Bighairyharleybiker Road Trip. part 2

Thanks for all the comments and emails.

Oh, by the way a lot have asked me about the tennis ball trick and wants me to explain it…so here goes.

I don't know if you ever rode a Harley before or not but you don't really sit on a seat, your more like straddle it. The Harley is only a two-cylinder bike so it vibrates alot, and the older models with the rigid motor mounts vibrate a whole lot! Well all that vibration gets transferred through the seat right to your pussy, which is very good, but sometimes the vibrations need to be a little higher, closer to your clit. By placing the tennis ball on the seat, and wedging it between your legs the vibrations hit the "sweet spot"
Its really better experienced that explained.

Well when we left off…..a mess had been made and for some reason I was 30 miles west of where I should have turned to find my camping spot for the night. I slowed down and made a u-turn there in the road nothing but rows of corn to watch me.

Not much time had gone by until Debbie ( yes I did know her name), began to tell me how worried she was that hubby would find the mess in her pants and there would be hell to pay. I already had a plan in the back of my mind to take care of her problem. For the next 20 mile I got more of the story of what a ass hubby was and how it served him right that she was there with me on the Harley for all the World to see.

I found my turn off and then the f****y picnic area at the edge of the wood line to set up my camp. I was very surprised to see a fresh stack of firewood and believe it or not a big slice of apple pie. Country people are very good and generous people. The guy’s dad had been very kind to set me up like that. Within 20 yards of the campsite was a slow wide stream perfect for what I had planned in my mind. Now it was nearly 9:00 p.m. and still in the high 80 degrees so I didn’t need the firewood for warmth but would sure add to the mood.
Now if you have ever been around women that “squirt” you know there are two types of squirters (both which are good). The first type has such a strong orgasm contraction they squeeze out some pee, and the second type actually has a type of ejaculation of a different type fluid. I’m not real educated on the physiology of all this but the fluid is thicker and reminds me of pre-cum. Since Debbie’s squirt only wetted the back of my jeans I was hoping it was the latter type.

I got off my bike and set to building a fire in the fire pit which was only a bunch of concrete blocks placed in a circle. Once the fire was burning on its own, I told Debbie it was time for me to hold up my end of the deal. She was leaning on the bike and as I walked back to her she was still going on about how she would be in trouble going home with such a mess on her pants. He black slacks had already dried and there was a very obvious and large whitish stain. “What am I going to do?”

“I’ll tell you what you’re going to do” I said. “Your going to shut up and kiss me”, and kiss me she did. We kissed very hard and very deep, she was a woman looking for passion and expressed it in her kisses. Hungry Deep Kisses. Moaning and hands exploring each other’s body. I worked to undo her pants, and when I finally found a zipper on both sides, I had to wonder “When did they start putting zippers there?”
I slipped down her pants, and a pair of the biggest whitest granny panties I have ever seen. Then I turned away from her leaving her bare asses to the world, and walked to the stream. I knew if I didn’t get these things washed out and on a picnic table to dry they would not be ready by the time to leave.

I have washed many clothes in streams, and knew that a quick scrub would get them clean enough not to be obvious, and hopefully not to stiff or wrinkled to cause suspicion. I scrubbed them good in my hands and stretched them out tight on the picnic table to dry, It was still hot for the days sun, so they would dry in short order in the Midwest heat.

Debbie was all humped up on my bike when I finished, trying not to expose her self. I walked to her, stood her up and backed her against the seat of my bike. I set her on the seat, leaner her against the backrest and placed one leg on my floorboard and the other on the rear peg. This opened her legs to me.

Now I love to eat pussy, no I LIVE to eat pussy! If I can even eat a woman I don’t even care if I screw, it’s the best part, as far as I’m concerned, and I had been thinking of eating this one for a couple hours. Just the sight of this woman was so arousing. There was no shaved pussy, no landing strip, no trimmed bush. I doubt of this woman’s pussy have ever seen razor. Thick dark hair and it was matted with her ejaculation, wet sticky and nasty. I couldn’t wait!, but you have to take these things slow to savor each and every sense being satisfied.

First, sight, I had to look at her, my hands running up and down the out side of her thighs, running up her calves, my fingers spreading her lips open to reveal what very few had seen. Odd things pop into my mind at odd times, and I can remember thinking “ I really need to thank the inventor of Vodka, for making this happen.”

Her lips were thick and heavy, full meaty lips, deep folds and swollen with desire. Her clit was also big and hard, her hole was large and open, due to 5 natural birth c***dren I was later to find out. It was all so beautiful and I wanted to look at it forever. But the sense of smell and taken control. A day sitting at her desk, over a hour on the back of my Harley and a nice big orgasm had giver her flower the perfect aroma, I breathed in deeply it was overwhelming…intoxicating!

As much as I wanted to tease her with little butterfly kisses on the inside of her thighs, and working closer and closer building a passion in her, my sense of taste would have nothing to do with that! Uncontrollable, I just dove in! Using my nose and cheeks to spread her open, my tongue found the deepness of her hole and the source of her juices. I was just rooting my face between her legs, moaning, grunting my hands groping her tits under her shirt and bra and feeling and squeezing ass. Nothing sweet or romantic, just a****listic lust. Her clit had swollen even bigger and my mouth just had to go there. That little soldier was standing tall and I was going to suck every inch.

Debbie was really enjoying this, she was moaning and her hips were bucking, her hands grabbing the back of my baldhead and pushing me deeper. Ever now and again she would pull back, and I knew she was trying not to cum in my face. When my tongue snuck down and flicked her rosebud a few times I thought she was going to fall off of the bike. Once when I came up for air, I told her “Cum on my face”, the dove back in my face as deep as I could get it. The moans became louder, her breaths became quicker. I could feel her body tensing her hand on the back of my head pulling me tighter and at the moment of explosion I shoved two fingers in her ass.

She bucked and screamed as she gushed her cum all over my face, I licked and slurped, not wanting to waste a drop. Her hips were raising off the seat, she was grinding into my face, I was beginning to look for a way to breathe when she begin to settle back down, and shove my face away. Her pussy sensitive to the touch now, she just wanted to enjoy the throbs of her orgasm. I pulled back and watched her contractions for over a minute.

My bike had never looked better, beautiful woman spread open and in the glow of an orgasm, DAMN LIFE IS GOOD!

Apparently I was staring, because when she opened her eyes she asked, “what are you looking at?” The most beautiful woman in……….where we at again” I asked. “Illinois” She snapped. Setting up and trying to cover herself with her shirt she said, “Now it’s your turn, what do you want me to do for you?” I answered “You won’t do it” “After the way you ate me I’ll do anything you say” she replied. “You promise” I questioned. And again said “Anything” Then I want you totally nude so I can see every inch of you. I could tell this made her nervous, she didn’t want to show her body, but I was determined to see it all.

I can see tanned hard body women in all states of undress in every magazine, TV show, Internet web site and street of America, but a nude “real” woman’s body is hard to catch a glimpse of. I removed my old horsehair-moving quilt from my sl**p roll and laid it on the ground. I laid back on it and told her to undress. She removed her shirt and bra and stood before me totally nude. Her hands crossed, covering her mommy belly. I can never understand why a woman will open her legs to you and show you every little detail of their pussy and ass but try so hard to hide a mommy belly. I was on my knees touch and exploring her body, and loved every inch of it.

Her breasts were heavy and hung low, large dark erect nipples, that had nursed many babies and would nurse me here tonight, soft light skin covered her, except for tan cleavage line and shoulders. No tanning for this woman, just days working in the sun. Sweet wide hips and a dimpled bubble butt kept my attention for a long time. I do love big assed women! I kissed and rubbed my face on her mommy belly and snuck my tongue in her belly button a few times but she would laugh and push me away. I was enjoying every minute of this but she was uncomfortable. Finally she had hand enough and said so. She pushed me onto my back and said now it’s your turn.

She unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down and took my cock in her mouth, She wasn’t wasting time on a slow blow job, just wanted it hard and wet for her pussy. She climbed on to me and lowered her self on.
Now here is where I am supposed to tell you I pounded into her for a hour, but it ain’t happening.

Looking up at this beauty riding me, her big wet sloppy pussy on my cock, huge breasts slapping with each bounce… I tried thinking about football….grandma….feeding the dogs….It didn’t work…I lasted about three minutes and she drained my whole body, cum and spirit. She giggled rolled to my side and whispered (more to herself than me) “I still got it”.

10 Hours on the road, the adrenaline of this woman, and one hell of a orgasm I could have laid there for the next 24 hours, but she was already worrying about getting home. She slipped on her clothes her panties and pants had mostly dried, no cum stains to be seen. I threw the rest of the stuff off my bike and returned her to her car. There were people around where she had parked, so there was no passionate kiss good bye, just a exchange of email addresses and she left saying “ Thanks I needed that”

I was up and on the road early the next day and a long day put me well into Iowa, many miles were lost to the thoughts of this Midwest farm wife. A couple weeks later when I got home I was surprised to find an email waiting from her. After finishing the rest of her vodka, She had made it home fine, her husband was already home d***k and horny. And with revenge in her mind she gave into him, only if he agreed to eat her pussy. She fed him my cum and then gave him my sloppy seconds. She went on and on about how the son of a bitch deserved it.

I still talk to her once in a while and hope my next Sturgis trip includes a stop in Robinson, IL

Feel free to email me at

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