Grandad of love 3.

Faith my middle-aged housekeeper sat opposite me in the other arm chair and as I began to described how I met this hot chubby mother at the pool and then shagged her in the changing rooms, Faith slipped her hand into her black leggings and began to play with her pussy.
As I told her about how Chloe had deep throated me over and over until my dick was dripping with her saliva, Faiths fingers worked rapidly inside her trousers as her other hand began to fondle her own large plump tits through her T-shirt.
"Go on" she gasped as I paused mesmerised by her touching herself.
So I then I continued telling her about how I had fucked the young mother deep and hard, how Chloe had cried out over and over, until I had to pull out and cum on her mound.
"You didn't?" gasped faith still playing with her own pussy.
"I did" I replied before then I continued on, telling her about how Chloe then begged me to put it back in so she could cum as well.
"You didn't?" she gasped again.
"I did" I replied.
"Fucking hell!" gasped Faith clearly very aroused now by the idea of my dripping hard cock sinking back in for another ago.
So then I continued telling her about how I managed to fuck Chloe a second time, and how Chloe had raised her legs over my shoulders for deeper penetration.
"Jesus, I know how that feels!" gasped Faith as her hand was really working away between her legs.
Then I told how with just a few more deep hard plunges Chloe climaxed on my cock, squeezing me into a frenzy with her pussy muscles until I lost control and exploded another load deep inside of her.
"Oh god yeah!" gasped Faith before she tensed up in the seat and began to buck on her own fingers, before finally sighing and relaxing.
I sat quietly for a moment not sure what to say, then Faith sat up took her hand out of trousers and adjusted her clothes before giving me a smile.
Then she got up and walked over to my seat and held her hand out to me, I leant forward and opened my mouth and then licked her fingers, I could taste her juices and she tasted fantastic.
After I had licked her fingers clean Faith wandered off to the bathroom and I returned to watching the TV.
A few days later I was sitting having breakfast when I remembered I was invited to a BBQ at Faith's house later that day and wanted a new shirt to wear, so after breakfast I made my way down to the shops in search of a shirt.
After wandering into one shop after another I finally found my self in the shop I had been in a week earlier looking for trousers, and then I remembered the young sales assistant who had accidentally seen my cock and I couldn't help wonder if she was in today.
So I casually began to walk around, glancing at all the shirts I could choose from and after a bit a young skinny, twenty something blonde haired girl appeared behind the till.
It was her and immediately I felt a twitch in my trousers as my old cock began to wake up.
So I quickly grabbed a handful of shirts and a couple of trousers and made my way towards the changing room.
"Can I try these on?" I asked.
"Yes.. oh!" she replied blushing as she looked up and realised it was me.
"Thank you, Heather" I replied reading her name badge.
Then I wandered into the changing room, picked a booth and began to try on the clothes.
After a few minutes of trying shirts and trousers on there was a knock on the door.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Could I ask you something?" came a young female voice.
So I opened the door and to my surprise there was a young ebony girl stood there, with amazing green eyes and bushy brown frizzy hair pulled back in a bun.
"Okay" I replied
"My friend over there says you have a really big cock, do you?" she grinned.
"I've been told it's big" I replied.
"Really!? can I see it?" she asked
I stared at this young twenty year old girl, who stood in a tight blue t-shirt that showed off her ample cleavage and a knee length black skirt that showed off her toned legs and then smiled.
Sure I replied stepping back into the booth.
She immediately stepped in to join me and pushed the door close.
I quickly undid my trousers and then slowly lowered them, the young girl gasped just like the women before her.
"Fucking hell it is true" she gasped staring at it.
"Does it get any bigger when it's hard?" she asked.
"A bit bigger" I replied.
"Do you want to see?"
She looked nervously around then nodded.
"Yeah" she grinned excitedly.
So I took hold of my cock and began to jerk off in front of this complete stranger, this girl who was probably young enough to be my granddaughter.
After just a minute or so I was now very hard and she just stared at my cock as I held it in front of her.
"Fuck it is huge, Heather wasn't lying" she muttered.
"No she wasn't but she never got to see it like this" I replied.
It was then the girl looked up at me.
"Hold on" she said before quickly leaving the booth.
I stood there feeling a little confused unsure what she was doing, then she returned with young blonde Heather.
"Oh my god!" gasped Heather blushing as she spotted my hard cock.
"Come on" said her friend pulling her into the booth.
The two young girls both dressed the same stood in front of me in that small tight booth and stared at my large hard cock.
"You can touch it, if you want" I said smiling.
They looked at each other unsure then the young ebony girl nudged Heather.
"Go on" she grinned.
"No Mel, I have a boyfriend" Heather replied.
"So do I" replied Mel.
"It's okay, I wouldn't want you to get into trouble, I'll just put it away" I said about to pull up my trousers.
Then Mel shot her hand out and grabbed my cock.
"Fuck its so solid and hot" she gasped before she began to caress it.
she slowly began to tug me off and I couldn't help admire her little light brown hand wrapped around my white hard cock.
Heather then slowly reached out a hand now two young hands were rubbing my cock.
With a sigh I sat back on the bench as they worked my cock, rubbing my shaft and the head of my cock, and gently squeezing my old hairy balls as they knelt in front of me.
They both worked my cock hard and soon had both their petite hands wrapped around my cock eagerly tugging.
"Oh that's nice" I groaned.
Then I noticed Mel had moved forward and I watched as she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock head.
"Oh that's good" I gasped as she began to suck my cock.
It was incredible, there I was with two hot young women being stroked and sucked off by them because as soon as Mel had given my cock a big slurp, Heather quickly joined her as well.
Now both young girls were hungrily sucking and licking my shaft and all I could do was sit back and enjoy.
"God your so hot and hard" groaned Mel
It was then I noticed one of her hands had slipped between her legs and under her skirt, this was getting even hotter by the moment, and I had never been with two women at once, my dear old wife had never been into sex like that and now I was being sucked off by two young hot girls.
Then as Heather carried on sucking my cock, Mel sat back on the floor, hitched up her skirt and opened her lovely toned legs.
I stared at her little green knickers that covered her mound excitedly and then she pulled them back and I saw her little shaven brown snatch before she quickly plunged two fingers into her moist pussy.
My cock couldn't have been harder and I stared in amazement as she quickly began to finger fuck herself right there in front of me, all the while Heather was still sucking me off.
"Fuck it" gasped Heather releasing my cock before sitting back next to Mel.
Then she too hitched up her skirt, showing off a pair of blue knickers before pulling them to one side and revealing a little pink shaven snatch.
I quickly began to rub my cock as these two young twenty something's began to furiously masturbate in front of me, I could already feel the familiar tingling in my balls as I watched this show in front of me but I was determined I wasn't going to cum first.
"Oh God" groaned Mel as she fingered herself rapidly.
"Oh oh" groaned Heather as she did the same.
"I don't care any more, stick it in me" groaned Mel.
"I want your cock"
That's what I was hoping she would say so I quickly knelt between her legs and aimed my cock at her glistening little pussy, then I pushed in.
"Oh god your fucking huge!" groaned Mel as I pushed it in.
I had hardly got my cock in but I was going to complain, so I pulled it out and thrust in again, this time I went deeper and she groaned again.
Then I began to fuck nice and steady, I still wasn't fully in but she didn't care it was enough for her and she was already moaning uncontrollably.
"Oh Christ, oh god, oh fucking hell" she cried as I pumped her.
Then Heather grabbed my arm.
"I want your cock" she moaned still fingering herself.
"I want to feel it inside me"
I plunged a few more times into Mel and then withdrew my cock and shuffled over to Heather.
I placed at her little pink entrance and then pushed in, and just like her friend I barely got in cause she was so tight, so once again I gently eased in and out of her until she was taking a good length.
"Oh god, oh god, oh god its so fucking big" cried Heather as I ploughed her pussy.
"I know, I fucking love it" replied Mel.
"I want some more"
She then rolled onto Heather and raised her little pert round ass at me.
I immediately pulled my cock out of Heather and pushed it back into Mel's pussy.
"Oh fuck" she sighed before she lowered her head and began kissing Heather.
I was in heaven, this was incredible, I was fucking two hot girls slipping my cock into one and then back into the other and both of them were loving it.
And so was I and finally after a fucking both of their sweet tight pussies for a good few minutes, I just couldn't hold on any longer.
"I'm going to cum" I groaned pulling out of Heathers tight snatch.
Mel quickly rolled off of her and knelt up like a shot.
"Feed me, do it in my mouth" she said opening her mouth wide.
With out hesitation I tugged my cock and instantly began shooting my load.
My hot sticky cum fired at her pretty young face and splattered it covering her nicely.
Then Heather sat up next to her and opened her mouth and I quickly whipped my cock towards her and splattered her face as well.
After pumping a huge load over both them I sat back completely spent, Heather and Mel then began kissing each other and swapping my spunk between their tongues and when they had licked each other clean they turned on my softening cock.
After a bit we got dressed, and then the girls returned to their jobs and I brought a few shirts and got a good discount as well.
"Come again" smiled Heather as she handed me the bag of clothes.
"Any time" grinned Mel.
Now that's what a big cock should be fore, I thought as I left the shop.
And on the way home I couldn't wait to tell Faith of my latest conquest.

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6 months ago
Dam Hot Good Loved It!
6 months ago
thats very hot, can't wait to hear more.