Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 2 of 7

We got up about 7:00am on the 2nd day. We went out & had the girls start
breakfast for us as us guys woke up the boys. Angel & Becky cooked pancakes &
eggs for us today. It did look kind of cute seeing them naked with pancake
batter on their tits.

After breakfast we headed down to the river & our dredge to get started
for today. The 1st thing the girls did was to rinse the batter off themselves.
Then they each took their place beside the sluice box & started clearing the
bigger rocks out of it as we dredged for gold. It only took about 10 minutes
before 1 of the boys went up to Becky & bent her over the sluice box & started
fucking her. Soon after that another boy did the same to Angel. That started
their morning fuckings. For about the next 2 + hours as we dredged the girls
were also being fucked while they also cleared rocks from the box. They almost
constantly had a cock in either their cunts or assholes this whole time. I'm
not sure which hole got fucked the most on either 1 of them, but I do know
Angels asshole had cum in it when I started to fuck her asshole myself. After
we finished fucking them this time the girls just kept themselves busy with the
sluice box as the river current cleaned them off.

Around 11:30 we told the girls to go lay on the boulder & get some sun
while we cleaned out the sluice box. We had to pull out the screens & dump the
sands into our buckets for panning later.

I happened to look up at the girls about 20 min. later to see 3 guys with
a backpack dredge walk up & see them laying naked on the boulder. Carl & me
went over to them. They asked us where they could do some hobby mining nearby.
We explained that our claims went up river about 1/2 mile, beyond that they
could do all they wanted. 1 of them popped up & said something to the
effect "Can we do ALL we want here too ?" & pointed at the girls. I said "go
right ahead, they have to let anyone that wishes to fuck them. Pick out which 1
you want to start in & have fun." All 3 guys quickly dropped their pants & went
to the girls. Angel grabbed 2 of their cocks & started sucking them hard as
Becky did the same to the 3rd guy. Then Angel had 1 guy lay on the boulder as
she mounted him & told the other guy to fuck her asshole. This was her 1st DP
of the day. While this was going on the other guy fucked Becky too. This sex
action caught the attention of some of the boys that were not too busy so they
came over to watch & wait their turns. As soon as these 3 guys finished fucking
the girls the boys took over DPing both of them. I told the 3 guys to let the
girls lick their cocks clean before they pulled their pants back up, so the 2
that had fucked Angel had Becky lick them off while Angel licked off the other
guy. As they started to leave they asked if they could stop back for more on
their way back out later. Carl said " I see no reason why not, if you want to.
We'll be around here somewhere, just look us up. Don't worry either, the girls
will still be naked for fun. They have to stay naked no matter what until we
leave here in a few days. " With that they headed up river to go mining.

I looked back over at the girls. Both of them were being DPed & Angel was
also sucking a 3rd boy. I told them to hurry up so we could get back to work.
All 5 boys started vigorously fucking the girls. The 1 in Angels mouth was even
fucking her there too. Within a few minutes they all had finished filling the
girls with some more cum so we headed back to the dredge. While we had been
gone the other guys had moved the equipment a bit. Now the girls had to stand
in the river with the water flowing around Angels waist & Beckys cunt. Just as
they started working 2 other boys came up & started fucking them again. This
kind of action continued until all of us guys had fucked 1 of the girls again.
nice thing about this was that the river flow kept rinsing them off & out too.

About 4 pm the girls asked to take a break & go lay on the boulder to dry
off & catch some sun so we let them go. Within about 1/2 hour the boys started
taking breaks 2 at a time for 15 minutes or so. Even Eric & George took a break
during this. Carl & me stayed dredging until almost 6pm when we finally decided
to quit for the day & see how we had done mining. We took our buckets of sand
back over by the boulder to pan them out. As we got there the last 2 boys were
nearly finished ass fucking the girls. We then noticed that since the girls had
been laying belly down on the boulder that ALL the guys had ass fucked them
this time. Both their assholes were oozing cum. I asked the girls how they had
liked this fucking. Angel replied " It felt kind of weird having this rock
rubbing my clit as the guys fucked my asshole, but I did like it." Becky
said she felt the same way. Since Carl & me were the only 1s that had not yet
fucked them Carl went over & fucked Angel while I fucked Becky.

Then we went over to the river edge & began panning our sands out. We
spent about 1/2 hour showing the boys how to pan gold & were watching them do
it when the 3 hobby miners came back. Angel & Becky were still laying face down
on the boulder with cum oozing out of their assholes. 1 of the guys asked "Can
we get some of that too?" I responded "you can have all you want of the girls,
but the gold here is ours." With that the guys went over & started ass fucking
the girls again. Angel got 2 more loads of cum in her asshole & Becky took the
other 1.

About the same time these guys were finishing in the girls we finished
panning our days sands. We had pulled about 1 1/2 ounces of nice nuggets out
during the day & now found that we had about another 2 ounces of fines & small
nuggets also. These 3 guys saw this & said " Not only did you guys seem to have
lots of fun here today with these sluts, but you did good mining at the same
time." Carl responded "The gold is the main reason we are here. Our wives are
just a nice way to make it more fun at the same time. You guys do any good ?"
1 guy said they had gotten about 1/2 ounce was all. Then he added " but these 2
gals made the trip all the more fun. We planned on coming back tomorrow, can we
also get more of these sluts then too ?" Carl replied "Yes, all you like, but
they are NOT sluts, they are our wives that just happen to enjoy letting guys
have fun enjoying them" With that the guys said "SORRY, we apologise for that.
THANKS" & left for today.

I then went over to the girls & took a look at them. I had them roll over
to see their fronts. Both of their clits were red from the boulder rubbing them
& were quite sensitive too. Both of their nipples were red as well. I had them
roll back over & then told the guys "Lets see if we can really get their clits
red. I want all of us to give them 1 more hard ass fucking. With that I shoved
my cock in Angels asshole & started pounding her into the rock. George did the
same to Becky. It only took about an hour for 6 more guys to each pound Angels
& Beckys assholes rubbing their clits hard against the rock the whole time.
After the last 2 guys finished I had the girls roll back over to examine their
clits. Both of them were rubbed raw & sticking out at least 1/2 inch too.
Beckys was actually bleeding a small bit as well. I then said " OK guys, lets
take advantage of their sensitive clits & fuck their cunts 1 time too. " With
that 2 of the boys started fucking their cunts. Both girls clits were so
sensitive by now that each of them climaxed almost as soon as we started
fucking them again. For the next 1 1/2 hours both Angel & Becky were gyrating
their asses on the boulder & moaning like crazy as we all cunt fucked them. It
almost looked like they both were in an almost constant orgasm. By the time the
last 2 boys finished both Becky & Angel looked fucked out. They were just
laying there in almost oblivion as these guys fucked them. I then asked them
how they had liked this session. Becky replied " That was fantastic !! I have
never climaxed that hard or that much before. However, my clit hurts like hell.
Angel just said " I agree, ny clit hurts like crazy, but the climaxes were
great. I just replied "well, you are going to have to endure it because you
still have more fucking to get yet tonight. For now just go down in the water &
clean yourselves off then come up to the camp & fix us dinner."

I told the girls to go into the river & rinse themselves off, then we went
back to camp for dinner. We were going to have a simple camp dinner tonight,
baked beans & franks. I got out 2 big pots & opened 8 big cans of beans &
poured 4 in each pot. Then I opened 8 packages of hot dogs & put 4 of them in
each pot to cook. The girls had the job of stirring the pots until everything
was hot & ready to eat. I told the guys to help themselves, but to leave at
least 10 hot dogs & some beans in the pots for the girls to have. I had plans
for them too. I told the girls to just sit & wait for us to finish eating &
then they could have their dinner. After all us guys finished eating Carl & me
laid down a large sheet of plastic on the deck to catch things & keep the area
clean. Then I told Becky & Angel to get on their hands & knees on the plastic.
All this time we had left the pots of beans & franks simmering so they would
still be hot for the girls. I got out 4 hot dogs & put 2 in Angels asshole.
They went in completely too. Then I put 2 in Beckys asshole, but she could not
take both of them in all the way. She had about 3 inches of 1 hot dog still
showing so I told Angel she could eat hers 1st & had her crawl around behind
Becky to eat the hot dogs out of Beckys asshole. Angel easily ate the 1st part
of the 1 hotdog & then she got her mouth directly over Beckys asshole & waited
as Becky pushed the rest of the hot dogs out while Angel chewed & swallowed
them. It took a few minutes for this to finish. Then it was Beckys turn to eat
her hot dogs out of Angels asshole. She got in position behind Angel & put her
mouth against Angels asshole for Angel to push out the hot dogs in her for
Becky to eat.

Next came the beans. I got out a big mouth funnel we had brought for this
purpose. I told 2 boys to lift Angels legs & spread her open. Then I put the
funnel IN her cunt & started pouring hot beans into her. Once she was totally
full I took out the funnel & while the guys held her up & open Becky ate the
beans out of her cunt. Now it was Beckys turn. 2 more boys held her up as I
filled her cunt with hot beans & as Angel ate the beans out of her pussy.

Now came the real fun with the girls dinner. I took 4 more hot dogs & put
2 into each girls asshole. This time Carl really shoved the 2 into Beckys
asshole in order to get them fully into her. Then we put 2 more hot dogs in
each girls cunt as well. Then we held the girls up & put some beans in their
cunts. Next I told the guys to pick a girl & start filling their holes with
cum. I wanted both girls to be both cunt & ass fucked so that they each had cum
in both of their holes. By the time we were done fucking them both girls had 7
loads of cum in them. Angel had 4 in her asshole & 3 in her cunt & Becky had 4
in her cunt & 3 in her asshole. I had also told them to let the other girl
clean their cocks off after they had fucked 1 of the girls. This way the girls
got more nurishment too. 1st I told 2 guys to take Beckys legs & spread her
open & hold her up so that Angel could eat her clean 1st. This turned out to be
a bit messy too. All of the fucking had squished up the hot dogs in Beckys
holes so it took a bit for her to push them out. Especially the ones in her
cunt since they even had some beans with them as well as the cum. Angel did
however hungrily eat Beckys cunt clean, but she did have to use her fingers a
bit to get as much as possible out of Becky. While Angel was on her hands &
knees eating her dinner out of Becky a few of the guys decided to help her keep
Beckys dinner inside her by shoving their cocks into her cunt & fucking her
some more. Before she could get Becky cleaned out 2 more guys had cummed in her
cunt & 1 of the boys had pulled out & shoved his load into her asshole. He was
then again buried in Angels cunt when she finished eating Becky out. Now it was
Beckys turn to eat Angel clean. 2 boys grabbed Angels legs & as the boy in her
cunt got out of her they flipped her over & raised her up while spreading her
legs open. The mush in Angel was even messier than what Becky had in her & it
did take awhile for Becky to fully eat Angels asshole & cunt clean even using
her fingers. Becky was having so much trouble getting everything out of Angel
that I got a wooden spoon & used it in Angels cunt spooning the hot dogs, beans
& cum out of her & spoon feeding it to Becky. Then I put the spoon into Angels
asshole & dug out the last of the mussy hot dogs in there for Becky to eat as
well. Angel did NOT seem to mind when I spooned out her cunt, but when I shoved
that spoon 6 inches into her asshole & started spooning it out she did squeal &
squirm a bit. It only took 4 or 5 spoonings to finally get Angels asshole
clean. Then I thought that maybe Becky might still have a bit in her too so
stuck the spoon in her cunt. I was right there too. I got 3 spoons full of
beans, dogs & cum out of her cunt & fed them to Angel. Then I put the spoon in
Beckys asshole. She really let out a scream when I did that too, but she took
it. I got 2 more spoons of hotdog & cum out of there too for Angel to eat. It
turned out that there was also a bit of s**t on the 2nd spoonful, but I still
had Angel eat it too. She did get a bit of a sour look to her face as she
tasted it, but she did eat all of it too.

Since it was only then about 9:30 I told the guys it was DP time for
awhile. I had Eric & the 1 boy that was about 12 inches lie down & told the
girls to suck them hard. Angel took the 12 in. boy while Becky took her nephew
Eric. As soon as they were hard I told the girls to get on top of them & fill
their cunts with cock. Then the rest of us guys started fucking their assholes.
I was the 1st in Angels asshole & Carl was 1st in Beckys. While we were ass
fucking our wives I told the guys to ONLY fuck them until they felt like they
were ready to cum & then STOP & let the next guy take over. I wanted all of us
to be able to FINISH in the other girls asshole so that both Angel & Becky
would be ass fucked by all 12 of us guys before we finally cummed in them. Also
during this whole time the girls had to use their mouths to get the guys hard &
to keep us hard as well, but they had to suck on the guys that had ass fucked
the other girl. I also told the guys to NOT let the girls get them off with
their mouths, but to just keep us hard. This way we ALL would cum ONLY in their
assholes. By the time the last 2 guys had finally cummed in Beckys & Angels
asshole it was about midnight. The girls had spent about 2 1/2 hours with both
of their holes full of cock. Both Eric & the other boy had been able to stay in
their cunts this whole time too & had shot a few loads in there as well. Both
girls also had 6 loads of cum in their assholes. I asked Eric & the other boy
if they were able to stay put a bit longer & Eric said he was. So I had Becky
turn herself enough to lick out Angels asshole 1st & then as Angel lifted
herself off the boy in her cunt Becky also licked him clean & then sucked out
the cum in Angels pussy. While Becky was doing this I had stuck my cock into
her asshole to keep her full there as well. Then Angel positioned herself
behind Becky to 1st lick MY cock clean as I pulled out of Becky & as soon as I
was out Angel licked & sucked Beckys asshole clean of the cum in it. Then Eric
slowly pulled out of her cunt while Angel licked his cock clean before she
licked Beckys cunt clean as well.

I finally then told the boys it was time to get some sl**p. Carl, George,
Eric, Becky, Angel & me were sl**ping in the tent. Angel had to sl**p naked
between me & George while Becky slept naked between Carl & Eric. Angel went to
sl**p facing George with her tits against his chest & his cock resting against
her pussy while she had 1 leg resting over his legs. I was against her back
with my cock IN her asshole about 2 inches. I did this often when we were
alone too.

End of day 2

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