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when i lost my cherry

so i was at a party i was only 13 but i was a mature young man looked and acted older than my age thats how i got in to the crowd i was hanging out with it was my dude brians 21st b-day party and about to be a life changing night for me i was playing some spades drinking a 40 of old english jammin out to some pac havin a damn good time then i got real fuckin d***k so i went up to the spare bed room i was staying the night in and laid down till i sobered up a little bit i was just about to get up but then my dude jj walked in with these 2 girls and left them there with me so they both come lay ... Continue»
Posted by biggworm 2 years ago

[Story] i dream of lovely

i had this dream last night of this beautiful girl i well kind of know lets say i see her alot well we were four wheeling in my jeep down by the river having a good time she was wearing a blue sundress and sandals and a blue bows in her pig tails looking verry stunning out of no where comes this down pour making things verry muddy verry quick on our way out we hit this creek mouth and get stuck trying every thing i can to get out i burry it to the frame so were stuck good i call a friend to come pull us out butit will take him 4 hours to get to us so we make thebest of thing listining to the r... Continue»
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