Grandad of love 4.

I arrived at my house keepers house just after 7, Faith had a lovely typical f****y home and the BBQ party was out the back in a nicely kept back garden.
there were a lot of people there, faiths friends and her husbands friends so it was a little while before I got to speak to Faith by herself.
"You won't believe what happened to me this morning" I said.
"Another woman?" she asked.
"Two" I replied.
"Two?" she repeated amazed.
"two young twenty something's in that men's clothes store in town" I added.
"No fucking way" she replied.
"It's true, do you want to hear about it?" I asked
Faith glanced around, her back garden was full of friends and any one might hear what I was saying.
"My bedroom, upstairs two minutes" she replied.
Then she grabbed the ketchup bottle off the table and squirted it over her clothes.
"OH SHIT" she shouted loudly so everyone would hear it.
"Dam ketchup, I'm going to change" she growled before quickly walking back in the house.
"Alright luv" replied Paul her husband as he stood talking to his work mates.
I gave a minute then headed inside pretending I needed the loo, I quickly climbed the stairs and then began looking for her room.
"In here" whispered a voice from one room.
I strolled in and Faith was sitting on her king size bed in just her white lace underwear.
Her small tight bra just about held in her large white plump breasts and little white knickers covered her big round ass and she brushed her shoulder length blonde hair back as she smiled at me.
"Close the door" she said so I did then she patted the bed beside her.
I sat down next to her and my eyes roamed her lightly tanned body as her fingers slipped into her knickers.
"Tell me then, tell me every detail" she whispered.
So I began to explain how I had gone in for a shirt and found the same young girl in there that had seen my cock before and then how her friend had then entered my changing room to see for herself.
"So you showed it to her?" Faith asked as one hand rubbed her nipples while the other continued between her legs.
"Yes" I replied.
"I pulled it out and woke the monster up"
"Show me" Faith asked.
So as she continued to touch herself I undid my trousers and pulled out my large old cock and then began tugging it to get it hard.
"Oh yeah" she moaned before I continued.
I then continued to describe how both girls ended up in the room with me and very quickly they were both sucking on my cock and licking my old hairy balls.
"I bet they loved it" groaned Faith as her fingers moved rapidly between her legs.
"Oh they did" I replied enjoying how turned on my friend got from my adventure.
Then I told her how the girls laid back and offered me their little shaven snatches to fuck with my hard monster cock and how I then had to f***e my way into both of them because they were so tight.
"I bet it was like a hot tight wet fist, fucking them" she groaned before grabbing my cock to give it a tug.
"Oh yeah the tightest, hottest fuck I have ever had" I replied enjoying her hand.
Now she was tugging my cock with one hand and fingering herself with the other, so I continued.
"Then they rolled onto each other and I quickly fucked one girl before I then slipped it into the other, making them both groan over and over as our juices mixed together"
"Oh you bad fucking man" groaned Faith.
"I pummelled their little pussies, fucked them as hard as I could, switching between one little wet pussy to the next and then back again until they were crying out in ecstasy" I continued.
"Yeah" groaned Faith as her breathing became more rapid, while her fingers worked her knicker covered pussy into a frenzy now.
"Then after a good ten minutes or more of fucking both those young ladies into submission, I pulled out and blew my hot load all over their pretty young faces"
"Oh yeah" sighed Faith as her eyes closed and her body tensed.
after a moment she opened her eyes and smiled at me.
"Show me how you blew your load" she asked me.
So I quickly knelt up, straddled her and began rubbing my cock furiously just inches from her face.
"Blow your load on my face, shower me just like you did those girls" she begged me before she stuck out her tongue to give my cock a lick.
I was now masturbating like mad as Faith sucked on my cock head and it was only a matter of minutes before I exploded.
Then suddenly the bedroom door opened and in walked a young heavily pregnant woman.
"Mum, dad sent me to find out where you got..." she didn't finish her sentence cause now she was staring at me straddling her semi naked mother who was sucking on my hard cock.
"What the fuck" she cried
"Its not what it looks like, just calm down" cried Faith releasing my cock from her mouth.
"Your sucking off an old man" replied her daughter in disbelief.
"In your underwear"
"I know but that's all it is, I swear just shut up and calm down" replied Faith.
For a while they both stood arguing until finally Faiths daughter just stood staring at me and my hard old cock.
"Fine but I want to try his cock too"
"No" replied Faith
"Yes, I want his cock, if you can so can I" she replied moving towards me.
"Hazel you can't your pregnant and what about tom your boyfriend?" asked Faith.
"Tom's an fucking idiot, I hate him" she replied
"And you now horny pregnancy makes you"
Hazel crawled across the bed towards me, her plump boobs hung freely in her little black t-shirt and her plump belly hung down brushing the bed.
"How about it old man, want to help out a pregnant girl" she grinned.
I had never been with a pregnant woman before and my cock instantly twitched as she said it.
I then looked at Faith who after a moment just gave a sigh.
"Just hurry up" she said before getting dressed in some clean clothes.
"I'll be out here" she said heading out the room.
Hazel then turned around and leaned forward, sticking her white tattooed ass towards me.
She was a rocker, or Goth, or a Emo, what ever the k**s were calling it, she was tattooed over most of her pale white body under her black top and short red skirt, and she had short spiky black hair and several piercings.
"Come on old dude, give me it hard" she growled.
So I quickly pulled her knickers off got behind her and slipped into her plump shaven pussy.
"Oh god your big" she groaned even though her pussy was already wet and quite loose.
I then carefully grabbed her waist and began to fuck her good.
My cock shuttled in and out her pussy nicely and she moaned with every stroke, in this position I could go pretty deep and my balls were soon slapping her tattooed pussy lips.
"Oh fuck yeah" she groaned
After a good hard fuck I got her to roll onto her back, then I lifted her legs and slipped back in.
"Yeah give me that hard cock, fuck me hard" she groaned.
I did just that, and she again moaned and groaned with my every thrust.
She then pulled off her t-shirt to free her plump tattooed boobs and I quickly leant forward to suck on her large hard nipple.
"Yeah that feels good" she sighed as I sucked her tit.
Then she lifted the other and began sucking on her own nipple.
We were both really enjoying this fuck and after sucking on her nipples we were soon sucking on each others tongues.
"Oh your so good" she groaned wrapping her arms around me.
"This is best fuck I've ever had"
I then began thrusting hard and she arched her back begging for me to go deeper.
It was then I looked up to see Faith sneakily peering through the gap of the door watching her own daughter getting a good hard fuck from an old man she worked with.
I grinned back and she blushed before looking away.
After a good few minutes I knew I was about to cum and so I told Hazel.
"I don't care i'm pregnant already, just keep fucking me" she replied.
So I did and now I really began hammering her wet cunt as I held her plump legs up and soon we were both moaning heavily with no stopping.
Finally I just couldn't hold back any longer.
"Oh fuck here it comes" I groaned thrusting into her and then exploding my juices deep in her cunt.
"Oh god yeah, fuck" she cried.
I pumped a big hot load inside that pregnant pussy and after emptying everything I had I finally slipped out of her.
"Oh I felt every blast" she moaned as she grinned at me.
"Your cock is fucking amazing"
Then Faith entered the room again.
"Right you get dressed and get out" she ordered.
So Hazel put her top back on and grabbed her knickers and then headed for the door but not before she blew me a kiss goodbye.
"See you" she grinned.
after she left faith stared at me.
"Just that once, you don't fuck my daughter again okay" she said.
"Okay" I replied
Then she knelt down in front of me and took hold of my limp sticky cock.
"Can't have you leaving like that" she said before she began sucking my cock clean.
A while later we re-joined the party and while Faith was chatting with some other friends, Hazel slipped me her phone number.
"I'm not due for at least month, I call you" she whispered with a naughty smile.
This was going to be a good month I thought.

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7 months ago
Dam Good Loved It.
7 months ago pregnant pussy... story was really hot