Evil Stepmom.

My f****y had been an ordinary f****y until my father decided he wanted to live with another woman.
Melinda was a skinny brunette haired woman with rather pale skin and nasty attitude, what my dad saw in her I do not know cause she really seem to hate me and mother and did nothing to hide it.
Well that all happened while I was in my teens and then I grew up, now in my twenties I had a just got a great job in a office, in the city and by chance it happen to be closer to my fathers house than my moms, so after a long discussion with both of my parents it was decided I could live at my fathers house until I found a place of my own.
So I moved in and just as I expected I got nothing but dirty looks and sarcastic comments from my loving stepmom for the first few days, and I just had to ignore it for the sake of some peace.
It was about two weeks into my new job when I got an early finish and by lunch time I was arriving back at my dads house, as I walked in I realised my wonderful stepmom was nowhere to be seen, normally she would be here, as she didn't work but instead leeched off my father, just another reason to hate her.
But she was definitely not around so believing she had gone out I headed up to my room and stripped off for a swim in our pool.
As I was stripping off I peered out the window and couldn't believe my eyes, Melinda was stretched out on lounge chair completely utterly naked by the pool, sunbathing.
I stared in amazement at her amazing white body, as I said she was rather skinny but she had a pair of nice round tits maybe only C cups but very pert and her big pink nipples stuck up like corks making me think maybe she had had them surgically enhanced, then my eyes wandered down her slim tight body, until they nearly popped out of my head when I saw her perfectly shaven pussy, as clean as it could be with out a single hair in sight, and I got a perfect view of it as she lay with her legs slightly apart.
My cock instantly got hard and with out realising what I was doing, I quickly began stroking it as I continued to stare at Melinda's body.
I couldn't believe she was lying there totally naked and now began to realise why she had objected so much to me moving in, well fuck her, I didn't want her to break my f****y up so this was my retribution.
I stood there really enjoying the view and now I was tugging my self with out guilt it really got me excited and I couldn't help but begin to imagine how I would love to cum over her body, just deposit my load all over her white naked body and then wipe my cock head all over her tits to finish off, yeah take that you bitch I thought.
I don't know how long I had been standing there tugging away, imagining cum splattering my stepmom but glancing out of the window again I suddenly realised she wasn't there anymore, in fact I couldn't see her at all, until I heard a noise behind me.
Turning around with my hard cock still in my hand I stared in horror as Melinda was now standing in my doorway looking angry as hell.
"You dirty little bastard!" she screamed
"How dare you wank off looking at me"
I tried to think of something to say, but I couldn't think of anything then I began to worry cause I knew if she told my dad he'd kick my ass.
"I'm sorry" I blurted out panicking.
"Sorry you fucking freak, your sorry" she screamed back.
"Yes I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I couldn't control my self, but I won't do it again" I replied.
"You couldn't control yourself? my body turned you on so much you just had to tug yourself stupid?" she asked.
"Yes but I'm sorry I promise I won't do it again" I said again.
"So this really got you turned on?" she asked before she opened her blue silk robe revealing her naked body again.
"Yeah" I replied nervously staring at her body again now it was even closer than before.
"You really like my body?" she asked as her hands began to fondle her tits.
"Oh yes" I replied as I began to rub my cock again.
"Show me how much you like my body" she said then Melinda walked pass me and dropped into my recliner that sat by my bed.
She sat there robe fully open showing off that tight white body and then she opened her legs spreading them for me to see her pussy.
"Come on Sam, wank off for me" she grinned evilly and so I did.
I quickly began to pull at my cock, as hard and fast as I could as I stood just a few feet from my stepmoms naked body, while she urged me on, as she watched waiting for the inevitable.
"Cum on pump that cock" she said licking her lips seductively.
"Tug it hard I want to see you cum"
I really began to rub my shaft and as I pumped away I watched her hands drift from playing with her tits to slowly edging to her pussy.
Then her fingers found her pussy lips and my eyes fixed on her crotch as she began to finger her pussy and rub her own clit.
"Cum on Sam I want to see some cum" she gasped again and I soon began to feel my balls tightening.
"Oh its coming" I groaned.
"Yeah cum on, cum on" she groaned as she rubbed her pussy as her eyes were now fixed on my cock.
We were both now getting off and it was just amazing that this woman who seem to hate me so much was now helping me to get off.
"I'm going to cum" I groaned nearly reaching my peak.
"Cum on me Sam, Cum on me" she groaned
That was it, I couldn't believe what she had just said and there was no way I could pass up the opportunity.
"Oh Christ" I cried as my cock exploded and my I began to shoot blast after blast of hot sticky cum.
It hit her naked flat stomach and then trailed down towards her naked wet pussy.
"Oh fuck yeah" I groaned as I continued to pump my cum onto her pussy.
As my cum hit her skin it must have triggered her orgasm because she suddenly tensed up with her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and she groaned loudly which only spurred me on to pump more cum onto her.
Finally I stopped cuming and stepped back from her, Melinda sat there half covered in my cum breathing deeply.
then her fingers scooped up the trails of cum from her pussy and I watched in amazement as she
began licking and sucking them clean.
"Lovely" she grinned tasting my cum.
Finally she got up and did up her robe and moved towards me.
"If you know what's good for you, you will not tell anyone of this" she said looking me in the eye.
"Okay" I replied not even thinking about doing anything else.
"Good it will be our little secret" she smiled before giving me a little kiss on the cheek and then leaving my room.
For the next few days things seemed a little easier, a little more peaceful but then one afternoon I finished an hour or so early and headed home and when I got back I couldn't believe it.
My Stepmom was once again naked by the pool and this time with her was Mr Carson the Gardner, and as she sat sucking on his hard cock, he was busy fingering her pussy and that's when I realised she must have been waiting for me to come home early and find her naked, just so she could then blackmail me into silence if I caught her shagging around.
What a fucking horny bitch, I thought as I pulled out my cock out again and began rubbing one out again from my window.
But that was just the beginning of my troubles...

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