Angel & Beckys fun placer mining - day 3 of 7

Tuesday morning we told Angel & Becky to cook us some bacon & eggs for
breakfast. We had 5 pounds of bacon & 3 dozen eggs for them to cook. Since the
girls were naked they were also going to get splattered with lots of HOT bacon
grease as they cooked this breakfast. Both girls were squealing almost
constantly as hot grease splattered their cunts & tits while they cooked too.
Actually this cooking platform was a bit low, so MOST of the hot splatters hit
their cunt area too. By the time the girls finished cooking they both had a
couple of hundred little red burn marks on them, but really nothing serious.

After breakfast we headed for the river, but today I had some other plans for
the girls. On the way I stopped at my pickup & grabbed some lengths of soft
rope & some stakes I had brought along. There was an area of shallow rapids
nearby. I had the girls go lay down in the rapids so that the rapids ran over
their cunts. Then Carl & me hammered 4 stakes down & tied a length of rope to
each of them. Next we spread each girlS legs wide open & tied their ankles to
keep them open & accessible to the water & our cocks as well. Just to be safe
though we had both girls put their hands under their heads & then tied their
wrists together to keep them secure that way too. 1 reason for these rapids was
to cool of the girls burns & the other was to keep them in almost a constant
ecstasy at the same time. I then told the guys that they could also fuck the
girls cunts as much as they wished while they were tied there as we did our
mining for the morning. 2 of the boys started fucking Angel & Becky as the rest
of us went to get the dredging started.

Shortly after we got things started up this morning the 1st 2 boys got back &
2 more took off the fuck the girls while we did our mining. This continued
throughout the morning. About 9:30 the 3 hobby miners came up & asked where the
girls were. 2 of the boys were just getting ready to go take their turns so the
3 guys went with them to enjoy the girls some too. The 2 boys came back & told
us the other guys thought this was KINKY but nice at the same time the way the
girls were tied down for fucking.

About 12:30 Carl, me & 2 of the boys went to get a turn at the girls. The 2
boys were going back for 2nds though as had 6 others. This meant that the girls
had already been fucked at least 11 times each & 1 of them 1 more time this
morning. I did get a surprise though when I saw the girls. It seems the guys
had ALL shot some if not all of their loads on the girls faces after they had
fucked them. Both Angels & Beckys faces were covered in cum & since their hands
were tied it was still there too. Due to this, after Carl & me each fucked our
wives we too cummed on the other girls face & a bit in their mouths as they
licked off our cocks. While the girls licked us off the other 2 boys fucked
them again too & also covered their faces with cum when they climaxed. As we
were untying the girls ankles from their restraints I told them NOT to clean
off their faces when we untied their hands. I wanted them to wear their cum
facials for awhile longer.

Next we moved the girls from the rapids. Their was an area just across from
here that had some trees growing a bit apart making actually another nice
camping area. We took the girls there to tie them to the trees for the rest o
the day. 1st I had the 2 boys hold Angel up in a prone position while I tied
each of her hands to 2 trees & then opened her legs wide & tied them to 2 more
trees leaving her spread eagled there in a prone position to be fucked easily.
Then they helped me do the same thing with Becky. While we had been doing this
Carl had went to the truck & brought back 2 aluminum baseball bats. 1st we
stuck 1 in each girls cunt to lube them up a bit & then we pulled them out &
shoved them in Angels & Beckys assholes about 6 or 7 inches (big end in). The
girls were hung just low enough for the bats to be resting on the ground like
this too, so they had to stay in place. Then we told the girls they had to stay
like this the rest of the afternoon while everyone fucked their cunts & played
with their bats if they wished to. With that I took the bat in Angel & moved it
in & out of her about 3 or 4 inches a few times, then I fucked her again while
Carl was doing the same to Becky. As we left the other 2 boys were again having
fun with the girls. When we got back to the dredge I told the guys where the
girls were & HOW they were. I also told them to NOT totally remove the bats
from their assholes, just go in & out with them if they wished. As soon as the
other 2 boys got back George & Eric took a break for the girls. Again this went
on for the rest of the afternoon, 2 guys back & 2 going to the girls. 8 of the
boys even took 2nds.

About 5:00 we finished for the day & cleaned our sands into the buckets a
last time. We also had gotten about 3 to 4 ounces of nuggets today.

Then we all went to see how the girls were hanging. As we got there we saw the
3 hobby miners fucking the girls again too. They had been told by the last 2
boys though about the bats. As of them were fucking Angel & Becky the other
guy was also playing with the bats in their assholes & fucking them with the
bats at the same time. This really had the girls going too. You could see both
of them climaxing a few times from all this. As the 2 guys fucking them
finished in their cunts they moved to the other girls head & cummed on her then
let her lick off their cocks. While they were doing this the 3rd guy started
fucking Becky so Eric went over & started fucking Angel again & 2 of the boys
went over & played with the bats in their assholes too. It seemed too that
everyone had continued giving the girls a cum facial as well. Both of them were
totally covered in cum & it was dripping off their hair as well. By the time
Carl & me had also fucked them the girls had been fucked about 30 or so times
each today so far & they were far from done being fucked today too.

However before we untied them I wanted to have some other type fun with them.
We still had 4 pieces of this soft rope about 8 ft long. Carl & me each took a
piece & started flogging the girls pussys with them. Not too hard, but hard
enough for them to jerk around a bit from it. Then I said for 2 more guys to
take a rope & do the same thing to their tits. We took about 45 minutes with
each guy getting a turn whipping 1 of the girls at least before we finished
whipping them. Both girls cunts & tits were bright red from whipping & had a
few small welts on them. but nothing more than that. Finally we had some of the
boys help us untie the girls from the trees, but they did still have their bats
in their assholes.

I told them they could go rinse off if they wished, but they had to leave
their bats in their assholes. It was kind of cute seeing Angel & Becky bent
over in the water washing off their faces with those bats sticking out of them

It was now time to go fix dinner. We had decided to wash our sands the next
morning. Angel & Becky had to walk back to camp with their bats swinging &
bouncing off the rocks too. This did cause them a bit of discomfort, but they
both did it & handled it as well as possible.

While Carl & Eric prepared dinner tonight I told the girls to just sit back &
relax a while, BUT they had to use their bats as a tripod to sit on. This
caused each bat to go about another 2 or 3 inches deep into their assholes. The
girls sat like that for about 30 minutes as dinner was cooking, then we had
them come over to the table & sit back down as they ate their dinner.

By the time we finished dinner it was about 8:30 & we had started the
generator for light. The girls had also spent the last 8 or so hours with a bat
stuck in their assholes, so they were VERY open. I told the guys that tonight
we were going to again DP the girls, but in a bit different way. Since their
assholes were still wide open we were going to DP their assholes tonight. 1st I
had 2 of the bigger guys let the girls suck them hard bent over sucking on them
with their bats still sticking out. Then these 2 boys laid down on the deck & I
had the girls get in position over them facing their feet. I told Angel & Becky
that as soon as we pulled their bats out of them to immediately get down on the
boy below them & raise their legs as soon as he was in their assholes so that
they would have him ALL the way in. Angel was over a boy about 14X3 1/2 in. &
Becky was over a boy just a bit smaller. Carl & me quickly pulled the bats out
of the girls assholes & they just as quickly impaled themselves on the cock
under them. Then we had 2 boys take each of their legs & hold them spread open
for us to fuck as well. All you could see under Angel & Becky was their cunts &
the boys balls, their cocks were totally buried in them. Eric was the 1st guy
to DP Angels asshole while George took Beckys so that we could show the boys
how it was done.

The 2 boys under them just stayed fairly still as the rest of us DPed the
girls asshole. As each guy finished the other girl had to suck & lick him clean

We were into the 2nd go around in the girls when I got 1 of the boys to get
in front of the top boy in Angels asshole & told him to fuck her pussy at the
same time. NOW Angel had 3 cocks in her at the same time & she was LOVING it
too. She climaxed almost as soon as her 1st guy got in her cunt & again a
couple of minutes later. As the next 2 boys were giving Angel 3 cocks Becky
said "That looks like it might be fun. let me try that too." So Carl decided to
let her & he got in position to fuck her cunt too. It did take her a couple of
minutes to finally get into this, but then she was cumming over & over just
like Angel. All total Angel got 3pd 4 times & Becky 3 times before we finally
finished fucking them. Also they had continued sucking & licking off the guys
that had just fucked the other girl, so there were times that each girl had 5
cocks going at the same time. That was a beautiful sight to see too. Both Angel
& Becky looked great with 5 cocks in them at 1 time, 2 in their assholes, 1 in
their cunts & 2 in their mouths together as well. Angel had done this a few
times before so she was kind of used to it, but this was a 1st for Becky.

This was almost the end for tonight, but Carl & me had decided to again let
each girl lick & suck the other 1 clean too. As the last 2 guys finished
fucking Becky we had Angel bend around with the 3 guys STILL in her (believe it
or not the 1st 2 guys were still under the girls) as the 2 guys on top of Becky
got out of her for Angel to quickly lick off. Then Angel bent the rest of the
way over & licked Beckys cunt & the balls of the guy in her asshole clean
before we slowly raised her up while Angel was licking his cock clean as it was
coming out of Beckys asshole. Then we lifted Becky up enough for Angel to cover
her asshole with her mouth to suck the remaining cum out. When Angel was done
cleaning out Beckys asshole we had Becky get in position to eat Angel. Becky
cleaned off the 2nd guy in Angels asshole as he pulled out of her, then she
licked off the guy in Angels pussy as he slowly pulled out of her. Finally
Becky then licked & sucked out Angels cunt & licked off the balls of the 1 guy
still in Angels asshole (they were cum covered too). Then as a couple of guys
slowly lifted Angel off of the guy under her Becky licked off his cock until
he was totally out of Angel & then we held Angel up for Becky to tongue out &
suck out the cum in her asshole. This actually was NOT hard for either girl to
do either, both of them had at least a 3 in gape in their asshole & the cum was
running fairly freely out of them.

By now it was about 1:00am. Both girls had spent the last 12+ hours with
their assholes totally full of either a bat ot 2 cocks & they looked it too.
Both of their assholes were wide open about 3 inches as we had them bend over
to show them to all of us. On top of this they had been fuck unmercyfully ALL
day. They had each been fucked about 14 times in the morning, another 16 ot 17
times in the afternoon & now another 17 times in either their assholes, or both
holes together. Meaning they had each been fucked at least 45 times just today
alone & they looked it too. They both still had little red dots all over their
front sides & a few welts on their cunts & tits from the roping, wide open
assholes & well fucked cunts too. I then asked them how they had liked todays

Angel said " It was tiring in a way, but it also was fun in a way too. You
know I don't like the water too much & being tied down in it was scary at 1st,
but I did get used to it & the fucking during it made it very pleasureable too.
I lost count of just how much I climaxed today but I know it had to be well
over a hundred times. I was climaxing almost continously from that last session
with the 3 cocks together in me. However the hanging with the bat in me was
uncomfortable & not a lot of fun & the roping I could have done without, but I
did endure it. Overall it was a fun day though & I could do it again if

Becky then said "I kind of Agree with everything Angel just said with
exception to being scared in the water, THAT was fun. What really surprised me
was that I thoroughly LOVED it when I was being DPed in my asshole & then was
in Ecstasy when you guys had 3 cocks in me together. That may have been my 1st
time doing that, but it will NOT be my last time. I climaxed like crazy from
that. It was GREAT. Like Angel I did endure what I did not enjoy & would not
mind a lot going through something like it again."

With that we called it a night & went to bed. This time Eric slept with Angel
& me with her facing me & my cock against her cunt. Eric however totally buried
his 12 inches into her asshole & let her sl**p all night with him in her there.
She was so tired out that she did to.

End of day 3.

100% (5/0)
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