Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining-Day 7-part 1

As usual we got up Saturday morning about 7:00am & went out to see how the
girls were. We had told the boys before going to bed NOT to fuck them this
morning. As soon as we got to them we took the blankets off of them & got a
good look at their naked backs & exposed asses. Man were they kind of cute to
see in a way too. Both Angel & Becky were covered with nice red welts & a few
dried cuts on their backs & butts. We untied them from the tables as they woke
up & allowed them to finally get up, but they did need help standing & walking
due to having been tied down all night. We had them go sit down on the boys
sl**ping bags & then got a good look at their front sides too.

Angel tits were totally covered in welts with about 3 light cuts on them. Her
belly though had taken the worse of it. It was still a bright red & had 5 or 6
small cuts across it. I had her spread her legs open to see her pussy then
since it had been flogged too. Her lips & clit were still red & enflamed with a
couple of small cuts on them too.

Becky looked about the same as Angel except she had a few more cuts across her
tits & belly than Angel did & her pussy was about like Angels too.

While Carl & George cooked breakfast I asked the girls how they had liked
Fridays events. Angel responded 1st by saying something to the effect of "I
actually kind of enjoyed MOST of it. It was fun when you tied us between the
trees & got my pussy excited with the light flogging it got. By the time you
changed our position I was really ready to be fucked & started climaxing almost
immediately because my clit was also feeling excited too. That part of the day
was GREAT. I totally lost control of myself & was in an almost constant state
of climaxing over & over as you guys fucked my cunt & asshole. However, when
you brought us up here & lit those candles in my asshole I was in a LOT of
pain, but believe it or not I was also getting a bit excited from it too. That
did end though when you finally flogged my back & then it came back as you
flogged my front side & my pussy. That did get my cunt ready to be fucked again
much to my surprise. When you guys again fucked me I was again in almost a
constant state of ecstasy & was climaxing every 2 or 3 minutes, even when my
asshole was being fucked. I guess the burning & flogging of my cunt & asshole
really got them hot in MORE ways then 1 because I was really not ready for you
guys to stop when you did. I wanted more but could not tell you because of the
ball in my mouth. However that did go away quickly too when I knew it was over.
If you ever want to put me through something like this again though I do hope
you leave out the candles. THAT was the worst part of the night. My cunt &
asshole are still feeling that I think more than anything else in regards to
the pain down there. However, I am ready to be fucked again as soon as you want
to fuck me today."

Becky then responded " I kind of feel like Angel in a way. I had never been
hung like that before but I did kind of enjoy it while my pussy was being
flogged & got a bit excited too from it. However I don't think I was climaxing
from all the fucking as much as Angel. I was only climaxing 2 or 3 times when
each of you was fucking me, but still to me THAT was a LOT & I did love it too.
But like Angel I totally hated having those candles burning my cunt & asshole &
then when you guys flogged me as hard as you did at 1st I did not enjoy that
either except when you flogged my cunt. I really did NOT expect to enjoy that,
but I actually did start getting turned on as my clit got more tender. Then
when you all started fucking me I started climaxing almost immediately for the
1st hour or so. But by the time you finished I was climaxed out & glad it was
over. However, like Angel I would let you put me through most of this again so
long as the candles are not included & a bit less hard flogging. Also, I'm
ready to go again as soon as you want to."

I then told the girls that they could continue resting until after breakfast &
we got down to the river. Then we would take the plugs out of them & let them
rinse out their cunts & assholes of last nights cum.

After we finished breakfast we took the girls down to the shallow rapids & had
them lay down in them. Then Carl & me took the plugs out of their cunts &
assholes so that the river could clean them out & cool down their burns & cuts
a bit too. I told them to lay there for about 15 minutes or so & then to come
over to the dredge & Carl & me left.

When the girls got over to us Carl asked them how they now felt & they both
said they were much better, but the rapids had gotten them excited again & they
wanted to be fucked. I told them to hang on a minute as I grabbed 2 of the
plugs. I had them bend over & put 1 in each of their assholes & told them they
had to leave them there until we took them out. Then I told the boys to have
fun. Eric & 1 other boy started fucking them almost immediately. Eric in Angel
& the other boy in Becky. As soon as they finished 2 more boys took over for

All we planned for dredging today was to do it this morning & then to pan our
sands & get thing packed up to go home this evening. We continued dredging
until a bit after noon & then filled our buckets with the fines again. All
during this time the girls had been almost constantly fucked by us guys too.
All of us had fucked both of them at least once & about 8 of the boys had
seconds too.

When we got over by the boulder the girls again laid down & 2 of the boys went
back to fucking them as we started panning the sands.

Carl & me had not thought about the guy that had the claims across the river
until he drove up about 1:30 with his 2 adult sons to get a weekend of mining
in. This guy was about 60 & both of his boys were in their 30's. He also did
NOT expect to see 2 naked women being fucked right out in the open when he
arrived. Carl explained to him that they were our wives & had wanted to come
with us so we had made it conditional that they had to stay naked all week &
they had to let ANYONE fuck them as well. 1 of his sons said "does that include
US ??" Carl replied "YES, if you want to." Even dad got in on things after
that. All 3 of them went over to take their turns next in the girls. However
they had not yet gotten a good look at the girls. All they had seen so far was
2 guys with their shorts down on top of 2 gals fucking them. When the boys
finished fucking Angel & Becky & climbed off them then they got a good look at
their recently flogged fronts. Dad said "What the hell happened to them ?"
Angel quickly replied by saying " they had some fun with us yesterday by tying
us up & flogging us. We enjoyed it too." Dad then said "damn, you mean we
missed the fun ?" To which Angel replied "well, you guys could hang us in the
trees again & flog us some more." Becky just kind of gave her a dirty look, but
did not say anything. The old man then looked at me & Carl & asked us "gee, can
we tie them back up again & join in on that fun too ? I said "Why not,OK, lets
do that then."

Then I told 1 of the boys to go get the ropes, but to leave the gags this time.
We all then headed across the river to the trees while he ran to get the ropes.
As soon as he got back we again tied 2 ropes to Angels ankles & then 2 boys
held her upside down as we spread her open between the trees. Then we did the
same thing to Becky. This time however we did not tie their hands to the trees.
I just took 1 piece of rope for each of them & secured their hands to their
sides so that this time they could also swing a bit more as we flogged them.
Now I then took the butt plugs out of their asshole so that they could also
feel the floggings. Then I told the 3 new guys that they could start things off
& handed each of them a piece of the soft ropes, but I also told them NOT to
flog them too hard, just hard enough for it to sting & make the girls red. Also
since we still had a couple more pieces of rope 2 of the boys joined in at
first. All 5 of these guys were hitting the girls between their wide open legs
on their cunts, & also around & across their bodies. I told them they all could
have 15 swats at the girls before they had to let someone else take over. NOW
the girls had 17 guys to give them 15 swats each (255 swats each). It took all
of us about an hour to administer this many swats to the girls & by then they
both were again a bright red all around their bodies & across their cunts &
assholes. Also both of their clits were sticking out a bit & they were red too.
Now I said we each were going to get to flog them 2 times between the legs
directly on their OPEN cunts & fairly hard too. I then went & got 4 small
branches & helped 2 of the guys open the girls cunt lips with them & told them
to keep them open so that we could flog the girs directly on their cunts &
clits. Angel started to protest a bit but I told her that their only chioce in
this was whether or not we gagged them for it. If they did NOT want gags to
just grit their teeth & take it, but if either 1 of them screamed to loud we
would gag them. Then 1 of the boys swatted Angel directly on her exposed cunt
the 1st time. She did squeal from it but not to loud. Then another boy swatted
Beckys exposed cunt too 1 time. She squealed a bit louder than Angel, but she
also held her scream. Then when these 2 boys finished their last swats on each
of the girls the rest of them took our turns at their exposed cunts as well
except for me & Carl. We had traded places with the 2 boys holding their cunt
lips open with the branches & we took our turns last. All the girls had left
now were 4 swats, & their cunts by then were bright red & nicely welted too. I
looked at the girls & told them that NOW they both were going to get 4 HARD
swats across their exposed cunts & if either 1 of them screamed out then they
would have to take 1 more as hard from ALL of us with their gags in their
mouths. I took Becky 1st & Carl took Angel. We both hit them about 3 times as
hard as anyone else had the 1st swat & both girls muffled their screams. The
2nd swat made them squeal a bit louder, but again neither of them screamed out.
Then Carl & me took our own wives & I told them these 2 swats were going to be
even harder. I actually hit Angels cunt so hard that she jumped up in the rope
as I hit her cunt, but she still did not scream out loudly from it. Then Carl
did the same to Becky. She jerked up as well from it but only squealed out a
bit louder than Angel. Our second swat across their cunts caused both of them
to jerk again, but they both took it well & did not scream loudly. Their cunts
& assholes however did not fare as well. Both girls now had small cuts across
them. Also both of them were crying softly from the pain too. I then asked them
if they were finally ready for us to fuck them & they both nodded yes.

Now we lowered them back down like yesterday by their legs & untied their arms
from their sides & tied a piece of rope to their wrists so that we could again
suspend them for fucking. Once they were in position I told the 3 new guys that
they could fuck them both in any hole they wished too, but today after they had
fucked 1 of the girls they had to let the other 1 suck & lick their cocks clean
since they did not have gags in their mouths. Now both the girls had 17 guys to
fuck. The dad fucked Angels asshole 1st for a bit & then switched to her cunt
to finish. 1 of his sons took Becky the 1st time & did the opposite of his dad
by fucking her cunt at 1st & finished in her asshole. This gave all the rest of
us the idea to do the same as them & fuck the girls in both holes as we chose.

Angel & Becky both were also climaxing like crazy once we started fucking them
no matter which hole we fucked because their clits were so raw & tender.

I must admit too that it was cute seeing the girls swinging back & forth with a
cock in both ends after dad & the 1st son went around to let the other girl
suck their cocks clean.

It took us over 5 hours with the girls swinging between the trees with a cock
in both ends the whole time for all 17 of us to fuck both of them 1 time each.
During this time whoever was not fucking them or waiting to be next was over
helping to get our panning done as well. Whenever 2 guys got back from having
their cocks sucked clean 2 more of us went over to wait our turns in the girls.
So we wound up getting our work done as well as getting our pleasure in too.

By now it was about 7:30 & we still had to get what we were taking back with us
packed into the pickups. However Dad & his 2 sons were hoping to get 2nds at 1
of the girls at least & so were another 7 of the boys so we told them to go
ahead & have fun while the rest came with Carl & me to get things packed. I
also told the other boys that when they were done to get their stuff & throw it
into the pickups too.

End of part 1 of Day 7

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