My first time with a guy!!!

I was always a strait dominant guy but i was always a little curious even tho before i was never attracted to men.About a year ago i started watching gay porn and it got my dick hard and i would cum really hard every time i watched it. Eventually i started fingering my ass and as time went on i started making dildos and used them while i jacked off. It felt amazing and in the back of my mind i wanted the real thing. so about two months ago i was on the internet and very horny. I decided to make a ad on craigslist to see what kind of responses i would get and if i wanted to meet any of the guys and go through with it. I was very nervous at first but i was going crazy about it, i just had to do it so i responded to one of the guys and we decided he was going to pick me up and we would do it in his car.

It was early in the morning and we drove to his work because he worked at a factory and the parking lot was huge and usually nobody was there until much later, so it seemed like the perfect spot. Turns out there was people there so we had to find another place to go. I could tell he was nervous and i tryed to make small talk but he was still very quiet for the most part. That started to worry me a little, i started to wonder if i made the wrong decision because he was starting to seem a little strange but i still wanted to do it and i felt like i was obligated to go through with it because he drove from the next town over to pick me up. So as we were driving i suggested we go to a park or something and there was a forrest perserve with a trail that goes through it, so thats where we went. We got out of the car and started walking down the trail deeper and deeper into the woods because it was a little cold out and the leafs were mostly off the trees so anybody could see you from the road unless you went deeper into the woods.

We finally found a spot and he asked me if this was good and i said yeah, he told me to come closer and he started taking his pants off and i got on my knees as he pulled his cock out. I was starting to have second thoughts but again i felt obligated and i really wanted to experience it, so i grabbed his cock with my hand and started stroking it. I liked how it felt and how warm it was but i wanted to taste it. He was leaking precum and i licked his cock head, it felt good on my tongue and it made me even more horny so i wrapped my lips around it and as i did i tasted his precum and i could tell he was liking it. That made me want to suck him even more, so i shoved his cock in my mouth as deep as it could go until my nose was burried in his pubes. I didn't like that to much and i wished he would have shaved but overall i was enjoying it so i kept going. I started deep throating his cock and he started to lose his breath a bit, then he started to moan a little and that turned me on even more so i grabbed the back of his legs and pushed his cock deep down my throat.

after a while he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth and i loved it. So i kept sucking him for a while and then he said he wanted to fuck me now, so i got up, took off my pants and got on my hands and knees on the ground. He got behind me and started to press his cock head against my asshole, he didn't even lube me up or finger me first but i thought it was gonna be ok because my spit was all over his cock and there was a lot of it. I was wrong, he shoved his cock in me in one swift move and i felt a very sharp pain, it hurt like hell but i wanted it so bad. He started fucking me fast and very hard, which is what i wanted but because he didn't ease into me or lube me up it was hurting like crazy at first. After a short while it stopped hurting and his cock was sliding in me with ease. It started to feel really good. He was getting a little tired so i threw my ass back and started riding him and doing all the work. After a few minutes of that i felt his cock twitch a little bit and he was breathing heavier so i knew what was coming soon.

He took control again and started pounding my ass hard and deep with his balls slapping against my ass. It was pretty loud LOL then he said he had to cum so he asked me if he could cum in ass and i said no cum in my mouth!! it was too late he came a little in my ass and pulled out. I turned around fast because i wanted the rest in my mouth but most of it was wasted. Even still, there was a little left on his cock so i licked it up and sucked on him for a few seconds longer a little disapointed but still feeling good. We put our pants back on and went back to his car and he dropped me off. When i got inside i went to my bed and put my fingers in my ass to get the rest of the cum and i sucked it off my fingers. It was a very hot experience and i definitely want to do it again.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
your welcome acdude i'm glad you liked it! Can't wait to do it again.
2 years ago
guess some things you just have to learn the HARD way LOL
2 years ago
Lesson learned: bring your own lube!
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing the was very hot..I'm a black dom ,so I can agree with your treatment being the 1st time..hope you 2 still hook-up now & then..carry on..B-)
2 years ago
I basically just wrote what i wanted to do and explained what i looked like, and then i put a porn pic in it to get more views and said if your interested message me and we can trade pics and then meet up. It gets sent to your email and then you can talk through there. Honestly i was a little disapointed in the guy, the pic he sent me must have been from when he was younger cause he looked older in person but i could still tell it was him. He wasn't as hot as i wanted but i was really horny so i just did it with him. He's bi but he only tops and his dick is 6 inches, so average but it was my first with a guy so i can always upgrade LOL We had plans to fuck again but i ended up moving shortly after that so we haven't met up again. I'm probably gonna get fucked this weekend or give a guy head. there seems to be a lot more guys in this town posting on craigslist so i got a big selection LOL
2 years ago
Write that's hot! I've thought about things like this. I started experimenting with play with an ex because it felt so amazing when she would lick me there. Then I stated using her dildos when she want home. Then I stated fantasizing about the real thing. I could really take a big thing once I got warmed up. How did you write your cl add? I might go try that now. I like the idea of being sodomized... What did the guy look like? Normal? big cock? Obviously he was a top. Was he straight and curious too? Tell me more! Did you end up doing it again?