushed her back to the bed, laying her flat on her back.
I got on my knees on the floor and pulled her panties off, told her to relax and enjoy and opened her legs to eat her pussy.
She was hairy, those tight little curls black girls have, and I pulled her labia open. Those purple lips and that pink flesh inside a black pussy are beautiful to me.
I licked her around her pussy then homed in on her clit to flick it a little and see what she liked.
After a couple of minutes I could feel her hips moving as I moved my tongue up and down her slit.
But this girl wasn’t gonna get off so easily, I wanted to fuck her well and good and show what a wimp her boyfriend is for just humping her till he came.
I looked at her and said “I am going to show you how a man makes love to a pretty girl and make you a very happy girl ”
I leaned over her, standing on the floor and slid my cock into her. Her body was pointing downwards as the mattress compressed and that made her pussy and clit push against my shaft.
She had a tight little pussy for sure and as I slid in and out of her her cvlit was getting a lot of rubbing against me.
I asked “How do you like it? DO you like the way I treat you?”
She said “Yes it’s really good, you are a very good lover”
I asked “How many guys have fucked you?” and she said “Two, but they just put it in me and cum, they don’t tease and take time like you do”
I said “ When then we will both remember this for the rest of our lives”
I rode her nice and slow, letting her enjoy the feeling of being made love to for a change.
She was moaning quietly as she got closer, her hips moving side to side.
I was up on my arms looking at her – slim body, firm tits that barely moved as I slid into her, cock shiny with her pussy juice and that pretty little face.
I told her “Look at me. You need to look at me now as I make love to you. I want you to remember how I look as I make you cum.”
I moved a bit faster now, knew it was time to bring her to a finish. We looked into each other’s eyes for the last two minutes, me going steady on her while I watched the look on her face changing. She was focusing hard now, moaning louder as I said “OKcum for me now, cum on my cock as I rub your clit and fuck your young tight pussy. Cum for me baby”
Her eyes went wide, she cried out loud, “OW, I’m cumming, oh my God”
I was slamming her pretty hard as she went into the orgasm and all the way through, then eased up as she wound down again.
When she was done I asked “ How was that?” She said “Oh it was fantastic! I never came like that before”
I said “Well THAT is how I make love to a woman” Then “OK now it’s my turn, turn around on your hands and knees”
She kneeled and I stood on the floor behind her and pushed inside. She was nice and slippery now, and I had a good look at her pert ass as I fucked her dogstyle.
I went deep and she was squealing each thrust I made but I said “It’s my turn baby, you can handle it”
I asked “Can I cum inside you?” and she said “Yes it’s OK, I am on the pill”
I was smiling, a big wide grin as I looked at this young girl and felt her pussy gripping me hard.
The next thing I know my cum is rising inside me and I feel the explosion as I burst deep inside her.
I am shouting out loud, really loud, as I keep pumping and she is squealing as I nail her deep.
I stayed there with my cock in her until it got softer and her tight pussy pushed it out. Then I turned her around, put my cock in her face and said “OK baby, lick my cum and your pussy juice off”
She slid my cock in her mouth and gave a nice little suck as she cleaned up our juices.
When she was done she stood up and we kissed again, exploring with our tongues and I could taste salty cum and musky pussy juice on her lips and mouth.
When we were done she aid “ I better catch up on my work now” and so she dressed and kissed me as she left the room. I lay on the bed and replayed the whole session over and over so I would never forget her.

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