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Another true biker story.

If you are a biker and live where it snows there is only one thought that gets you through the long winter:
Daytona Bike Week!

I been going to Daytona Bike Week since the 1970’s and damn has it changes over those years. Gone are the days of rampant nudity, fights, Outlaws vs. Hells Angels, and general tearing up the town. From the days of 50 guys wearing colors walking down Main Street to moms and k**s every where, One way or another it’s a homecoming to find old friends and shake the cobwebs out of your head and your pipes after a cold winter.

A strange thing begin to happen about 2004 in Daytona, all of the sudden there were more high class, doctor , lawyer, businessmen type bikers than real greasy working stiff type bikers. You had to look hard to find a real biker slut for all the pretend weekend biker “sluts” in $200 designer boots, but me being the “Horn Dog” that I am love to see any woman in tight jeans and bra less tank top.

My routine when in town is to spend the afternoons and early evening at some of the hundreds of events out side town and the after dark roll onto main street to watch the oceans of people and bikes parading main street until the early morning hours. This particular day I had spent at the Cabbage Patch out near Rt. 44. It had been a hot day with sun beating down. The place had all but dried up and I was ready to hit Main Street kick back and enjoy the cool evening. The ride over takes about 20-30 minutes, so the wind kind of aired out the days sweat and dust. It always feels good to ride on a cool night in Florida. Coming up Beach Street and approaching the Inter-coastal I could see the bikes stopped a the foot of Main Street Bridge, It would be another crowed night on Main Street.

I idled the Harley the few blocks down Main Street looking for a spot on the street where I could back in and spend the evening. I wasn’t feeling very confident this was going to happen when I saw a couple loading up on a crotch rocket near Froggy’s. I waved them out and pulled crossways on Main Street to back in. The great thing about backing into a parking spot on Main Street is you don’t have to exert much effort to get you bike up onto the high curb where the bikes sit. All you have to do is get lined up and get your back tire near the curb and 3 or 4 hands will come out of the crowd and pull your bike up and over the curb. Tonight was no different and in an instant I was sitting at a great spot for my evening of people watching and maybe a bit of “cold trailing” for this old “Horn Dog”.

Well Froggy’s had provided the place to park so I might as well patronize them, I walked in ordered a draft and enjoyed every drop of it. Froggy’s is always crowed and there was standing room only tonight, so I thought I may walk down the street and try and find a place with a chair for the “ol man” to sit awhile.
I crossed over Main Street and went into Dirty Harry’s. They usually had a bunch of chairs and tables set up. The band was blaring in the back but I was able to find a lone table and chair in a quiet corner, (if there is such a thing as quiet on Main Street). I got another draft and started people watching. And it was a good night there were beautiful women every where. I love the 35 and up ladies soft bodies and big asses in tight jeans. And they were everywhere. After awhile I latched on to watching one in particular. She was about 45, short auburn hair, 5’-10” and I would say 175 lbs. B-cup tits in a push up bra, narrow waist and wide hips. She was wearing Black Harley Top spaghetti straps, designer jeans and a pair of high heel riding boots. She was wearing rings on all of her fingers with a few rocks that probably cost more than my Road Glide. And she was horny and d***k!

Now you ask how did I know she was horny? Well I watch and read people. I have learned to do it for years as part of my job, and when it’s in this situation people are easy to read. She was with a hubby and he was with a bunch of guys sitting around a table drinking talking and laughing. She would come over to him and rub up on him, and he would ignore her. She would then walk over and listen to the band awhile dancing alone, grinding her hips in circles. She would do that awhile, look over her shoulder at him and then go back to him and rub up against him some more. He would blow her off again. She would look disgusted, get another drink and go back to the band. I thought to myself, this man must be a fool or gay to be ignoring this beautiful woman. Apparently not gay because he would ignore this beauty while every time a tight body beach babe (the bars hire these girls to wait tables for bike week) walked by his mouth would drop open and he would start slobbering. I noticed this and so did the auburn haired beauty of his.

She was starting to get mad, but she was still hornier than she was mad. She went over and as sexy as she could whispered something in his ear while slipping her hand under the table grabbing his cock. He grabbed her tits with both hands, said something to the guys sitting with him and they all burst out laughing!

Oh hell that had done it! She took a couple steps back and with a finger pointing in his face cussed him, up one side and down the other. I wasn’t close enough and the band was too loud for me to hear what was being said, but I could see all the guys buddies get real uncomfortable and start paying a lot of attention to the band all of a sudden. I was waiting for the slap to his face, but she seemed to be satisfied with just humiliating him. Then her hand came out flat in front of her and he sheepishly got in his pocket and fished her out a set of keys and she walked toward the exit.

I swallowed down the rest of my beer, “Time for me to go”. As I followed her out hubby had a waitress cornered and was ordering more drinks. He will be here a while I noted.

If you have ever tried to walk down Main Street Daytona Beach at night during bike week, it’s a nearly impossible task. The bikes parked on the street take up part of the sidewalk. The people a leaning up against the building and they are 4 and 5 deep off the street watching the bikes cruise the main drag. You are lucky if there is a path one person wide that is actually trying to get somewhere, and this goes on the whole length of Main Street. If one person stops the whole line stops, crowding, pushing, shoving, you just jump in the flow and hope it gets you somewhere. Auburn is a few people ahead of me and heading toward the beach. In about a block I have gotten right behind here.

As normally happens the line comes to a complete stop and I bump against her. “Sorry” I said, loud enough over the roar she had to respond ”Its ok” she answers. “ I sure hope you know where your going cause I’m just following you” I tell her. She says “Don’t follow me Ill just get you lost” “ I have to because my eyes have locked on to that ass and I cant look away” Its hard to flirt when you have to shout to be heard and there are 50 people pushing you through the crowd. She liked that and grabbed my hand put it around my waist and said, “Then follow me babe”

Every time we would stop I would bump against her ass and she would push back against me. She was half walking half stumbling really stone cold d***k. With her hand over my hand, and my hand on her belly we pushed through another block. We were back across the street from Froggy’s and I though about heading her to my bike, then thought I’ll just see where she takes me. I got my hand under her shirt and was massaging her belly, She laughed and said “You like that?”

Under he shirt I moved up and cupped her b**st and said “ I really like these”. I stopped tuned her to me and kissed her long and hard and deep as the throngs of people pushed by us. She liked it and I kissed her more, my hands roughly on her body. At one point my hand on the crotch of her jeans, they were hot and damp. A few rude comments from the crowd got us moving again.

I pulled her down the next side street, found a dark corner between a dumpster and a bunch porta-johns and pulled her in. My hands were all over her body and our kissing was lustful. I slipped my hands in the front of her jeans, but they were too tight to get very far. “You want a biker slut” she said and she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I still don’t know if it was a question or a statement, but right then I knew she had came to Bike Week to live out a Biker Slut Fantasy.

“Your just another nasty biker bitch” I said to her and that got her worked up even more. “Get on your knees and take car of my cock BITCH!” She dropped to her knees, her hands running down my sides and was biting the outline of my cock through my jeans. I had my fingers woven in her hair and was pulling it. The harder I pulled the more she reacted biting and working my cock through my jeans. I grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled her back to her feet kissing her deeply again. My hand made its way deeper in her jeans this time. I found a freshly shaven pussy and shoved my finger into her wetness. “Your old nasty cunt is dripping” I told her. “Why is your cunt wet?” I asked. She giggled. “Bitch when I ask you a question you answer. Do you understand?” I demanded. “Yes sir” she answered “ Its wet for your cock”.

Grabbing her hair I pulled her to my face and whispered in her ear. “If your mouth does a good job on my cock, your nasty cunt can have it after while” She was turned on and loving every minute of it her hips were bucking and she was half way humping my leg. In response to my whisper she whispered back “please give me your cock ….please” “sluts like to suck cock” I said “So what are you.?” I’m your slut, I’m your Whore, I’m your bitch” I am what every you say I am she answered. “Then get on your knees and suck my cock” I demanded.

For the most part we were hidden someone would have to glance behind the garbage dumpster to see us. I positioned her so her ass was toward the crowd, that way I could watch for Daytona’s Finest.

She had to wrestle my cock out of my jeans, It was hard and demanding attention. The head was dripping pre-cum and there would be plenty more to follow. This woman knew how to suck a cock and she was hungry for it. It’s easy to tell when a woman loved sucking cock, she put her whole effort into it and they moan and coo. She gave a sloppy blowjob too and I love that, lots of squishy sounds sloppy wet sounds clobber and per-cum dripping from her chin. I hear an “opps” as some dripped on her black top. That gave me the perfect idea. I pulled her hair making her deep throat me. Causing her to gag and pull away. I would let her get comfortable again, sucking and licking my cock then grab her hair and shove my cock deep into her throat again. She would gag again but never miss a stroke. This continued for 7 or 8 minutes, and people were walking within 6 feet of us. A couple guys would catch a glimpse, take a second look, smile and walk on.

Just about the time my cock was swelling to its fullest and my balls were tightening from those eager lips, four women in their twenties walked by and saw us. One showed out “blowjob” and they all stopped in their tracks and turned to watch. They were hooting and hollering “Give it to her! Suck it!” That’s all it took for me. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and jacked it. I shot about 5 long ropes of cum on her face and down the front or her top. The woman started clapping and cheering, then they continued on their way.

I shoved my cock back in Alburn’s mouth and told her to clean up the mess on my cock. She did it eagerly. When she stood up, cum was still dripping off her face. I peeled the front or her top up and wiped her face on it. You can’t walk down Main Street looking like a street whore I told her. “Yes but look at all your cum on my top” she said. Her black top was perfectly covered in cum. It was very obvious what it was and there was still dripping globs of seamen everywhere. “They will know you’re a real biker slut when they see that I said.

Now lets go Fuck!

To be continued…...Sorry I go on so long I will try and get some time to finish this this week when I’m not working.

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