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The next morning when I woke up I was still in the same position I fell asl**p in! And so was April! I was pleasantly surprised the she wasn't just a really good wet dream! With my hand still on her tit, I squeezed it and kissed her on her shoulder. I felt her nipple get hard and her ass wiggle a little against my normal morning hard on! I started kissing her shoulder working my way down her side nibbling her side as she flinched away because it tickled. I continued kissing and nibbling down her outer thigh and leg. She turned her body towards me so she was on her back. As I started kissing my way up her inner thigh, she pulled her legs apart and I ran my soft hand up the other side, gently brushing the outside of her pussy with my hand! Damn she was already very wet. But my saying is, the wetter the better. When my mouth met her pussy , I ran the tip of my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips and man did she taste sweet! I continued to run my tongue just inside her pussy lips from the bottom all the way up to her now swelling clit! The second my tongue hit her clit she twitched her body, grabbed my head and f***ed my mouth on her pussy.

By now she is grabbing any part of me she can to get me turned around so she can swallow my now rock hard cock! I told her that I wanted to fell her sexy body on mine so we switched position and she got on top. In no time she had my cock buried in her mouth as I continued to tickle her clit with my tongue. I could tell by her moans that she was hot, very wet and ready to cum. Even though she pretty tight , she was so wet that I was able to slowly slide two fingers deep in her as deep as I could go. When I started pulling them out I stopped at her g-spot, which was already swollen, and started to rub it as I sucked and licked on her throbbing clit! I could tell she was about to explode. I rubbed her g-spot hard and faster and sucked and bit on her clit harder and her pussy contracted and started to pulsate! She grabbed my ass with one hand and the bottom of my balls and rubbed it hard as she devoured my hard cock. I could feel her pussy filling up as she screamed and came vary hard all over my fingers and mouth. I could feel the gush on my fingers with every contraction. Her rubbing my balls made me explode and flood her moth with my hot thick cum.

When she cums she has this milky creamy liquid that comes out! Oh god that is so fucking hot!!! Not wanting to waste it, I pulled my gooey fingers out of her messy pussy and licked and sucked every drop out of her pussy! She has the best tasting pussy I have ever eaten in my life. She turned around, looked at me and opened her cum filled mouth, grabbed my gooey fingers and stuck them in her mouth and sucked on them till she swallowed my entire load!

Looking at the clock she realized it was getting late and she knew the k**s would be up soon calling her. So we got cleaned up and I told her I would love to take them all out for breakfast. So she picked up the k**s and we all went for a yummy breakfast.

To be continued...............

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