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part 2

Some of us guys, like me , were taking a short breather though & were just
watching the fun while we sat on lounge chairs & had something to drink. It
was fun to just sit back relaxing watching guy after guy take turns fucking
Angel. about every 3rd or 4th guy would actually cum in her after fucking
1 of the other girls. I don't know where they had fucked the other girls
at, their cunts or assholes & from the angle I had of angel I also could not
tell for sure which of her holes they were fucking, but I do know there was
a lot of asshole to pussy fucking going on & I also know that Mary & Laura
were sucking a lot of cock out of another girls holes.

Jeff, Bob, & me decided that we should give the girls a bit of a break after
this session so that they could drink something too, but that was it. They
still had to stay standing with their attachments hanging & whatever in their
holes. However we did let them bend over a chair back if they wanted to. They
all took advantage of this too. The only thing was that when they bent over
the weights hanging from their nipples hung down more too. However it seemed
that Laura & Angel had gotten used to the weights hanging from their cunts
because they walked a bit easier.

We let the girls have about a 15 minute break & then Laura got put in the
stocks, Mary in the rack, & Angel got her turn tied from the trees. This
really gave her tits a break because now her weights were laying on her.
However her cunt lips were still being stretched a bit more & they were about
to get stretched even more. I took a 2nd set of clamps & weights & hooked them
to Angels cunt lips. Now she had 2 sets hanging off of each cunt lip. You
could really see these weights swaying & pulling her cunt lips down further
as guys fucked her this time. In fact, guys had to move them out of the way
when they fucked her asshole. Again this fuck session lasted a little over
another hour. I did have more fun going from Lauras asshole to Angels mouth &
then to Marys asshole before I again gave Angel another mouth full of my cum
to drink. I've always enjoyed going ass to mouth & having 2 different assholes
to fuck for Angel to suck on was fun. Angel did not seem to mind where the cock
in her mouth had been, just that it was cum covered for her to lick off even
if the guy did NOT cum in her mouth, but quite a few of us did & Angel loved

During this session Jeff started the barbecues. He had 3 barbeques going
cooking T bone steaks & 3 rack of ribs. He also had corn on the cob cooking on
3 burners & baked beans cooking on another. He had a 4th barbeque going cooking
baked potatoes as well. After everything was done cooking we finally stopped
the current fuck session & let the girls down again. However, Jeff & I had made
a bet with each other as to which girl, Angel or Laura, would have the longest
stretched pussy lips by the end of the night. We decided to hang MORE weight to
each of the clamps attached to their cunt lips. By now Laura also had 2 sets on
each lip as well. Before we let them down we hooked 1 more weight to each clamp
& told them of our bet. We told them that they had to keep their lips clamped
until just before we finished for the night & then we would measure them to see
who's was biggest.

Again because of the weights hanging from their cunts the girls had to remain
standing while we all ate dinner. The girls did get plenty to eat too. Each
girl got a buttered cob of corn stuck in her asshole. Then as us guys ate down
our ribs or T bones we left a bit of meat on them & placed 1 in their cunts for
them to flavor with cum 7 pussy juice before they ate it. Each girl got to
finish of a couple of T bones & 7 or 8 ribs this way. They were even being nice
to each other this way. Angel was the 1st to start it. After the 2nd rib was
put in Mary, Angel reached over & took it out of her & ate it. Laura saw this
& did the same to the rib in Angels cunt, so Mary took the rib from Lauras cunt
& ate it. Us guys just kept filling their cunts with ribs & they kept eating
from each others cunts. Also, after about 20 minutes of simmering we told the
girls to do the same thing with the corn cobs in their assholes. Angel ate
Lauras, Laura ate Marys, & Mary ate Angels. Next we got really kinky. We put
a whole baked potato in each girls cunt & told them to keep them there for
awhile, but they did NOT have to eat them unless they wanted to later.

As soon as we finished eating we cleared off 1 of the tables & told all 3 girls
to bend face down over it. It was now ass fucking time. All of us guys had to
fuck them in their assholes for about 10 minutes & then pull out for the next
guy & move over to the next girl in line. After he had fucked all 3 girls he
had to wait his turn in line again. If some guy could finally not go any
further he had to pull out & shoot his cum in their pussies on their baked
potatoes. By the 3rd time around each girl had 2 or 3 loads of cum on their
potatoes & 8 guys were out. It took us about 2 1/2 hours of continous ass
fucking before all 28 of us guys finally gave 1 of the girls a cum covered
potato. I don't know which girl got the most cum but all 3 of them had cum
oozing from their cunts. Then we told the girls to take out another girls
potato & eat it if she wished to. What we did NOT expect was that all 3 of
them had cum covered mashed potatoes in their cunts. Jeff went in & got 3
bowls & 3 spoons & gave 1 to each girl & told them to dig out their potatoes.
Angel spooned out Marys cunt while Laura spooned out Angels cunt. Then Mary
spooned out Lauras cunt. All 3 girls then ate their mashed potatoes & skins
too with their cum gravy. I figured Angel might eat hers but seeing all 3 of
them eat theirs did surprise me.

By now it was getting dark out, but Jeff had yard lights that he turned on.
Then he told the girls to go stand with their legs spread wide open & he turned
the cold water on them again to wash their dinner off of them.

Now came a part us guys all enjoyed watching with the exception of the 10 guys
that went home. This also was the messy part. Jeff told the girls to get on
their hands & knees on the patio with their mouths on each other cunt. They had
to lick & suck each other to climax while us guy poured spoon fulls of baked
beans over their butts to lick up as well. They did not have to actually eat
the baked beans but they did have to get each other off with just their
tongues. It took aver 1/2 hour of this for all 3 girls fo finally climax. Angel
had climaxed twice, but it took her a bit to get Laura off finally. All 3 of
them by then were totally covered from face to butt with baked beans. It was
a BIG pot & we covered them pouring it on them. Jeff was nice this time though.
His downstair bathroom had a large shower in it So we had all 3 get in to wash
each other off.

After the girls got out of the shower Jeff & me added 2 more weights to each of
Angels & Lauras cunt lips. By now they were about 4 inches long but they had
MORE stretching to do.

We decided to stay inside to fuck the girls some more. We had them get on their
hands & knees on the floor & put a butt plug in each of their cunts. Because of
the weights we could not easily DP them so this was the next best thing. There
was still 18 of us guys there & for the next 3 or so hours we fucked the girls
assholes & mouths continously until no 1 was left to fuck them. I had dropped
out after about 2 hours though after I finally came in Angels mouth. After the
last guy finished in Lauras asshole we told the girls to circle up & lick each
other clean. It took the girls about 15 minutes to get each others assholes
clean of cum.

By now it was about Midnight. Angel had spent about 11 hours with her cunt lips
weighted & being stretched. Laura had spent about 12 hours that way. Jeff & me
had them stand up & spread their legs open so we could take a look at them.
Both girls lips were hanging about 6 inches down. Before Jeff went to get a
ruler we each took a few minutes to make the girls weights sway back & forth by
hitting them lightly. Both Angel & Laura were so used to having these things on
them that neither 1 of them flinched as they swung back & forth under them.
Then as Jeff was going out to get a ruler he told the girls to make them sway
on their own until he got back so both of them started swaying their butts.
They actually had those things swinging more under them then Jeff & me had.
I don't know what took him so long but it took him about 5 minutes to get back
with a ruler. We then put it inside Angels lips up against her cunt & measured
her lips. They were about 6 1/2 inches long. Then we did the same thing with
Laura. Her lips were a bit over 7 inches long. Jeff had won our bet. We had
Angel get back down on her hands & knees. Then Jeff took the plug out of her
cunt & had her put it in her mouth. Our bet was that the winner got to fuck the
others wife in the asshole with a aluminum baseball bat for at least 20
minutes. Angel & Laura did not know what our bet had been & Jeff did not say a
word as he shoved a baseball bat in Angels asshole & began fucking her with it
about 8 inches deep. Angel did jump a bit at first, but she had been ass fucked
with a baseball bat before so I knew she could take it. Jeff was fucking her
asshole so hard & fast that the weights hanging from her cunt lips were
clanging off the bat. They were swinging back & forth that much. The effects of
this were so much that Angel had a climax so intense that she was actually
laying on the floor for the last 5 minutes or so of this bat ass fucking.
After about 25 minutes Jeff stopped & just left Angel laying there on the
floor with the bat sticking out of her asshole. Angel laid there for about
another 5 minutes before she started to get up. I helped her get up, but I told
her she had to leave the bat in her asshole until everyone else had left & she
also had to at least walk them to the edge of the garage by the driveway like
that for making me lose our bet.

That was a sight to see too. Angel standing buck naked with weights hanging
from her cunt & tits with a bat in her asshole while she stood next to their
garage for anyone to see at about 1:30am. Lucky for her no one but all of us
was out there to see her for the 15+ minutes she stood there like that. Laura &
Mary were also still naked & Laura still had her clamps attached too. They were
standing with Angel giving the other guys goodbye kisses & hugs as they left.

After Angel got back in the house I took the bat out of her asshole, after all,
it had been in there for about 1 hour. Then I finally took the clamps & weights
off her cunt lips & off her nipple rings. By then she had spent almost 13 hours
with her cunt weighted down & over 14 hours with her nipples that way. That was
the ONLY time I ever saw Angel with almost 2 inch nipples without stretchers on
them. Her cunt lips only retracted about 1/2 inch too without the weights on

I then asked Jeff if he had a beach towel I could borrow for a few minutes. He
got me 1 & I had Angel wrap it around herself. I grabbed her skirt & blouse as
we left & Jeff walked out to our car with me. While I unlocked the car for
Angel to get in I gave Jeff back his towel. I had her get in naked & ride home
naked as well.

I don't know if all 27 other guys actually fucked Angel, but I do know that she
was fucked constantly for about 9 of the 13 hours we had been there at Jeff &
Lauras. I also know that she did drink & EAT lots of cum too. On top of all
that, she actually did enjoy everything that was done to her, just some things
not as much as others. By the way, her cunt lips took about 1 1/2 days to get
back to normal.

I found out the next day that Jeff had also placed video cameras around his
house for taping his parties. He was supposed to make me a copy too. However
his employer transferred him to Arizona about a week later & I never got it.

John -Angels hubby

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