Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 5 of 7

Thursday morning we got up about 6:45 & headed out of the tent to get up the
boys & have the girls fix us breakfast. However, 1 of the boys was already UP.
He said he had been dreaming about Angel & as soon as she walked out of the
tent he bent her over & started fucking her. He was still fucking her as we
woke up the rest of the boys. When the boys saw Angel being fucked they all
started getting horny too. 1 of them dropped his pants & had Angel suck on him
while 2 more boys bent Becky over & had her suck on them. 1 of them then
quickly started fucking Becky too. By the time about 3 of them had fucked each
girl us older guys decided we might as well start the day with a bang too so we
also dropped our pants & kicked them off. Carl & George took them 5th because
they needed to get breakfast started as the last of us guys fucked the girls.
By about 8:00 both girls had each been fucked 7 times & now had their cunts
full of cum. Also they had licked each of us guys clean after we fucked them.

By then breakfast was ready so us guys all put our shorts back on & we all sat
down to eat. However before we let the girls eat we had then both take the
other girls plate of ham & eggs & empty their cum filled cunts over them so
that each Angel & Becky could also eat the cum out of the other girls cunt with
their breakfast.

As soon as we finished eating I told the girls to bend over again while I went
into the tent to get them something. I had brought along 2 8x3 inch butt plugs.
I took a bit of grease & lubed them, then I stuck 1 in Angels asshole as Carl
shoved 1 in Beckys. I then announced to everyone that today they could NOT fuck
the girls assholes until I said otherwise. The girls had to keep those plugs in
their asshole until either Carl or me finally took them out. Then we headed for
the river.

You need to remember that all of us used the river to pee in. We just went
downstream a bit to do it. So as soon as we got there both girls stepped
downstreeam a bit & took a pee before they took their places by the sluice box
as we started dredging. However, they did NOT get right back. 4 of the boys
also needed to pee so they went with the girls. As soon as the girls finished
peeing 1 of the boys bent each of them over & stuck his cock in 1 of them &
took his pee INSIDE the girls cunts. Then the next 2 boys did the same. By then
2 more boys decided to do this as well. By the time this was over ALL of us
guys had taken a pee in 1 of the girls cunts. This pee did run out of them
quite easily though & it also helped wash out any residue of cum from their
cunts like a douche.

We had only been working about 25 to 30 minutes when the 1st 2 guys decided it
was time for some fucking & went over to the girls & fucked them. This started
another round of the young guys fucking them. It wound up that this continued
all morning with the boys going back & forth between dredging & fucking the
girls. By about noon each girl had been fucked at least 17 or 18 more times.

We decided to take a lunch break & headed back towards camp. However before w
got there I stopped the girls & had them bend over to take the plugs out of
their assholes. I took the 1 out of Becky & had Angel open her mouth & put the
plug about 5 inches into her mouth & told her to keep it there. Then I took th
1 out of Angels asshole & put it about 4 inches into Beckys mouth & told her
the same thing. Next I told the girls to go across the river to take a crap if
they needed too. I told them to find a depression to shit in & then to cover it
up with gravel, then they could go into the river to wash themselves off. I
also told them to keep the plugs in their mouths during all this & that I would
put them back into their assholes when they got back to camp. About 10 minutes
later the girls walked into camp with their buttplugs still in their mouths. I
then had Becky bend over & took the plug in Angels mouth out & turned it
around, then I put it back in Angels mouth & told her to shove it into Beckys
asshole that way. It took Angel a bit to get the plug started into Beckys
asshole, but then it was cute seeing Angel shove it into Becky. For the last
inch or so Angel had to use her tongue to get it all the way into Becky. Now it
was Beckys turn to put Angels plug into her asshole the same way. As before it
took her a bit to get it started into Angels asshole, but again it was fun
watching her shove it the rest of ther way in. Not only did Becky use her
tongue shoving it the last inch or so into Angel, but when she was done she
also gave Angels cunt a few licks & then stuck her tongue into Angels cunt &
ate her out for a couple of minutes. This got Angel started. The next thing we
knew was the girls got down on the deck on their sides facing each others cunt
with 1 of the other girls leg over their heads & they were eating out & licking
each other. It took them about 10 minutes of licking & sucking each other for
them to get the other 1 off.

During this time us guys just sat down watching them as we ate our sandwiches
for lumch. When the girls finished they both got up & sat down to eat their
sandwiches as well. However a few of the boys had other ideas for them. They
had gotten horny watching the girls eating each other & had been jacking off as
they watched them. They had the girls open their sandwiches & shot their loads
on them as a condiment. Angel got 3 loads of cum on her sandwich & Becky got 2
loads. Then the girls closed their sandwiches & ate them. Angel commented
afterwards that she never thought a ham & cheese sandwich could taste so good &
Becky agreed with her.

After we finished lunch we headed back to the river for more work. It did not
take 5 minutes before the girls were being fucked again. The girls were both
being fucked a 4th time when we heard someone call to us. Carl & me turned
around to see a guy on the bank watching the fun. We went up to see what he
wanted. It turned out that he was another miner looking for somewhere to put
his small dredge. 4 of his buddies were back by the gate unloading it from his
pickup. Carl explained to him that we held claims for about 3/4 mile up river &
another weekend miner had the claims on the other side of the river as well. If
they wished they could carry their equipment beyond that & try their luck, or
they could go back up the road about a mile & go down a gravel road there to
the river & dredge because that was an open area to anyone. This guy was a bit
unhappy about this but said OK. Then he commented about Angel & Becky being
fucked by the dredge & that they both were naked too. Carl explained that they
were our wives & had wanted to come with us so we had told them they could with
2 conditions, they had to stay naked all week & they had to FUCK ANYONE wishing
to fuck them. He said "man, I'd sure like to fuck 1 of them, but I have 4
buddies up by the road at our vehicles." Carl then said "well, lets take the
girls up there & see if your buddies want to fuck them too." He said "you mean
like that, naked ?" I then said "they have tennis shoes on, they can walk
easily up there." He said "well then why not, lets see what my buddies think of
this." I then yelled to the boys to hurry up & finish fucking the girls or to
just stop because we needed them. I then told them " on second thought, walk
them to the bank & finish fucking them there out of the water." I wanted the
girls to each have a load of cum leaking out of them as we went up to the road.
The boys did as told & walked the girls to the bank fucking them & finished
there in another minute or so. When Angel & Becky got to us Carl told them
there were another 4 guys up by the road & we wished to see if they wanted to
fuck the girls too. Angel & Becky just said "OK" & started walking up the road.
You should have seen the look on this 1 guys face when he saw the butt plugs in
their assholes then. He commented "now THAT is kinky. They each have a plug in
their assholes." I replied " We want to keep them open for ass fucking later,
but don't want them ass fucked yet." He just said "that makes since I guess."

You could have heard a pin drop when we got up by the road & the 4 guys there
saw Angel & Becky walking up to them naked. Their buddy explained the situation
to them about mining then said " These gals are our consolation for not being
able to mine here. We can ALL fuck them if we want to." 1 of them said "you
mean right here & now ?" Angel replied " why not. We are here & you are here
too." Then she walked over to the rear of their pickup & bent over the down
tailgate & asked "Who's 1st ??" Becky than bent over beside her & said " &
2nd??" It took no time at all for 2 of these guys to drop their pants & get
their already hard cocks out. I then said "Hold on guys, are you ALL clean of
diseases ?" They all said they were, so I said "then go right ahead & have fun."

These guys were worried that someone may see them. Angel & Becky really did not
seem to care, but even if they did it did NOT matter. However Carl & me knew
that we would see anyone coming from either direction long before they got
close enough to see anything where we were. We were in the bottom of the river
canyon at the only bridge. Anyone coming down either way could be seen several
turns in the road away coming down hill. However in mid week this was a seldom
drove road anyway. As the last 2 guys were fucking the girls Carl & me decided
to finally take a turn in them as well. This time we each fucked our own wife
too. Also we had told the guys that the girls were required to clean any cock
that had fucked them with their tongues too so these guys had been letting them
do that as well. After Carl & me finished fucking the girls, I stayed in Angels
cunt so that Carl could bring Becky around to eat Angel out when I got out of
her cunt. Then I went around for Angel to lick me off as Becky sucked & licked
the cum out of her cunt. These 5 guys really got a kick out of seeing Becky
clean Angel out of some of their cum & Angel did have the most of it too. She
had 4 loads of cum in her compared to Beckys 3 loads. As soon as Becky had
Angel licked clean Carl moved Becky around beside her again over the tailgate &
Angel got in position under Carls legs for him to pull out of Beckys cunt.
Angel was licking on Carls cock as he pulled out of Becky, then Angel started
licking & sucking Beckys cunt clean of her cum. 2 of the guys watching this
said "Damn, watching them eat our cum out of each other is getting me hard
again." I told them to just go ahead & fuck the girls again if they wanted to.
So as soon as Angel got out from between Beckys legs she again laid over the
tailgate for 1 of these guys to fuck her again as the other guy fucked Becky
again. The other 3 guys got busy & put their equipment back into their pickup
while these guys again fucked the girls. This time when they finished I just
had the girls lick them clean & again leave their cunts with cum in them for
the walk back to the river.

However, before these guys left Angel & Becky stood there & gave each of them a
big hug & kiss goodbye & thanked them for being nice enough to fuck them today.
This time however Becky was the 1 that told them they were welcome to come back
later before they left the area if they wished & join in on fucking ALL their
holes tonight. I then responded "YES, the girls were going to be getting fucked
in both their holes tonight & most likely at the same time too. The 1st guy
then replied "If I have anything to say about it we WILL be back then. Fucking
these girls with those plugs in their assholes was fantastic. I can only
imagine how fantastic fucking them with a 2nd cock in them can be." The other 4
guys all were nodding agreement with him too.

Since all this time no one had driven by I told the girls to stand there & wave
bye to these guys while Carl & me went back to the dredge & for them to come
down in a few minutes, BUT, if they saw another car coming that they had to
wait for it to pass by & smile & wave to them as well. This left the girls
alone naked on the side of the road with fresh cum dripping out of them for
anyone to see if they passed by. Carl & me were back at the dredge for about 5
minutes when the girls finally came back. Angel told us that "Happily" no one
had driven by them, but they had waited as told for awhile before they came

By now it was nearly 4:30 so we did not have much longer to dredge today.
However the girls had not been in the water by the sluice box 5 minutes before
2 boys started fucking them again. This continued constantly, 1 boy after the
other until we finished about 6:00. Both girls had again been fucked another 7
or 8 times by then. In fact, Angel still had a boy fucking her when Carl
announced quitting time. He was still fucking her after we had the box cleaned
out into our buckets, so I just told him to turn her around facing him & to
carry her back to our panning area on his cock. He did this easily & happily

When we got to our panning area he just laid Angel down on the boulder & then
he finished fucking her. Another boy had started fucking Becky again then too.
This continued continously while we panned our sands out. 1 guy after the other
fucking the girls for another hour or so. By this time each girl had already
been fucked 55 to 60 times today & they still had the night to go.

We finally went back to camp about 7:45 to start dinner. Carl & me had decided
tonight was going to be macaroni & cheese & more polish sausages. but 1st I had
the girls bend over when we got there to take their butt plugs out of them
while Carl grabbed a package of sausages. I then took 2 of them & put them in
Angels asshole all the way & then put 2 more fully into her cunt. Carl was
doing the same thing to Becky. Then we told the girls that they had to leave
those in them until AFTER they had cooked our dinner. Then they both could pop
them out of themselves into a frying pan & cook the other girls dinner for her.
Both Becky & Angel did have cunts full of cum too to flavor their sausages with
from their last fucking session. After the girls finished cooking us guys
sausages they did as told & popped the sausages out of themselves along with
some cum into a frying pan & cooked them for the other girl to eat along with
their macaroni & Cheese.

However, they were not aware just how kinky Carl & me were planning to be. Just
as they finished cooking the other girls sausage we told them to bend over.
Then we took a pair of pinchers & got a HOT sausage right out of the frying
pan & stuck then 1 at a time back into the other girls asshole & cunt. You can
imagine just how much the girls squealed as this was happening. 2 HOT sausages
into both their holes. 1st I told Angel to get her sausages out of Beckys cunt
& then out of her asshole & she only could use her mouth to get them out of
Becky too. Then it was Beckys turn to get the sausages out of Angels cunt &
asshole. They could then eat as much of them as they wanted with the rest of
their dinner. However, any left over sausage had to go back into their cunts
until AFTER we had finished fucking them tonight for them to finish eating then
along with all their cum over them. Both girls ate about 2 1/2 of their
sausages so we took the other whole 1 & cut them in half too. Then we put these
3 halves into each girls cunt.

Now we told everybody that tonight was going to be a 3 cock night IN the girls
holes. 1 BIG cock in their assholes while 2 more guys each fucked their cunt
together. Eric was 1 of the big guys, he was about 12 inches by 3 inches. He
got to go in his Aunt Becky. Another boy was about 13 inches by nearly 4 inches
across. He got to go into Angels asshole. We had these 2 lay on an air mattress
& told the girls to suck them hard & then to get on them in a reverse cowgirl
position. Then we had them lay back for us guys to fuck their pussies. By now
we all were naked too for ease of fucking the girls. 2 boys got in position on
each girl & started fucking their cunts together. I also wanted all of us to
fuck both girls like this tonight so that meant both girls had to be double
cunt fucked 10 times tonight. However, I had forgot the other 5 guys the girls
had invited back. About half way through the 1st 4 guys fucking the girls a 1st
time they walked up & saw what we were doing tonight. I just told them to get
undressed & get in line & that they all got to fuck each girl like this
tonight. It took us a little over 5 hours of constant double fucking the girls
to finish with all 17 of us guys fucking each 1 of them 1 time. In fact 1 of
the boys got to go twice because of the odd man. On top of that 6 of the boys
took thirds. That meant that each girl had been fucked 12 times in all by 3
cocks together. Also all during this time the girls were doing as they always
did & were licking & sucking the guys that had just fucked the other girl. This
meant that most of this time each Angel & Becky had 5 cocks at a time to work
on them. 2 back & forth in their mouths, 2 in their cunts & 1 in their
assholes. Both Angel & Becky were totally fucked out by the time we were done
with them this time. They both were just laying back on the guys in their
assholes & not moving. We literally had to lift each girl off the guys in their
assholes. What really surprised me though during all this was that Eric & the
other boy were still these 2 guys. They were not totally hard when we pulled
the girls off them, but they still had been mostly buried in their asshole all
night & actually said they could have lasted a bit longer if necessary. Eric
said he had cummed in Becky at least 4 times & the k** in Angel said he had
cummed 5 times.

However, the girls were in no condition to eat their sausages out of each other
by now. They were almost passed out from fucking & climaxing so much. I'm not
sure about Becky, but I could tell that Angel had been in total ecstasy from
climaxing over & over after about the 3rd group in her.

The girls were so out of it that we just covered them up where they were & let
them sl**p. Tomorrow they could have sausages & cum for breakfast.

The other 5 miners had left about an hour before we finished & told me they had
really enjoyed this night. They also asked if they could come back tomorrow for
more. I had told them "Yes", but only during the day because we planned on
going home that night, but Eric & George would be staying on.

I calculated that both Angel & Becky had been fucked individually over 70 times
today. Plus their assholes were full of something for about 18 hours as well.
No wonder they were so tuckered out.

end of day 5

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