Angels & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 1 of 7

Carl & me were preparing to go to our placer mining claims on the American
River in a couple of days & I was at his house going over what supplies we
needed to get & making other plans too. Angel & Becky had asked us if they
could go with us for this week of mining. These claims were named THE PLEASURES
& we were going to add even more pleasure to this trip by taking the girls
along, so Carl & me were making some ground rules regarding this trip.

1) The girls had to ride to the claims bottomless with their blouses open on
the freeway. As we got close to the claims they had to take off their blouses &
then STAY NAKED until we left to come home no matter who came by the property.

2) If someone did come by & wished to fuck them they had to let them.

3) The girls had to literally be our sex slaves for this whole trip & do
anything within reason that they were told to do no matter who told them to do

4) Absolutely at NO TIME could they cover up their nakedness. They had to stay
naked both day & night & let themselves be used at any time as well.

Carl & me had decided on these rules & the girls had agreed to them happily
too. They actually seemed to be looking forward to this trip with us.

However things soon changed a bit. All that were going to be there was Carl,
me, Eric, & George, plus the girls. While Carl & me were talking this day the
k** from next door came over. He was talking about the fun he & his friends had
with the girls to some other friends & had a couple more that wanted to join us
the next time. 1 of them was cherry too. Carl & me told him about our next
mining trip coming up & told him that if he & his friends could get WRITTEN
permission to join us on a PLACER MINING trip that they could join us for this
week. We were going to leave early Sunday morning so they had to be here at
Carls about 7:30 to 8:00 am with their permission notes.

I owned 2 4x4 crew cab pickups. 1 was at Carls, I had the other 1. Angel & me
drove to Carls early Sunday morning. all Angel was wearing was a sheer blouse &
a short zip down skirt. We got to Carl & Beckys about 7:00 am. We started
loading our equipment & supplies into the pickups. About 15 minutes later the
k** next door came over & said his friends were on their way & they all had
written permission to join us. Over the next 15 to 20 minutes 9 more boys
showed up. This made 10 boys total. they all gave us their permission notes &
then helped us finish loading the pickups. Until this time neither of the girls
had been made aware that these boys were joining us for this trip. Neither 1 of
them minded this either even though they now had 14 guys to make happy for
almost a week.

1 problem we had was that my 2 pickups each only held 6 people comfortably.
This meant the girls had to ride sitting on a boys lap. Also, they had already
agreed to ride with their bottoms bare. My solution to this was that both Angel
& Becky had to ride with a boys cock buried IN their cunts for the whole trip.
Our claims were about 1 1/2 hours away so this would be fun too. Also the girls
had to ride with their tits exposed for folks to see & now they would be riding
a bit higher in the seat so this was going to let them be seen even easier.

I had 2 boys get in the front seat & then Angel got in. The boy in the middle
undid his fly & got out his cock & Angel sat in his lap. Then she took off her
skirt & gave it to the boys in the back seat to put away. Now she was sitting
bare assed on this k**s soft cock. It only took less than 2 blocks for her to
be sitting on him HARD with his cock in her cunt. I let her keep her blouse
buttoned until we hit the freeway & then she unbuttoned it & let her tits out
to be seen. Luckily for her it was early Sunday morning. There was not even a
lot of truck traffic out. However before long she was riding with the boys in
back playing with her bare tits & the other boy beside her fingering her clit &
even going in her cunt too. By the time we got about 1/2 way to Auburn Angel
had already climaxed 1 time from the guy in her & the boys in back had
completely taken her blouse off as well. Now she was totally naked.

When we got off the freeway at Auburn Carl & me pulled into the Raleys parking
lot. We wanted to buy some groceries, etc. for us. I told Angel to get off the
k** in her & get down on the floor so that she could be out of site a bit while
we shopped. However, the k** she was riding had cummed in her 2 times so she
was leaking cum & his cock was covered too. Angel quickly took his cock in her
mouth to clean him off while we went shopping. The other boy in front stayed
behind as well to help protect her.

Carl had made Becky do the same thing & 2 boys stayed with her too, but she did
still have her blouse on so she just covered up & was sitting on the front seat.

We bought quite a few groceries & ice. We also had 1 small electric freezer
that we could run with our generator so we also bought some frozen food. When
we got back to the pickups we put away our supplies & left.

Angel this time climbed on the k** next to the door & sat on his cock for the
rest of the trip to the claims. This was only about another 40 minute ride.
However by the time we got to the claims Angel had climaxed a 3rd time & also
got her 3rd load of cum shot in her cunt.

These claims sat down below a bridge across the river a bit with a private
service road leading to a Forest Service Water post & was gated. However we & 1
other miner had keys to the gate. Everyone else had to park off the road & walk
into the area. As soon as we parked everyone got out of the pickups. Even Becky
was naked by now. We left the girls clothes in the pickups because they were
not going to need them anyway for a few days. It turned out that Becky had
ridden mounted on the 2 boys in the front seat with her too & she also was full
of cum. However the other 6 boys were overly horny from having to watch all
this & not much else.

Angel asked which 1 of them was the Cherry k** & told him he could have her
1st. Carl & me lowered the tail gates on both pickups & had the girls lay over
them so we could fuck them. Angel sucked a bit on the cherry k** 1st & then had
him mount her & start fucking her. During this time George & Eric saw what was
happening. They did NOT know the girls were joining us either & came up to say
hi from our dredge. As soon as they saw the girls they wanted in on the fun
too. Now the girls each had 5 guys to make happy. After we fucked them the
other 4 boys wanted seconds so the 2 that had been with Becky fucked Angel &
visa versa.

After this session we had the girls go down to the river to rinse off, but 1st
there was a big flat boulder at the edge that some water slightly ran over. We
had Becky lay down on it & Angel licked as much cum from her as possible. Then
they traded places for a bit as Becky licked Angel. Next they walked waist deep
in the river & rinsed each other off & then went back to the boulder & layed
down to catch some sun & dry off.

Before us guys could unload the pickups we needed to do some adjustments to our
camping area. We had built a platform over the rocks in the trees next to the
river. This platform was about 30 ft x 40 ft. However we had only laid plywood
sheets over about 1/2 this area for our tent, cooking area & supplies. That was
all we had needed to this point. We had extra plywood, so now we laid it down
as well. Then we added railing around the edges for protection & expanded the
cooking area. Now we had plenty of room for the boys sl**ping bags as well.
Next we unloaded our food & the rest of our cooking supplies. We had brought
along another gas cooking stove, a generator for light, etc, & some ice chests
as well as 1 small electric freezer. We could keep it frozen with the generator.

By now it was about 1:30 pm. we still had plenty of time to do some more
dredging & to show the boys how it was done. We also wanted the girls to join
us at the dredge. We had a large wooden sluice box we had built attached to our
dredge. The girls job was going to be keeping it running smooth by tossing the
large rocks out of it. 1 girl was placed on each side of it. Then we told the
guys that if they wanted to fuck 1 of the girls while the girls worked to just
bend them over & fuck them while they kept the box clean & then get back to
their jobs too, We figured the water running around the girls would keep them
fairly clean at the same time.

Carl, George, Eric & me proceeded to show the boys how to run the dredge & the
suction nozzle & other things that had to be done like moving boulders, etc. We
continued working until about 5:30. All during this time 1 or both of the girls
had someone fucking them while they kept the sluice box clean too.

Now it was time to check our sluice box for gold. We had a couple of 5 gallon
buckets to clean the carpets into, but while we were doing this we also found a
few small nuggets too & picked them out.

Then we took our buckets over by the big boulder to pan our buckets out. We
told Angel & Becky to lay back down on the boulder by us while we did this.
While we were showing the boys how to pan gold someone was constantly slipping
away & slipping INTO 1 of the girls too. We finally finished our panning about
8:00. We had panned out about 3/4 ounces of gold here & had gotten about 1/3
ounce of nuggets earlier so this had not been a bad 1/2 day of mining.

Also by now the girls had both been fucked at least 15 to 20 times, but more
fun was yet to come.

We went to our camp to have dinner & more. Eric & George had headed there about
2 hours prior to start the generator & get dinner going. Tonight was going to
be a simple meal though, baked beans & franks. We also had a propane heater
going by then too so that we all could stay warm.

After we all ate dinner Carl & me had the girls lie down on a pad & spread
their legs open. I then told 4 boys to pull their legs back & lift their asses
up, then I put a large mouth funnel in each of their cunts & Carl filled them
up with baked beans. Then we told the boys to have fun fucking them like this
while we all took turns holding their legs up & the girls open. After each guy
had climaxed in whichever girl he was fucking he had to let the other girl lick
his cock clean. This way he got the beans & cum cleaned off him & the girls got
MORE to eat. After both Angel & Becky had each been fucked this way 7 times we
let Becky down 1st & had her straddle Angels face so that Angel could clean out
Beckys cunt of beans & cum while we still held Angels legs up so that she
stayed full. Then we had Becky lay back down & Angel straddled Beckys face to
get her cunt cleaned out.

Since it was now about 11:00 we decided it was time to get some sl**p. Carl,
me, George, Eric, Angel & Becky used the tent & the boys slept on the deck in
their sl**ping bags. However the girls were not yet done being used. We had
doubled up our beds in the tent. Carl, George & Becky used 1 & me, Eric & Angel
used the other 1. Angel & Becky had to sl**p naked between us guys with
someones cock in them all night. Angel started off with Eric in her cunt. I
dont know who was in Becky though. Eric & me traded places about 4:00am.

End of day 1

100% (8/0)
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