Grandad of love 2.

So I'm a widower and after my house keeper had confirmed I definitely had a large cock, I decided I needed to go and find women who also liked a large cock, but where could I start?
I was to old for clubs and bars, the last few years with my dearly departed wife I spent more time having afternoon tea than an alcohol drink, so I needed to try some where else.
my house keeper faith then suggested I go swimming, there's always plenty of young people at the local pool and of course in those skimpy swim suits you can really see who's got a hot body.
Just the thought of those young wet girls began to make my old cock hard, so the next day I got out my swim shorts and packed my towel and headed to the pool.
When I arrived I quickly got changed put my clothes and towel in a locker and headed for the pool.
It was amazing the moment I walked in I was surrounded by middle age women with their k**s, young twenty something's and teens all splashing around and enjoying them selves.
I quickly got in the water and decided to start off by just having a swim.
After a while I noticed a young brunette mother sitting alone in the shallow end, so I casually swam up to her and after introducing myself we sat for a while chatting.
It turned out her name was Chloe and she was here with her two twin teen girls but they had gone off to play with their friends and she was just waiting till they were ready to leave.
I new this was a possibility so after going off to swim a couple of more laps, I decided to try my luck.
Standing up next to her my swim shorts which were fairly tight already, immediately clung to my body and now every one could see the bulge I was carrying.
Immediately Chloe's eyes stared at my crotch in wide eye disbelief and new I had caught her attention.
So I politely bid her a fare well and headed to the changing rooms again.
Finding my locker I quickly gathered my things and moved into a nearby changing booth and had just pulled my wet shorts off when I heard a knock at the door.
"Hello Eric?" said Chloe outside.
"Yes what's up?" I asked
"Are you busy?" she asked.
"Not really" I replied
"Could I come in a moment?" she then asked and I knew exactly why, so I just unlocked the door and waited.
Then the door opened and Chloe in her little black wet swim suit stepped in.
Again her eyes stared at me in amazement as I stood completely naked in front of her.
"Oh my god, that really is you" she gasped looking at my dangling old cock.
"Yep" I replied making it swing for her.
She then locked the booth door and moved closer to me.
"I shouldn't be here, I'm a happily married woman but my husbands lost interest in me sexual since the twins came along and I need a real cock right now" she said looking me in the eye.
"Well it doesn't get much real than this" I replied.
Chloe immediately grabbed my cock and cradled it in her hand, then she began stroking it bring it to life.
"How big does this get?" she asked as she worked my cock in her grasp.
"Find out" I replied urging her on.
As my cock began to harden to it's full size she soon had to use two hands to keep going.
"Oh Christ, it's twice the size of my husbands!" she gasped.
Then she leant forward and took me in her mouth, she was pretty good and was soon deep throating almost two thirds of my cock.
"You like that?" she asked releasing my now wet cock.
"Oh yes" I replied enjoying it.
"Good" she grinned before she stood up.
Then she moved to the little wooden bench sat down facing me, lifted her chubby white legs up onto the bench as wide as she could and then she pulled the crotch of her swim suit to one side.
Her pussy was neatly trimmed with just a small triangular brown bush on top and big wet pussy was already looking wet and ready for my cock.
I quickly moved between her legs and then aiming my cock I pushed into her.
We groaned together as I slipped into her cunt and with a little f***e I was nearly two thirds in in on go.
"Oh god your big" she groaned biting her lip.
I then pulled out and then pushed in again, before I quickly got on with fucking her.
"Oh god, oh god!" she groaned over and over as I fucked her pussy.
"Go deeper" she groaned as she rocked on my cock.
So I pushed a little deeper and then she moaned even harder as my old hairy balls began to slap her round ass cheeks.
"Oh god, oh god, your so deep, no ones ever been that deep in me" she groaned.
"Oh god"
I pumped away at her for a good five minutes or so and every thrust she groaned and gasped and cried out enjoying my large hard cock giving her the fucking she wanted.
However unfortunately for us both she was the first woman I had been with since my wife's passing and it wasn't long before I began feeling that usual sensation in my balls.
"Oh I'm not going to last much longer" I gasped still fucking her steadily.
"Keep going please, I need a good fucking" she gasped.
I tried to but my balls had other ideas and after just a few more thrusts I could feel my balls tightening.
"I'm going to cum" I cried before I pulled my cock out of her.
I then began to pump my load all over her little brown bush and pussy lips, my hot cum shot out soaking her already wet crotch and after several more squirts I finally stopped Cumming.
However before I could get my breath back Chloe grabbed my dripping sticky cock.
"Put it back in, I'm not finished" she gasped.
Then she guided my cock back to her pussy and with a big squelchy thrust I was back inside of her.
I then began fucking her again and with every thrust my cock squelched in her sticky cum covered pussy but she didn't seem to care, Chloe just wanted a good hard fuck.
So I was going deep and hard into her and then she lifted her pale calf's up in the air and with her feet almost over her own head and I realised I could go even deeper.
"Oh god, that's so fucking good" she groaned.
I gripped her hips and pounded her cunt as hard as I could, anyone passing outside must have known what we were doing, but we didn't care we were fucking enjoying ourselves.
"That's it" she gasped her eyes widening.
"Keep going, keep going" she cried
I knew she was going to cum any second and it was because of my big old cock, and that just excited me more and made me want to her to explode.
"Oh fuck" she cried as I sped up my pounding.
Nothing was going to stop me giving her the orgasm she needed and with just a few more thrusts her head rolled back and body suddenly tensed.
"Oh Christ!" she cried and then she began to buck on my cock uncontrollably.
Her body twitched wildly beneath me and she gripped my arms to steady her self from falling off the bench.
It was then my balls tightened again, unable to pull out as her pussy and arms held me in place, I began to pump another load of my sticky cum into her pussy.
"Oh Christ I'm Cumming again" I cried.
"I can feel it" she gasped as her body arched fulfilling her orgasm.
Finally we're both done and Chloe sat up and gave me a big deep kiss.
"Your cock is amazing" she grinned.
Then I slipped it out of her and I watched some of my cum spill out onto the floor.
After adjusting her swim suit she kissed me again and thanked me for the fucking she needed, and then she left my booth.
I was still shocked that had just happened but pretty pleased with my self as well, so I quickly got dressed and left the pool.
And on the way home I began to wonder where next I could try my luck and what type of woman might I pull?

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Excellent series so far!!