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when i lost my cherry

so i was at a party i was only 13 but i was a mature young man looked and acted older than my age thats how i got in to the crowd i was hanging out with it was my dude brians 21st b-day party and about to be a life changing night for me i was playing some spades drinking a 40 of old english jammin out to some pac havin a damn good time then i got real fuckin d***k so i went up to the spare bed room i was staying the night in and laid down till i sobered up a little bit i was just about to get up but then my dude jj walked in with these 2 girls and left them there with me so they both come lay in the bed with me and were talking they said that they heard i was a virgin and taking some ones cherry turned them on so the blond aka chelsea popped my dick in her mouth and the redhead aka samantha popped her tit in my mouth it didnt take long for me to get hard and as chelsea was sucking my dick i was fingering her pussy then sam sat on my chest and put her pussy in my face and told me to eat it so i started licking her clit the next thing i know my face had become a sex toy she was rubbing her pussy up and down my face she put my hands on her tits i started playing with her nipples then chelsea pushed her off and said my turn so i laid her down and started eating her pussy while she fingered sam it was so sexy my cock was throbbing so sam slid a condom on my cock then sat her pussy down on it i busted in like 20 or 30 seconds i was so mad at my self but it wasnt long till i was hard again i must have busted 10 nuts that night hell of a way to lose you cherry for sure
Posted by biggworm 2 years ago
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