Horny mum

So I'm 18, and I was at home one day alone (or so I thought) watching a TV show (I can't remember what it was called) but I saw something I liked and it got me horny, so I decided to go upstairs and jerk off

So when I got upstairs I went into my room and got completely naked I had a raging hard on and it was throbbing, before I started jerking off I realised my lube bottle was empty, I remembered that my mum keeps lube in her draw for her dildos (I fount them one day whilst going through her draws to try and find a lighter) so I decided to use a bit of my mums lube after all she wouldn't notice if I took a little bit.

I walked down the hall towards my mums room and noticed the door was open, I looked through and to my surprise my mum was sitting on the bed with her legs spread open fingering herself, I don't know why but it got me really horny and my cock got even harder, I stood there for a while watching her finger herself, after about 10 minutes she reached into her draw and grabbed her dildo and lube, she started putting lube onto her dildo and rubbing it, at this point I was peeking through the door and quietly jerking off.

just as she was about to insert the dildo into her pussy she must have noticed me peeking through the door because she stopped what she was doing put the dildo down and said "come here right now!" I was completely naked walking into my mums room with a raging hard on lets just say it wasn't the best moment of my life. When I got to the foot of her bed she told me to sit on the bed, so I did, she said " so you like watching your mum masturbate do you " I told her that I was on my way to the bathroom to take a shower and I thought no-one was in so I decided to take my clothes off in my room, she said " That doesn't explain your hard on " she had caught me red handed and I just sat there and said nothing.

After a few minutes of silence she told me to lie next to her, so I slowly moved to the top of the bed next to her, she told me to move closer I hesitated but she pulled me closer. I was lying next to my mum still with a huge hard on. All of a sudden my mum grabbed my cock and started moving her hand up and down, a weird sensation went through my body as I watched my mum jerking me off, I looked at her and she told me to relax, with her free hand she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy she started moving my hand around her pussy I could feel how wet she was, she was literally dripping with juices, as I was rubbing her clit I could hear her breathing heavy I looked over at her, she smiled and told me to carry on so I inserted a finger, she moaned as my finger slid into her juicy pussy she gripped my cock harder and started jerking it faster.

I told her I was going to cum, so she pointed my cock in her direction and I shot my load all over her chest and face she licked the bit of cum that had landed on her top lip and told me to finish her off. I climbed in front of her and opened her legs to reveal her beautiful dripping wet pussy I watched her juices drip from her pussy and slide down to her anus. She told me to finger her so I did so I put in one finger and then two and so on until she gave a screaming orgasm and squirted all over me. I was covered in my mums juices and she said "why don't we take that shower together?" I agreed and we got each other off two more times in the shower and then one more time after the shower! after we had finished it was late so we slept naked together in the same bed. After that we masturbated together every time we got the chance
, I'm 19 now and me and my mum still masturbate together we have never had sex, and I don't think it will ever go that far, masturbating together is just a bit of fun, and I LOVE IT!
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Very hot mate,,you must have her soon,,
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nice story.
2 years ago
Wonderful story...thanks.