Evil stepmom part 2.

So my stepmom had let me cum all over her naked body and now was fucking around with almost every bloke that came to the house and there's nothing I could say to stop her.
So I tried to ignore it and even when I returned from work and she was on her back, legs in the air getting fucked silly by some delivery bloke or the pool guy I just had to keep my mouth shut and quietly tug my self off.
Then one day I came home and Melinda was actually dressed and talking to me all nice and for a few minutes I thought she had suddenly changed, then it turned out she just wanted a favour.
"I need you to go to my friends house and move some furniture for her" she said.
"Yeah that ain't happening!" I replied
"Sam, come on do this for me!" she said pouting.
"No chance" I replied enjoying the fact I was pissing her off for a change.
"Now come on Sam after I did that favour for you, surely you could return the favour?" she moaned before she began thrusting her bosom towards me.
I stared at that ample white cleavage remembering what it looked like naked and how many times I saw her tits covered in cum!
"Fine!" I groaned knowing it was easier to just do what she wanted.
So the next day I headed over to her friends house.
Wendy answered the door, she was a hot redhead with a nice tan and pretty fit body for fifty year old and she showed me to the room where the furniture was.
"I want all of this stuff moved into the room opposite" she said pointing to whole load of boxes and bedroom furniture which was a lot more than I anticipated.
"I'm going to my tanning room, now don't disturb me till your finished" she said before walking off and leaving me to it.
So I got on with the job and figured If I got a move on I could finish quickly.
Well after about an hour of shifting box after box I had managed to clear about two thirds of the room but it was dam hot and I really needed a drink.
so I headed down the hallway looking for Wendy's tanning room and after opening a few doors only to find more bedrooms I finally found her tanning room.
"Wendy I could really do with a drink" I said opening the door slightly, and seeing the big metal tanning booth sitting across the room.
"Really you want something now!?" she groaned from under the hot lights.
"If you wouldn't mind" I replied trying not to sound to pissed off.
"Fine I'll be out in a minute!" she replied so I shut the door and a minute or so later she appeared dressed in just a big white towel.
I Instantly felt my cock twitch as she stepped out in front of me and I had to look away cause I feared I might end up with complete hard cock.
then she led me down stairs to the large open kitchen with all the latest mod cons.
"Will water do?" she asked
"Yeah anything cold!" I replied.
So she poured out a glass of water from the tap and then moved to the big fridge.
"You want Ice?" she asked
"Sure!" I replied and I watched her press a button and ice began to fall out of a slot in the door straight into my glass.
Then one cube missed the glass and bounced on the floor.
"Dam it!" she groaned before bending down to pick it up.
Suddenly her big white towel dropped off and I was stood staring at her big round tanned ass and her perfectly shaven pussy.
"Oh Christ!" she exclaimed trying to grab her towel with one hand.
"Let me help you" I said quickly bending down to pick it up.
Then as I bent forwards, she bent almost completely over and suddenly my face was jammed into her sweet pussy.
"Oh Sam what are you doing?" she moaned
I quickly pulled my head back.
"Sorry I didn't mean to, I was just trying to.." before I could finish apologising she thrust her perfectly round ass back in my face.
"I didn't say stop!" she groaned before she began to wiggle herself on my face.
My mouth was squashed up against her pussy lips, my nose must have been almost in her asshole and she began to grind down on me.
"Come on Sam eat my pussy, lick it you bad boy!" she said urging me on.
So I pushed my tongue into her pussy and began lapping away as she continued to ride my face.
"Yeah faster" she groaned
And then for a good few minutes we stayed in that position as she rubbed herself like a woman possessed against my face.
"Oh yeah Sam your doing it, your doing it!" she groaned.
Then finally she pulled away from my now sticky face.
"Lay down boy!" she said pushing me onto my back.
Then she straddled me and planted that sticky pussy of hers back on my face.
"Come on Sam tongue fuck me to an orgasm, I know you want to!" she groaned as she began to grind on my face again.
I really did, I really wanted this fit old bird to cum, and cum hard right on my face, I wanted to eat her out and drink her dry.
So I really began to lap away at her, shoving my tongue in her pussy and licking her clit when I could and then I realised more I met her thrusts the more my nose brushed her ass bud so I really tried to do that more as well.
"Oh fuck yeah!" she began to groan again.
"Oh Sam your really doing it, come on, come on!"
As she continued to rub against my face I could feel her hands moving down my body, at first I thought it was just to steady her self but then I felt her fingers unbuttoning my jeans.
"Let me see this cock!" she groaned reaching into my boxers before pulling out my semi erect cock.
She pulled it out and gave a good tugging.
"Oh Melinda wasn't lying you do have a good size cock!" she said as continued to rub it.
I couldn't believe it my wonderful stepmom had been telling her friends all about my cock, and if Wendy wasn't riding my face and rubbing my cock I would have been pretty pissed off by now.
Then she lent forwards and engulfed my cock in her mouth.
I was almost in heaven, she deep throated me like I was a lollipop and then began sucking me like I was one too and I would have let out a groan of approval if wasn't for the fact she was trying to drown me in her juices.
"Yeah fuck yeah!" she growled as she clamped down hard on my face suddenly.
"Come on, come on!" she cried out nearing her orgasm.
My face was now completely smothered and all I could do was tongue her silly hoping she would cum and finally release me.
"Yes Sam yes, yes you bastard!" she growled some more.
"CUMING!" she cried and then she began to buck on my face, really fucking wild and her pussy began shooting juices right down my throat and all over my the rest of me.
"Fuck!" she cried again as pussy squirted.
Then finally she relaxed and slid forward onto my chest.
"Oh you are good!" she groaned then she began tugging at my cock again.
My face was now soaked and half of my shirt but right then I really didn't care and besides she was tugging me off so who was I to complain.
It was a few minutes into me being wanked off by her when suddenly a phone began to ring.
"Hold on!" she sighed getting up and leaving me laying on her kitchen floor.
A minute later she returned with her mobile in hand.
"It's Melinda" she grinned
Crap I thought what the hell did she want right now as I was getting my reward.
"She wants to know If your working hard for me?" grinned Wendy.
I didn't know what to say, I was a little dazed from being Wendy's fuck tool and my cock was using most of my bl**d right at that second.
Then Wendy straddled me again and began to rub my cock with her free hand.
"Oh he's doing really well" replied Wendy cheekily.
"What has he done?" she said repeating Melinda's question out loud.
"Well he's eaten my pussy like an expert and now he's going to give me some lotion!" she giggled.
Fucking hell I thought, this woman is fucking nuts, and worse she's telling my stepmom.
Then she really began to rub my cock and then she began to suck me again.
"Oh he taste yummy, he really does" said Wendy giving Melinda running commentary.
"Oh its so hot and sticky!" she groaned before sucking me some more.
"Oh you really should try it Melinda it's fucking lovely, I bet it's just like his dads" she continued down the phone.
"Now come on Sam, come for me, give Wendy a lovely big dollop of cum!" she groaned urging me to cum.
Then she held the phone to my ear for me to hear my stepmom.
"Come on Sam cum for Wendy, just like you did for me!" urged my stepmom slightly breathless.
"Cum on Sam, cum for both of us!"
I couldn't believe it my stepmom was getting off on the phone to me being sucked by her friend.
"Oh Christ I'm nearly there!" I groaned my balls beginning to tighten.
"Cum on Sam, CUM, CUM!" urged my Stepmom down the phone.
"Yeah Sammy give it to me baby!" groaned Wendy.
I couldn't take anymore, two older women begging for me to cum was just to much, plus Wendy's tongue was like an electric eel.
"Oh Fuck!" I groaned and then I began shooting my load.
I pumped jizz high into the air, it landed smack onto Wendy's naked C cup tanned tits and then I pumped some more.
My balls emptied everything I had and Almost every blast landed on Wendy's naked body.
Finally I stopped and Wendy sat on top of me covered in my cum,
"Oh fucking hell Melinda he's like a fucking hose pipe!" she said amazed down the phone.
"I am covered, absolutely drenched in his stuff!"
Then she got off me picked up her towel and walked off still talking on the phone.
"I think I've got enough for my whole body" she joked as she headed back upstairs.
So I popped my now flaccid cock away, got off the floor washed my face in her sink, drank my drink and headed back to the room to finish my job.
Later when I had finally finished Wendy thanked me and asked for my number just in case she needed anything else moving! she said with a wink.
So I headed home a little confused, had my stepmom just set me up? and if so why? cause it was kind of a nice gesture if she had, it almost made up for the things she had been doing recently.
Then a few days later I got home and found my stepmom and Wendy both naked and bent over the sofa being fucked by a well hung black stud, Fuck she did it to me again! so I just pulled my cock out and tugged myself off, but it this wasn't over...

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i need more of this story!!