Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 4 of 7

Wednesday morning we figured we would kind of give the girls a break somewhat &
Carl & George cooked breakfast for all of us. Nothing fancy, just pancakes &
eggs. While they were cooking breakfast I told the girls to get down on their
hands & knees & go around & give the guys a blowjob while we were waiting for
breakfast & while us guys were eating they could finish the job on whoever had
not yet been sucked off. I also told them that if they were still hungry after
drinking our loads of cum each that they then could also have some breakfast.
However, they had to do it standing up bent over the table while some of the
guys were ass fucking them because today was ASS FUCKING DAY. Everyone that
fucked them today HAD to fuck them in their assholes at least to start & IF
they were in the water they could go back & forth between the girls assholes &
cunts & back again, but everyone had to cum ONLY in the girls assholes today.
Also, after they fucked 1 girls asshole they HAD to let the other girl lick &
suck their cocks clean.

While Becky & Angel were crawling around giving us guys a blowjob I got the 2
baseball bats & stuck the handles in some bacon grease we had there & put 1 in
each girls asshole to open them up a bit & lube their assholes at the same
time. They then had to crawl around with these bats hanging out of their
asshole at the same time too. With the knob end in them the bats could NOT come
out easily, but the bats did drag & bounce over the floor as the girls crawled
around & also while they were giving us our blowjobs too. Carl & George were
the last 2 guys to get sucked off.

After the girls finished sucking them off I asked them if they were still
hungry. Both Becky & Angel said they were a bit so I told them to stand up &
bend over to eat & let 2 of the boys take the bats out of their assholes &
replace them with their cocks. (You need to remember that Angel had also just
spent the last night with Erics cock in her asshole as she slept & just before
we got out of bed he shot her 1st load of cum in her asshole for the day, so
her asshole was already primed for more fucking too). After these 1st 2 boys
finished fucking the girls assholes 2 more boys took their places & the girls
licked off the cock that had just came out of the other girls asshole. The cock
out of Becky did have a little bit of brown on it too for Angel to lick off &
she did as required & licked him clean. After the girls finished this task they
went back to eating their breakfast as the next 2 guys assfucked them. The
girls finished eating before the boys finished fucking so they just waited for
them to finish fucking them & then they sucked them clean as well. Again Angel
got a bit of brown to lick off too.

When they were done with this I told them that if they wished they could go to
the latrine before anything more was done to them, but NOT to wipe their asses
off. As the guys went down to the dredge Carl & me waited for the girls to
return. When they got back a few minutes later we took their baseball bats &
again stuck them in the girls assholes handle 1st & told them they had to walk
down to the river like that. The guys sure knew we were coming too because
these aluminum bats kept clinging as they bounced off the rock while the girls
walked down to the dredge.

Then Angel & Becky took their places beside the sluice box to do their job
there too. They both still had their bats in place too & the current of the
river had them waving around nicely in the girls. About 10 minutes later 2 of
the boys that had not yet assfucked them came over & took the bats out of their
assholes & again replaced them with their cocks & fucked them again. When they
finished fucking them they put the baseball bats back into the girls before
they went around to let the other girl lick them clean.1 of the boys said "we
figured why not just keep them full in between fuckings too." I thought that
sounded good & said "Yea, why not. Lets just keep doing that for awhile then.
It might also help keep some of the cum in them too." We kept this up with the
girls for about the next 4 hours. During this time each 1 of us guys had taken
a turn in 1 of the girls & 4 of the boys had each taken a 2nd turn in them.
That meant that when we stopped this fun both girls had already been ass fucked
13 times so far & had spent about 5 hours total with either a bat or a cock in
their assholes.

We needed to move the dredge & also decided to give the girls a bit of a break.
Eric & me helped them walk over to their boulder to lie down on & get some sun,
however we told them they had to keep their bats in place until at least th
next 2 guys fucked them again AFTER Eric & me ass fucked them there. I then
pulled the bat out of Angel to fuck her ass while Eric did the same to his aunt
Becky. After we finished fucking them again we put the bats back into them &
Angel licked off Eric while Becky licked me clean. It finally occurred to me
then that even though neither girl had wiped their ass off after doing their
thing at the latrine that neither 1 of them had to lick off a shitty cock. Th
river & the bats had rinsed them clean before the 1st 2 boys had fucked them.
By now it was about 12:30

We then left the girls laying there with the bats in them & went back to the
dredge. I told the guys then that they could take the bats out of the girls if
they wanted to & let them go bat free the rest of the afternoon. Again for the
next few hours 2 boys would take off for their turns in the girls & when they
got back another 2 would leave for their turns. Again 6 boys had been able to
go back for 2nds. Carl & me were the only 2 guys that had not gone over for
another turn in them this time. We had been too busy mining to take the time.

A bit after 5:00 we decided to quit for today & had the boys help us clean out
the sluice box into some buckets again. We also still had the buckets from
yesterday to pan out as well so we headed to the boulder to do that. It was
maybe 5:45 when we finally got back to the girls. To my surprise the bats were
still in their assholes. I asked why & the guys responded that they liked
seeing them there so why not.. I also found out from the girls that not only
had the guys here fucked them another 9 times, but the hobby miners had also
came by with 1 more guy & that 2 of the boys had also told them the rules for
today so they also had fucked their assholes, put the bats back in & had the
other girl lick them clean too. So including me & Eric earlier the girls had
again been assfucked another 12 times this afternoon.

I told the girls they could finally rest awhile from fucking because we had a
LOT of panning to do & needed everyone busy to get it done so they could just
lay there with the bats in them & relax a bit. I also told them they could roll
over if they wished because even though we had been spraying them with lotion
all afternoon too they still were getting a bit red from the sun. They both did
too, but also now they had to lie down with the bats tightly in their assholes
from the rock under them.

It wound up taking us over an hour to finally pan all of our sands, but we had
done good there as well. Carl figured we had at least 5 ounces of fines & small
nuggets. Plus we had gotten about 3 ounces of bigger nuggets also from

We were just about ready to head back to camp when the now 4 hobby miners
showed up & asked if they could have the girls 1 last time. They were not
planning on coming back tomorrow. I said "Yea, I see no reason why not, but
just fuck their assholes with them laying on their backs & leave the bats out
when you are done. That way the girls can lick each other clean after you guys
finish fucking them."

The 1st 2 guys quickly dropped their pants & had the girls suck them hard then
they removed the bats from their assholes & shoved their cocks in as the other
2 guys let the girls suck them hard too. When the 1st 2 guys finished fucking
them these 4 guys traded places in the girls. As the last 2 guys were just
about finished I asked them to stay in the girls for a minute. I then had the
guy in Angels asshole raise up as me & 2 other boys lifted Angel up. Then we
turned her over with him still in her & helped him walk around with her so that
she was over Beckys cunt. Then we helped him get her back down on top of Becky
& had the girls get ready for the guys to take their cocks out of them for them
to lick clean. Then the girls got to lick & suck each other clean too. This was
much easier for Becky to do with Angel on top of her because the cum was jus
running out of Angels asshole & there was a LOT of it too. I had 2 of the boys
lift Beckys legs up so that her asshole was easier for Angel to lick & suck on.
This did make it a lot easier for her, but she did lose some cum on the rock
before this took place. However she still got a LOT out of Becky too, just n
as much as Becky was able to drink.

By now it was almost 8:00 so we headed to camp for dinner. The girls were
finally relieved from not having their assholes full as well.

Tonights dinner was going to be Polish sausages & canned new whole potatoes. We
had 3 big packages of sausages & 10 cans of new potatoes for the girls to cook
tonight. After the girls finished cooking I told them to just sit & relax a bit
while us guys ate dinner. I had special plans for their dinner.

After us guys finished eating I had Angel get on the table 1st on her hands &
knees with her ass out. Then I told Becky to put 4 HOT new potatoes in Angels
asshole & then to fuck her asshole awhile with 2 Polish sausages to mash them
up in Angel. After about 10 minutes of Becky shoving these 2 Polish sausages
back & forth in Angel I told Becky to stop with both of them barely stickin
out of Angels asshole. NOW Becky could eat her dinner. She had to eat those 2
Polish sausages 1st out of Angel & then she had to eat the potatoes out of her
as Angel shoved them out for her. This did take a bit of wodden spooning to get
done too, but Becky did finally get Angel eaten out. She also did the spooning
herself this time too. Now it was time for them to trade places so that Angel
could have her dinner. We had been keeping the food hot too. Angel then put 4
hot potatoes in Beckys asshole & fucked her about another 10 minutes with the
sausages before she began to eat her dinner as well. This also took a bit of
wooden spooning to accomplish, but Angel too ate Becky clean.

Now it was time for us guys to ass fuck the girls again. However I also had
other plans for this too. I told both girls to lay face down over the table.
Then I got 2 more Polish sausages & put 1 in each girls asshole. Next I took 4
more & put 2 of them in each girls cunt. ALL of these sausages were fully in
them too, nothing was showing of them. Now I told the guys to fuck 1st the
girls assholes awhile, but NOT to cum in them just yet. They also could trade
off between their asshole & cunt a bit if they wished to. After All 14 of us
had fucked either Angel or Becky we then were going to finish the job by
fucking the other girl until we came IN their assholes.

It was kind of fun watching the girls squirm around as the guys fucked both
their holes with those sausages in them too. I must admit it did feel tight to
fuck either of their holes with a polish sausage or 2 keeping my dick company
in there too. I had fucked Becky 1st so that I could finish in Angels asshole.

The 1st session of this lasted almost 2 hours before both girls had been fucked
by 7 guys. All of us had been taking it kind of slow as we enjoyed the feeling
of being in their assholes & cunts with those sausages.

The 2nd session did not take quite as long though. It only lasted a little over
an hour because we all pounded the hell out of them this time. I was the 5th
guy to fuck Angel this time & man did it feel different in either of her holes.
Not only did she have 4 loads of cum in her asshole, but the sausages were
getting smashed up & squishy in her as well. She & Becky still had 2 more
fuckings to finish yet too. Carl & George were the last 2 guys. Carl in Becky &
George in Angel. Both of them commented that the girls holes really felt mushy.
However, before they finished Eric & 3 more boys wanted 2nds in the girls, so
we let them go but with 1 change. they had to just fuck their assholes only. By
the way, Eric had about a 12 inch cock & 1 of the other boys was even bigger
than him a bit. That boy & Eric both wound up fucking Angel too. She really got
a deep pounding from them. They both were burying their cocks in her asshole as
far as they could & were bouncing her up & down on the table from their fucking
her asshole.

As the 2nd boy finished in Angel I had him wait IN her for the last boy to cu
in Becky. Then I had him walk Angel over beside the boy in Becky so that Angel
could lick him off as he slowly pulled his cock out of Beckys asshole. Angel
then licked all of his cock she could get to as he pulled out of Becky then got
in position to eat Beckys asshole out 1st as Becky shoved as much cum & polish
sausage out of her as possible, but without any spooning. Now it was Beckys
turn to lick off the boy in Angels asshole while he slowly pulled his 13 inche
out of Angel. This did take a couple of minutes to do too. Then Becky ate out
Angels asshole of the cum & sausage in it while Angel pushed it out into her

Now it was time for the girls to eat the sausage out of each others cunts. This
time Becky got on top of Angel & they proceeded to 69 each others cunts clean
of the smashed sausages in there too. This however did take a bit of spooning
to get done so I let 2 of the boys have the fun of spooning the girls out for
the other to eat. When they were finally done I told the girls they could go to
the latrine to do their thing & get the last of the sausage out of their
assholes. I had 2 boys go with them to hold a couple of lanterns for light & to
keep away any critters if any came by, however none did.

Angel & Becky had again been fucked another 16 times this night, making for a
daily total of 45 fuckings & about 17 hours total of something other than cock,
& or cock in their assholes.

When the girls got back from the latrine we went to bed. However this night we
let Angel sl**p with nothing in her between me & George.

100% (4/0)
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