Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 6 of 7

Friday morning we got up a bit after 7:00 & went out to wake the girls & the
boys. However it turned out we did not have to wake them ALL up. Angel was
awake with 2 boys double fucking her cunt together. She said they had woke her
up about 10 minutes earlier when 1 of the boys just uncovered her & started
fucking her. When the 2nd boy wanted to join in the 1st boy just rolled her
over & the other boy shoved his cock in her as well. That was about 5 minutes
ago & they were hotly fucking the hell out of her. Carl then woke up the rest
of the boys & Becky too. Some of the boys wanted to fuck Becky as well so Carl
told them that 2 of them could fuck her like Angel was being fucked. However,
when they finished the girls then had to eat each other out to get this
mornings cum as well as last nights cum & sausages out of them BEFORE they
could cook us breakfast. 2 boys quickly mounted Becky & started double fucking
her pussy too. They took about 5 minutes longer fucking Becky then the 2 boys
in Angel did so I told the boy under Angel to stay put until they were done
with Becky so as to hold the cum in Angel for Becky to eat out. When the boys
were done in Becky I told the boy on top of her to stay in & to move her over
on top of Angel. I had Angel get off the boy in her cunt & lay down for Becky
to get on top of. As soon as Becky was in place Angel started licking on her &
the boy still in her cunt as he pulled out of Becky. Angel then sucked him
clean 1st & then started eagerly eating out Beckys cunt. Becky already had her
face between Angels legs & was also doing the same to her cunt. As it turned
out, this fresh cum in the girls had helped to loosen the old cum in their
cunts & some of the 1 1/2 sausages in them too, but NOT enough. Carl & me did
have to take the wooden spoons & help dig them out of the girls for the girls
to eat. These sausages were nothing more than mush in the girls after ALL the
fucking they had the night before & this morning too. Also, the girls had a
hard cum crust over their assholes too.

After they had finished eating each other cunts as clean as possible I had
Becky get on her hands & knees & told Angel to get behind her & tongue her
asshole to loosen up the crust on it & then to tongue as much cum out of Beckys
asshole as she could while Becky tried to push it out for her too. Angel did
wind up getting some nice lightly brown juice out of Becky & she did swallow it
as well. Now it was Beckys turn to do Angels asshole the same way. Angel
managed to get out a bit more brownish cum than Becky had & it was a bit lumpy
too. Becky started to hesitate eating it until Carl told her to or else EVERY 1
there would give her ass 10 HARD smacks while she had her mouth over Angels
asshole. Then Becky went ahead & ate the shitty cum out of Angel. When she was
done with this I told Becky to lay down on the deck with her head just over the
edge so that Angel could give her some piss to wash down her throat. Angel got
over Becky & pissed on her face as Becky kept her mouth open to drink as much
of Angels pee down as she could catch in her mouth. She did however wind up
getting her head covered in pee too.

As soon as this was done Becky wanted to go wash her head. Carl told her "NO,
go fix breakfast 1st." So Becky had to let Angels pee dry on her face as she &
Angel fixed breakfast. Since today was to be our last day there we again wanted
the girls to fix bacon & eggs for us for breakfast, with 1 difference today.
They also had to cook enough bacon for BLT sandwiches for lunch. We had 10
pounds of bacon for them to cook today. Both girls were squealing constantly as
the hot bacon fat splattered on them during the about 30 minutes it took them
to cook all this bacon. Then they had to also cook our eggs in the same bacon
grease. This took about another 15 minutes of them again being splattered with
hot bacon grease. When they finally finished cooking we got a good look at
them. Since Angel was about 8 inches shorter than Becky her tits took most of
her abuse. Both her tits were completely covered in little red burn spots &
they gradually lessened as they went down to her shaved pussy. Becky on the
other hand had about an even dispersal of burn spots on her, but she did have a
bit more on her shaved pussy than Angel. However, Carl was not yet done with
them & the bacon grease. He turned the fire back on under the frying pan & got
the grease splattering again. Then he had the girls stand with their legs wide
apart as he held the pan between their legs for the grease to splatter directly
on their exposed pussies & assholes. He even had 1 of the boys come over & take
the wooden spoons handles to open the girls pussy lips open 1 at a time as he
held the splattering pan again under them to get their exposed cunts with hot
grease splatter too. Both girls did scream loudly as this hot grease hit their
open cunts too. Carl did this 2 times to their open cunts to give them a good
dose of hot grease too. However I stopped him when he wanted to lay them down
to pour some directly IN their open cunts. I said "Hey, we do want to be able
to fuck them more today too." I did however have the girls lay down so that we
could see their open cunts. Both of them were totally red with burn marks on
their lips & just inside them on their inner lips. When they got up to walk
they did have a lot of discomfort too from this.

After breakfast we headed back to the river & the dredging. As soon as the
girls got into the water they both spread their legs open for the water to run
between their pussies & ease the burning there. Shortly after we got the dredge
going 2 of the boys went over to the girls to fuck them the 1st time in the
river today. Both Angel & Becky squealed as they shoved their cocks into their
tender cunts for the 1st time, but they soon got used to the feeling of their
tender cunts being fucked again even though it did hurt them some. Each time
another guy fucked them for about the 1st 2 hours this happened too, but I
guess the cum & water mixture helped ease things because then they did not
flinch with more fucking. By the time we stopped for lunch each 1 of us guys
had fucked 1 of them & 4 guys had gone for 2nds. Both girls had only been
fucked 9 times this morning not counting BEFORE breakfast.

Before we went up to camp for lunch I had the girls lay on the boulder for a
few minutes so that we could see what their cunts looked like then. Both of
them still had very red cunts & they even had a few burn blisters on their cunt
lips & on their clits too. However they only had red spots everywhere else & NO
blisters. Neither 1 of them liked it though when I told 2 of the boys to rinse
their hands in the river & then pop their blisters for them. We actually had to
hold their legs open to do this because they were squirming around so much.
Each time a new blister got popped they squealed out from it too. However when
we finally let them loose & had them squat in the river to cool off their cunts
they felt much better. We did let them rest awhile from fucking too as we had
lunch which they also liked.

After lunch though they again got another surprise which they were not too
happy about. I grabbed a bit of our soft ropes & led them across the river to
the trees. I then had 2 boys pick up Angel & hold her while I tied 2 ropes to
her ankles 1st & threw the other ends over 2 branches. I then had some boys
pull her upside down between the trees with her legs WIDE open about 2 feet off
the ground. Then I tied 2 more ropes to her wrists & secured them between the
trees too. Now it was Beckys turn to get the same treatment. Once both girls
were hanging there spread eagled between the trees I grabbed 4 more pieces of
rope & told the guys to give both girls 3 swats between their legs 1st, but not
too hard, just hard enough to make them squeal a bit. However, before we
started this I took 2 ball gags I had & put 1 in each girls mouth to muffle
their screams. After the girls each got their 42 swats on their cunts I told
the guys they could give them both another 5 swats across their bodies on their
tits & asses, but a bit harder this time. I did want them to get some light
marks & welts on them from this, but no cuts. After 70 floggings with the ropes
both Angel & Becky were totally covered in red marks & they both had quite a
few welts across their tits, bellies, & asses.

Now I had the boys help me lower the girls legs down to where the were parallel
to the ground & about 3 feet off of it so that we could fuck them easily. Carl
& me had already decided that this afternoon was going to be spent fucking the
girls & torturing them lightly as much as possible instead of dredging. From
about 2:30 until nearly 8:00 the girls were being continously fucked in 1 of
their holes while hanging there & we also were flogging their asses, tits &
bellies while we fucked them too, but NOT real hard. However by 8:00 they both
were totally red in front & their butts were flaming also from the hundreds of
light rope floggings they got. However neither 1 of them had 1 cut anywhere.
Also their cunts & assholes were runnig freely of cum & there was a big cum
puddle under both of them. Each 1 of is guys had fucked them 3 or 4 times over
that 5 1/2 hours & most of the boys even more than that. From the looks of
their cunts & assholes they had been fucked in them at least 30 to 40 times
each. Both Angel & Becky were gaping in both holes.

We finally lowered both girls down into the cum covered pine needles below them
& untied them. However I still left their gags in place. We let them lay there
for about 10 minutes & then helped them to their feet. Angel & Becky were still
both a bit wobbly though from hanging for over 6 hours so we had to help them
walk to the river to cross it & also to rinse off. Both of them had their asses
& backs covered in cum soaked pine needles.

After we helped them rinse off & got on the other side I had them put their
hands behind them & then Carl & me tied their wrists behind their backs.

Carl & me had already told the boys that we were going to spent the night here
& go home Saturday afternoon instead, however we had not told the girls this.
We also had told the boys that we were going to have some more fun making today
a day the girls would remember for awhile.

As soon as we got back to camp we had the Angel & Becky bend face down over a
table. Then we had them spread their legs & we tied their ankles to the table
legs. Next we untied their hands & then tied them to the legs on the other side
of the tables.

Next came the 1st bit of their further torture tonight. Carl & me each took 2
10 inch candles & put them in the girls assholes until only about 2 inches were
out of them. THEN we lit the candles so that they could melt down & drip the
wax on to their cunts. When the candles finally burned out inside the girls
assholes we pulled them out a couple of inches & relit them. We did this 2 more
times to them. By then Angels & Beckys cunts were completely covered in candle
wax, & all during this time both girls had been squealing through their gags in
pain. Their asshole were not in much better condition either because they had
been used to snuff out the candles each time & were very nicely covered in burn
marks as were their ass cheeks from the candle flames burning them as the girls
wiggled around due to the candles burning in their asses.

Now I got 4 pieces of rope & told the guys to whip the girls cunts to get the
wax off of them. It took 4 or 5 swats from each of us to finally get most of
the dried wax of the girls cunts. However some of it had also ran into their
cunts before it had dried & cooled down. Also our whipping them had caused the
remainder of the 2 candles in their assholes to retract into them as well. I
can tell you the girls did not enjoy at all us having to reach into them to
pull out the last of the wax in their cunts or the candles in their assholes.

Now both Angel & Becky had nicely scorched cunts,assholes & butt cheeks & they
still had more to go yet. Carl told the boys that NOW they could really turn
the girls asses & cunts red with the ropes by giving them a good hard flogging
both across their butts & between their ass cheeks too.

When we started really whipping them both girls were crying in pain & screaming
through their ball gags, but due to them, not too loudly. I told the guys that
we each could take 10 swats on EACH girl this time, meaning that somewhere on
their back side they were going to get 140 hard swats with a soft rope. However
it also meant that NOW they most likely would also get some nice red cuts on
them as well. They did too by the time we finished their back sides. Both Angel
& Becky had 10 to 15 nice little cuts across their back & butts & even a few
across their assholes as well.

Now we untied them from the table legs & helped turn them over & tied them back
down for some more flogging on their front sides this time with the same rules,
10 swats each on each girl. The look on their faces when Carl said this was
almost total terror. After another 140 swats across their tits, bellies &
exposed cunts they both now had about as many nice little cuts on them & they
both were covered in nice red welts as well.

Still we were not totally done with the girls. Now it was time to fuck them
awhile. We wanted Angel & Becky to 1st be fucked hard in their cunts & then
rolled over & fucked hard in their assholes too. It only took us about 40 to 45
minutes for 7 of us to fuck 1 of the girls hard in the cunt, but after we
rolled them over & tied them back down it took over an hour for us to again cum
in the other girls asshole too. All during this time Angel & Becky were again
squealing in pain for getting their recently whipped tender cunts & assholes fucked.

Finally it was time for us to get some sl**p. HOWEVER, it was NOT time for the
girls torture to end. Carl got the 4 plugs we had & put 1 in each girls cunt &
asshole. Then we got their blankets to cover them up, put their pillows under
their heads, took the gags out of their mouths & told them to get a nice rest
while we left them tied belly down over the tables for the night.

End of day 6

100% (6/0)
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