s*s and Me

My mum was away for the weekend on a business trip and I was left with my s****r! Anyway I was downstairs watching TV whilst my s****r was upstairs taking a bath. I decided that TV was boring and I decided to go upstairs and go on XHamster for a while and jack off of course.

So I got upstairs and went into my bedroom, striped off all my clothes and sat in front of the computer, I got a hard-on nearly straight away, it was pointing up towards the celling, I got XHamster up and immediately started to jerk off, it felt SO GOOD.

after about sitting there for 10 minutes jerking off, I wanted more pleasure, but I didn't know what to do, then I had a brainwave, I knew my s****r had a dildo in her room as I have fount it before whilst going through her panties, so if I could get that I could have some anal pleasure too!

My s****r was still in the bath (probably shaving) so I quietly opened her door, I sneaked over to her underwear draw and started rummaging through her underwear. To my surprise the dildo wasn't there but I fount a butt plug that she must have brought recently because I have never seen it before. I had to get out of there quick because she could come in at any moment so I grabbed the butt plug and rushed back into my room. As I locked the door I heard my s****r come out of the bathroom, I covered the butt plug in lube stuck it up my ass and carried on with jerking off.

I had only been jerking off for a few minuted when there was a knock at my door, it was my s****r, "open your door I need to talk to you". I switched the computer monitor off and pulled on some grey joggers and put the butt plug in my draw and then answered the door, I asked her what was wrong and she said "have you been in my room today" I told her I hadn't (obviously lying) and she said "well something off mine has gone missing and I haven't put it anywhere and you are the only person in the house is you so I asked you" I explained to her that I have not seen anything or taken anything. She just walked back into her room silently. I sighed in relief and then I went downstairs to get a drink.

I got my drink and decided to go back upstairs for "round 2" when I opened my bedroom door my s****r was standing there in her towel that she had not taken off yet with the draw open holding the butt plug in her hand. "mind explaining how you got this" she said, I froze in horror, the first thing I said was "don't tell mum." she stood there in silence for a while then she said "I wont tell mum as long as you do something for me"
"Anything I will do anything" All of a sudden she dropped her towel, she showed off her slim petite body, she had a completely bald pussy that I couldn't take my eyes off. She told me to drop my pants, I did as she said because i didnt want her telling mum. she sat on my bed and spread her legs "lick me" she said. so I slowly approached the side of the bed, got on my knees and started licking her beautiful wet pussy. It tasted so good I got lost in the moment, I stuck in a finger, I could hear her moaning, after about 2 or 3 minutes she had a loud orgasm, then she told me to lie on the bed as it was my turn, as soon as i got on the bed she stuck my cock right in her mouth and started sucking as fast as she could, it felt GREAT! i came within a minuet all my cum shot to the back of her throat and she swallowed it whole. after that she started stroking me again, my cock grew harder, she spat on it and rubbed the spit all over, she climbed on to the bed and stuck my cock straight in her ass. the feeling of her tight anus around my cock was the best feeling ever. she humped me HARD for a few minuets until i came inside her butt. when she pulled off i watched my cum drip out of her ass and on to my stomach. she said thankyou and re-assured me that she would't tell mum if i didn't then she walked out of my room and got on with the day as normal. I have never done anything with my s****r since but i always masturbate with my mum, if you check out my other story you will see why. Thanks for reading i hoped you enjoyed it ;) i hope to do this again with my s****r.
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2 years ago
Thats a very hot sister, wish mine was that nice
2 years ago
Very hot,,thanks
2 years ago
I used to borrow my moms vibrator
2 years ago
Nice story...