Barbeque - Sex Orgy - part 1-another TRUE Story

Angel & me had been invited to a friends home (Jeff & Laura) for a
barbeque/orgy/bdsm party in their back yard. They lived on a court
backing up to the freeway with 1 of those 12 ft. high soundwalls.
The way their home was situated on the back of the court the neighbor
on 1 side had no view unless he actually was IN his back yard & they
were on vacation this weekend. the other neighbors, Bob & Mary, were
at the party so they were not a problem. As it turned out Angel was
the only other lady there. All other guests were men that Jeff & Laura
knew or worked with. There were about 25 of them.

We got there about 11:00am. Bob & Mary were already there & Mary was naked
when we arrived, so was Laura. So Angel quickly followed suit & got naked
as well. Only about 9 other guys were there then & actually we did not know
just how many guys Jeff had invited.

Jeff had his back yard set up with a stocks on 1 side, a wood frame in the
center, & a set of restraints attached to the fence by Bob & Marys home. The
first part of this party was to be only BDSM for the first couple of hours,
NO actual sex.

Angel was the 1st gal to be put into the stocks about 15 minutes after we
got there. Mary was attached to the fence, & Laura was tied up spread wide
open in the frame hanging by her ropes. Jeff also had a wide array of
implements for us guys to use on the girls. He had wips, floggers, cats,
clamps, weights, paddles & a variety of plugs & toys for inserting into
the girls.

I grabbed a medium size (4x7) butt plug, lubed it a bit & shoved it in Angels
asshole. Then I told the guys to have fun punishing her, but not too hard,
only moderate whipping,etc. 1 of the guys got a whip & another got a cat &
started swatting her with them across her back & tits with the whip & across
her ass with the cat. they alternated back & forth on her like this for about
15 minutes & then 2 other guys took over for them. 1 of these guys started
flogging her cunt directly from underneath with the cat while the other guy
took a riding crop to her ass & tits. None of these guys hit her real hard but
Angel was squealing & whimpering from it. She also was starting to get a few
welts & was turning red.

Laura on the other hand really enjoyed pain so Jeff & some guys were having
fun wrapping bull whips around her during this time. she was a nice bright
red & had some nice cuts across & around her body. both of her tits were
bleeding a bit from this & so was her ass.

Mary was more like Angel though. She did not mind light to moderate pain so
guys were only whipping her as they had done with Angel while she was hung to
the fence.

After about a half hour we had the girls switch places. Angel got hung in the
frame, mary in the stocks & Laura on the fence.

Jeff also had some soft ropes for whipping purposes. I told the guys to have
fun whipping Angel with them. She still had the plug in her asshole too. I
started off whiping her along with 2 other guys with ropes. We were hitting
her harder now, but only turning her redder & making her squirm a lot. Also
more guys had shown up by now & were joining in on the fun . By the time we
were done with Angel this time 8 or 9 guys had taken turns whipping her for
awhile & she was a nice bright red all over her torso, cunt, & ass.

During this time Jeff had clamped weights on Lauras tits while she was on the
fence with guys taking riding crops to her cunt & tits. Her cunt was now a
bright red & starting to get a bit swollen too. Just before Jeff let her off
the fence he attached a set of clamps & weights to her cunt lips as well.

Mary had been getting similar treatment as Angel had received in the stocks.
Plus someone had put a plug in her cunt as well. She also was beginning to turn
a nice red all over too.

After another 1/2 hour it was time to move the girls again. Angel was hung on
the wall, Mary hung in the frame, & Laura in the stocls.

The 1st thing I did with Angel this time was to clamp weights to her nipple
rings. Then I told the guys to have fun cropping her wherever they wished. Most
of the guys cropped her cunt, but a few also took them to her tits a bit as
well. Angel again was squealing & whimpering in light pain, especially by the
cropping her pussy was getting. After about 15 minutes of this I got a set of
clamps & attached them to her cunt lips as well, stretching them a bit &
opening her pussy up for cropping directly. This really got her whimpering as
guys cropped her open pussy & turned in a nice shade of bright pink.

You should have seen Laura by now though. She was totally covered in big red
welts & cuts all over her body. The strange thing to me was that she was NOT
crying a lot. She had been enjoying the abuse that the guys had been giving

Mary had also had weights attached to her nipples by now, but she did not have
any hanging from her cunt. She also had turned a nice red from the roping she
had received in the frame.

Now Jeff told the girls they could have a short break for about 15 minutes
while we made some adjustments to the stocks & set up another place to restrain
the girls between 4 trees in his yard. However they all had to leave anything
attached to them or in them in place. That meant Laura & Angel both had to walk
around with weights hanging off their cunt lips & Angel with her butt plug in
her asshole too. Angel was used to going around with a plug in her asshole, but
the weights were new to her. It took her a couple of minutes to get used to
walking kind of bowlegged with those weights swinging from her.

Also during this break Jeff got some alcholol & poured it over Lauras body.
This did make her cry out in pain as the alcholol washed her off. Then he
poured so Hydrogen Peroxide over her. This eased the buring to her skin, but
left her covered in bubbles. Next he took a garden hose & rinsed her off with
cold water. He also had Mary & Angel come over at the same time & rinsed them
in cold water too. The cute thing about this was that he had a nozzle on the
hose set to JET. The girls were getting hit with a hard stream of water. This
really made the weights hanging from them sway around a lot too, Especially the
ones on Angels & Lauras cunts as they stood there with their legs open. This
did cause both of them to yell out in pain as that hard stream of water hit
their open cunts.

What we had done was to lower the stocks down so that the girls would be more
bent over when they were in them. Also we had hung 4 soft ropes from 4 trees in
the yard so that a girl could be spread out between them in a prone position
& wide open for use & abuse too.

Now it was time for the girls to be put back in restraints. Angel was put back
in the stocks bent over so that the weights on her nipples now pulled her
nipples & tits straight down. Also I took a bigger 5x10 butt plug & put it in
her asshole. I took the smaller 4x7 one & put it into her mouth for awhile so
that she could clean it off a bit before we put it in her pussy. Now I told the
guys to just have some more fun whipping her for awhile more. 1 guy got a
paddle & started paddling her ass with it while another guy took a riding crop
to her hanging tits.

I went over to help Jeff & Bob hang Mary from the tree. It took 2 of us to hold
her up while a couple of other guys tied the ropes to her wrists & ankles &
tightened them up so that she was hanging just about dick high with everything
spread wide open & her head hanging back. then Bob got 2 plugs & put 1 in each
her pussy & asshole for awhile. 1st she had to be tortured for about another
1/2 hour before we could even think of fucking the girls. The same thing went
for Laura & Angel too.

Laura was hung back in the frame, but this time she was hung with both her arms
& legs tied to the same restraint so that her legs we up & spread open so that
her cunt could be accessable too. Now the guys started whipping her bare wide
open cunt this way too. Her cunt lips also were being pulled down with the
weights hanging from them.

I now went back over & helped paddle Angel for a bit. After about another 10
minutes of this I got another set of weights & hung then from the clamps on
her nipple rings pulling them down about another inch. We continued to crop
her tits too, making those weights swing wildly from her tits. After about
45 minutes of more torture to Angel I told the guys that they could start
fucking her. However, they had to leave the clamps & weights hanging from
her cunt lips while she was fucked. They could take the plug out of her
asshole if they wanted to ass fuck her, but they had to put it back in
whenever her ass was NOT being actually fucked.

Pretty much the same thing happened to both Laura & Mary about the same time.
Us guys were just going around from girl to girl & fucking them wherever we
wanted to as long as we wanted to. I fucked Laura in her asshole for a bit &
then went over to Mary & let her suck my cock for a bit fresh out of Lauras
asshole. After the guy in her cunt finished I went around & fucked Marys
asshole for awhile. Then I went over & let Angel suck me until I finally cummed
in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of my cum too. Of course this time she
had to because I did not take my cock out of her mouth until after I was done

Then I walked around the stocks & watched a guy fucking her asshole cum in
there. As soon as he pulled out he shoved the plug back in her asshole too.
Another guy quickly walked up to fuck her cunt, but before her started fucking
her I did notice that she was already leaking cum out of it too. This guy
fucked her for about 10 minutes & then walked around in front & let Angel
finish him off in her mouth while another guy took over in her pussy. We
continued like this for about an hour before we decided to move the girls.

This time Angel got hung in the frame with her legs up & her cunt wide open.
The same rule applied about her butt plug though. It was kind of cute seeing
her suspended like this swaying back & forth as guys fucked her & seeing her
cunt lips being stretched a bit more at the same time. The only relief for her
this time was that the weights hung to her nipples were now kind of laying
against her & not pulling her nipples as much.

Laura was now hanging from the trees & Mary was bent over in the stocks. It
seems that Bob had given the same rule regarding the plug in her asshole at
some time. Because I noticed that now guys were putting it back in after they
fucked her asshole. Again we left the girls like this for about an hour with
guys going back & forth between them fucking them wherever they wished. There
was 1 difference though. Whatever girl was in the rack could not suck dick so
she was only fucked almost continously.

End part 1

86% (15/2)
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