evil stepmom part 5, the final part!

Melinda my stepmother was furious, absolutely livid, in my quest to get even with her for destroying my relationship with my girlfriend Hailey, I had gone round to every social group and club she belonged to and told them in graphic detail of her dirty sexploits behind my fathers back.
And now she was seething with rage, but I didn't care I had finally beaten my stepmother and humiliated her just as she had done to me, but she was finished!
A few days later I got a text while I was work.
"Hey guess what I'm doing?" it read from her.
I just ignored it, cause I knew better this time.
Then another came.
"Awe come on Sammy, guess where I am?" it read.
"Don't really care!" I replied.
Then a few minutes later a video message appeared from her, and again I tried to ignore it but once again curiosity got the better of me and I finally pressed play.
"Hey Sam!" said my stepmother looking into the camera.
"Look where I am!"
Then she panned the phone camera around and I could see my own bedroom back at the house.
"Yeah I'm in your room little bitch" she sneered.
"And look who's come to play!"
then she turned the camera to my bed and there completely naked tied to my bedframe was Hailey my ex and laying on top of her was Wendy, my stepmothers best friend, also naked chewing on Hailey's plump white tits.
"Were going to fuck her hard on your bed, because she don't wont you any more!" grinned my stepmother into the camera.
Then she moved to the bed where Wendy was now sliding down between Hailey's open chubby white legs to lick that sweet juicy pussy.
"Oh Sam, your ex is so good!" groaned Melinda as she sank her naked shaven snatch onto Hailey's open mouth.
Then all I could hear was moaning and all I could see was blurred movement as my stepmother began to ride Hailey's mouth.
"Oh Sam your ex taste so good!" groaned Wendy looking up at the camera before diving down between Hailey's legs again.
"We're going to fuck her all day, on your bed, hope you don't mind!" grinned Melinda into the camera before the message ended.
"God dam, fucking bitch!" I screamed tossing my phone down on the desk and making every one look at me.
Much later that day I finally got home and I found my room trashed, my bed was soaked in what I presume was pussy juice, and they had knocked about everything I owned, leaving it in a mess.
then I spotted my video camera, with a note on it.
"PLAY ME!" it read.
So reluctantly I pressed it on.
"Okay we couldn't be that mean, watch and enjoy!" said my stepmother standing naked in front of the camera, then she moved to the bed and I watched as all three of them began to wither around all naked on my bed as their fingers roamed each others bodies.
Then my stepmother got up and moved to the camera again.
"Actually fuck you Sam!" she grinned turning the camera to face the wall.
Then all I could hear was moaning as my bitch of a stepmother and her friend fucked my ex.
Now I was furious, and my revenge would be swift.
A few hours later my stepmother arrived home from where ever she had been, she passed me with out saying a word and headed up stairs to her room.
A few seconds later I could hear her screaming, in fact the whole neighbourhood could probably hear her screaming.
"You fucking cock sucker, mother fucking, bastard little bitch balls!" she screamed running down the stairs towards me.
"What's wrong?" I grinned.
"You fucker look at my dresses!" she cried
"Oh no what's that?" I asked innocently looking at the pile of expensive designer dresses she held in her hands, that just happened to be covered in something sticky.
"Your cum, you little shit! you've ruined my dresses!" she screamed.
"Oh dear!" I replied walking away.
"This isn't over you fucker!" she screamed
The next day feeling rather victorious, I was sitting at work happy as d**gged up student at a festival when my stepmother walked in.
I stared in horror as she walked pass my desk wearing a long black raincoat and big black sunglasses and headed towards my bosses office.
Then I watched her enter the office and the door closed.
"Wasn't that your stepmother?" asked one of my colleagues.
"Yeah" I replied wondering what the hell she was up to, then I got my answer a few minutes later I could hear groaning and moaning coming from inside that closed office.
and slowly everyone else in the open plan work pool area, where I worked, looked up in amazement as we all knew exactly what those sounds were.
My stepmother was screwing my boss right there in his office while I sat helpless outside.
Finally after a few minutes my stepmother reappeared from the office doing up her coat and as she passed my desk again she wiped her mouth clean and gave me the evilest grin I had ever seen.
a few minutes later my boss, Mr Jones called me into his office and then proceeded to let me go with some weak ass story about being over staffed all of a sudden and as I was the last in, I had to be the first out.
"Fucking Bitch!" I shouted angrily at Mr Jones before security e****ted me off of the premises.
I raced home absolutely full of rage, there was no way in hell Melinda was going to get away with this, this was the final straw.
"You stupid fucking evil cow!" I roared as ran into the house.
"Fuck you Sam, you got what you deserved!" she shouted back.
"No you crossed a line you fucking whore!" I shouted back in her face.
"I'm a what?" she screamed.
"Your god dam fucking dirty fucking whore!" I roared into her face.
Then she screamed and leapt at me, I tumbled backwards onto the sofa with her on top of me and in seconds we were rolling about tugging at each others clothes as our lips locked passionately.
"Your fucking little mummies boy!" she growled before kissing me and shoving her tongue down my throat.
"Well your nothing but a money chasing gold digger whore!" I said pulling away from her before then kissing her once again.
In seconds we were naked and she quickly spun around on top of me to suck my already hard dick as I quickly began to lap at her shaven pink pussy.
We licked each other like we're possessed, angry and eager to taste each other.
I soon had several fingers stuffed up my stepmothers cunt and she groaned like mad as I fucked while sucking on her clit.
She sucked me just as well and after a good few minutes she pulled away from mouth and clambered up onto my dick.
"Oh yeah!" she groaned as she slid down onto me, before grinding that shaven wet cunt into my crotch.
Then she began to ride me, hard and fast, it was incredible, it was pure hard fucking and it was fantastic.
"Come Sam harder!" she groaned as I began to thrust my crotch up to meet hers.
she rode me like a mechanical bull and after a good few minutes she was really groaning.
"Yeah, yeah, fucking yeah, come on, come on!" she screamed bouncing on top of me as her C cup perky boobs bounced around above my face.
Then after a bit longer she ground down hard onto my lap and grabbed my head pulling it to her boobs.
"Suck them!" she groaned.
I quickly took her pointy hard pink nipples into mouth one at a time and sucked hard and even bit them a bit.
"Oh yeah!" groaned Melinda as her head rocked back as her first orgasm hit.
Then she climbed off me and moved to one of the arm chairs before bending over.
"Come on Sam do your stepmother hard!" she grinned.
So I quickly got up, got behind her and shoved my cock back into her wet pussy.
Then I began to fuck her hard, just the way I had seen so many other men had done before.
"Oh Sam your fucking me hard, so hard!" she groaned as my cock was like a machine as it shuttled in and out of her pussy.
I pulled on her shoulder length black hair as I fucked her and that just seemed to arouse her more.
"Go deeper, deeper!" she groaned as my balls slapped against her pussy lips.
I grabbed her pert round white ass cheeks and really slammed my cock into her just as she wanted.
"Yeah, yeah, harder, harder!" she cried as I rammed her good and hard.
"Oh you fucker!" she screamed.
Our naked bodies slammed together, and my stepmother reached up to me to stick her tongue down my throat.
"Cum in me!" she groaned looking into my eyes.
"Cum in me Sammy, I want your cum!"
I hated every bit of her, but right then all I wanted to do was fill her cunt with my spunk.
"Okay!" I groaned back pumping her cunt.
then For the next few minutes I fucked away enjoying her tight wet hot cunt until finally I could feel my balls beginning to tighten.
"I'm Cumming!" I groaned suddenly.
"Yeah do it Sam do it!" she urged me.
And so with a couple of more hard fucking thrusts my balls churned and I exploded deep inside of my stepmother.
"Oh god I can feel it!" groaned Melinda falling forwards onto the arm chair.
My cock pumped blast after blast of my stick hot cum into her pussy and for a good minute we stopped as I emptied my load into her.
Finally I pulled out of her, my cock slid out easily and some of my spunk trickled out onto her sticky naked thighs.
Then Melinda spun around and began sucking my cock clean.
"Oh Sammy I wanted to do this for so long!" she groaned between sucking me.
"Really!, I thought you hated me?" I replied amazed.
"No as soon as I saw you become a man I wanted you, but I'm your fathers wife and I knew it was wrong!" she replied slowly licking my softening cock.
So we sat naked for a while chatting and kind of making up for all the hate we had given each other then we went to shower before my father got home.
Later that night my stepmother entered my room all dressed up in a little black outfit, high heels and her hair was all up on top her head like a roosters tail.
"Come on Sammy we're going out!" she smiled.
"What?" I said looking confused.
"Come on there's a club I want to take you to?" she smiled again.
"But what about dad?" I asked.
"He's gone out, poker night with his buddies or something, now come on!" she said leaving the room.
I quickly grabbed my trainers and followed her out to a waiting limo.
We where then driven for what seemed like ages, as we sat talking, drinking champagne and her hand slowly rubbed my cock through my jeans.
Then we arrived at a warehouse on an industrial estate.
I followed her out and Melinda led me to a door where two very large door men stood waiting.
"Evening!" Melinda smiled as they opened the door for her.
It was then I recognised one of them, it was the big black hung dude who had fucked Melinda and Wendy the other week.
I then followed her into a little reception room where a pretty young purple haired girl handed Melinda a key.
Then Melinda led me into a room which looked like a locker room at swimming pool, including the showers.
"Take your clothes off!" she said before undoing her little black dress and dropping it on the floor.
I stared at her naked pale body, then I quickly pulled off my own clothes.
Melinda through them all into a locker and then grabbed my stiffening cock.
"Sammy we're about to go in one of the best kept secrets in this town, what you see and what you do stays in this building!" she said looking very serious.
"Okay!" I replied
"Good now, you don't say another word unless I tell you to, got it?" she then said.
"Okay!" I replied again.
Then still holding my stiff cock she led me through a big black door into a large noisy room.
There was flashing disco lights and pumping dance music and every where I looked there were naked people.
All colours, all creeds, there was just people every where fucking.
I stared in excited amazement as Melinda led me through the room by my cock, then I spotted some one I knew, my old boss Mr Jones getting a blowjob off of some girl with pink pigtails.
Then as we continued on, I saw Wendy sat at a bar getting her tits sucked by some bloke while she drank a cocktail and then as we passed the bar I saw my ex Hailey flat on her back on a table as two guys sucked on her plump white tits while an older woman tongued her pussy.
"Fucking hell!" I thought "
"this was like some mad crazy dream, where every one I knew were in on the joke except for me!"
Then Melinda led me into a small quiet room at the rear of the building.
"Don't speak not a word!" she whispered.
Then she let go of me and moved across the room, suddenly a spot light came on above us and there chained against a wall was an old guy, wearing black leather shorts and big black leather gimp mask.
The eye holes were zipped close and the guy just seemed to be standing there waiting.
Then Melinda whispered something into his ear, before unzipping the eye holes.
I could just see the guy still had his eyes closed and then Melinda wandered back to me.
Still in just her high heels she stepped next to me, bent over so she was side ways onto the guy and pulled open her ass cheeks.
"Fuck my ass! fuck it hard!" she commanded.
I stared in shock, I had never fucked anyone up the ass yet here was my stepmother begging for it.
So I stood behind her spat on her ass hole then on my cock and began to push in.
Her ass was so tight but after a little persuasion my cock slipped in and after a few thrusts I began to fuck her ass.
"Oh yeah harder! Deeper!" she groaned as she bent over to grip her ankles.
I thrust in harder and gripped her hips to go deeper but she was so tight it really was hard work.
"Come on, come on!" she groaned as I rammed away.
We fucked like that for some time and I could see out the corner of my eye the guy really wanted to see us fucking, which was kind of strange but also kind of a turn on.
"I now Fucked her really hard and my balls were slapping her pussy as my cock ripped through her little pink ass hole.
Finally I began to get the usual feeling in my balls.
I groaned trying to indicate I was about ready to cum.
"Keep going! Cum in my ass!" Melinda replied gasping at my thrusts.
I then groaned again louder!
"Are you about to cum?" she asked
"Yes!" I growled unable to stay silent any more.
"Now open your eyes!" cried Melinda suddenly.
The old guy opened his eyes blinked at me and then realised what I was about to do.
"Sam!" he said in a very familiar voice.
"DAD!" I cried in horror as my balls began to pump hot spunk into his wife.

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