Fun with a neighbour 3

The fun continues.....

It was the day after I had enjoyed Sandy's attentions, and instead of satisfying me, I felt hornier than ever. I kept remembering how she smelt, the feel of her soft skin, the feeling of her pussy sliding down my cock and that moment when we came.

As usual, we walked the older k**s to school and chatted about irrelevant things. The same for the return journey with just the two youngest k**s. We got to my house and I said that I'd see her later and she gave me a look. "You're not going to invite me in for coffee? I could really use a cup and the k**s could have a good play together." I kind of liked the way she stressed the word play and it suddenly occured to me that she might be as horny as I was.

We went inside and she hurried the k**s down to the other end of the house to play with each other. I looked at her, taking in her light dress as she almost jumped on me in the hallway. "I'm so wet, I really need your cock, now." she breathed in my ear. I felt her hand opening my pants and then slide in. She slid her fingers over my hard cock and then grabbed the top of my underpants, slipping them down a little so she could touch my flesh.

I moaned a little as I slipped my hand down you her groin and it occured to me that I didn't feel any panties. I pulled her dress up and slipped my hand between her legs, feeling her pubic hair and definitely no panties. I slipped my fingers between her legs and found her pussy to be dripping wet. She moved her hips around, trying to get my fingers to touch her clit. Feeling her need, I moved my fingers to her clit and began to tease her. She groaned and leaned into me, her breasts pushing against my chest. I pushed her against the wall and pressed myself against her, my fingers still playing with her clit. I felt her soft lips on my cheek and turned my head so that our mouths met. She had one of her arms around my back, holding me tight, while her other hand was busy freeing my cock. She succeeded and I felt her hand grasp my length firmly.

She moved her mouth from mine and kissed her way to my ear. "Please, I need your cock in me now." she whispered. I could tell that she was getting close to cumming, so I removed my hand and picked her up, carrying her to my bedroom. I lay her down on her back, and pushed her dress up to her hips, exposing her wet pussy to me. "Please" she murmured. My cock was already rock hard as I lay down on top her her. I felt her hands grab my shaft and guide me to her opening. I looked at her eyes, drank them in and rammed my cock into her. She closed her eyes and arched her back, allowing me to penetrate her as deeply as possible. She let out a moan and I knew that she was not far from ecstacy. I slipped out of her and pushed home again, hard and fast. "oh yes" she breathed. "Harder, fuck me harder." Her hands were running through her hair and her expression was intense.

I reached down and ran my hands over her breasts, still covered be her dress. Seeing that we were both still pretty close to fully dressed made me even hotter as I pumped my cock into her again. She moaned and I could feel her pussy twitching around my cock. I could feel her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her dress and the bra that she was wearing. "ohhhh yess" she hissed as her pussy clenched and I felt her beginning to cum. I pulled out and then back in again fast, grinding our hips together as her orgasm took her. I felt myself starting to cum as well as her pussy contracted around me, squeezing me. It felt like the head of my cock exploded with pleasure as my seed shot into her. I leaned down and we kissed each other hard as our orgasms took us, as if we were sharing the sensations through our mouths as much as through our groins.

As the sensations faded, I realised that she had wrapped her sexy legs around my waist, using them to pull me into her. She relaxed and I rolled off her, lying next to her. I rolled to my side and d****d my arm over her, enjoying the proximity.

She looked at me and licked her lips as if they were dry. "Sorry about that, but you wouldn't believe how much I needed it." she told me.

I laughed. "No need to apologise, and I have to admit that I needed it as well. Our last session just made me hornier."

She grinned. "I know exactly what you mean. Its like something inside me just woke up and now its hungry. And I know just what to feed it..." she said looking at my cock.

To be continued.....
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