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Close up anal play interrupted.

I have used my glass balls wand in a few videos recently but I always seem to be too far from the camera.As the wife was out I thought I'd shoot a close up view yesterday.Spent 10 minutes getting the lighting and camera angle just right and then stripped naked ,aways the best, and started to play on camera.As usual I try to chat to any viewers as I go along. I had a nice slow penetration shot and tried to make sure not to block the view as much as possible. For an encore I then push the balls out so they slowly emerge unaided. I planned to finish with a nice close up masturbation shot but just... Continue»
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Public Woodland wank

Finally managed it! Plucked up courage and went to the spot I scouted the other day.I was a little dismayed to pass two dog walkers on the path I intended to use but it added to the thrill of possible discovery. I checked the immediate locality,set up the camera ,stripped off and wanked!
I was a little nervous so i wasn't stiff to start with but gradually got there.To be honest I finally came before I was fully erect which was a pity but still very enjoyable.Must edit the footage next and will then post the result.Hope you enjoy!
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Scouting wank sites

As you probably know I get a big thrill from masturbating outside (especially if there is a chance of being caught stark naked with an erection!) and then posting on here for those who like to watch.The problem is finding a balance between risk of being caught, the thrill of an orgasm and commonsense.I don't really want to be prosecuted for indecent exposure!
If I am going to wank on camera I feel I must be totally naked ,except,perhaps for a pair of trainers - woods can be quite prickly on the feet! It seems to be to be cheating to just pull your trousers down or stick your cock through your... Continue»
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Holiday wank

Have been away for a couple of weeks in Greece and Turkey.Not much chance for a naked wank but managed to shoot (literally!) a quick wank in my hotel room just before we came back to the UK. Will edit it shortly and post for you to see if interested. Cheers,George
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Summertime Fun

At last we are getting some decent warm days and nights.Had another early morning wank in front of the house.Can't work out a way to capture it on video - unfortunately!
Spent a warm afternoon in the garden a couple of days ago.
Produced a nice set of nude pics. Posted some on here.
Also shot a enjoyable video involving a nice strip and play with a glass dildo. I enjoy a little chat with my viewers. I am editing it at the moment and will post it soon.
Had a little scouting session today in some local woods to find a good spot for another outdoor wank. I think I have found a nice secluded ... Continue»
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Risky Driveway wank

Its been the hottest day of the year.Woke up in middle of the night.Wife was snoring soundly beside me.Crept downstairs and out the front door.Felt like a good wank.The drive way is part obscured by a hedge on one side but the other side is lit by street lights as the road curves away down the bend.Had a quick fondle inside my pajama pants and then took my top off,waited a few moments in case any one was going to walk past the house from out of sight and then slipped out of my pajama bottoms.I love the feel of a warm summer night on my naked body ,especially round my cock and bum cheeks.I star... Continue»
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[Story] Dogging in the Woods

I have always enjoyed the idea of being watched while I was completely naked. Over the years I have moved on from posting naked pictures on various websites to videoing myself masturbating. I particularly enjoyed going into the woods and stripping off before masturbating on camera. The idea of strangers watching from behind the little red light on the camera added to the excitement and when the videos got good ratings and viewing figures on various sites that was an extra buzz for me.
It was a small step to buying a webcam and wanking with a number of men. The sight of their cocks stiffening... Continue»
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[Story] My First Anal

My first Anal

I had bought a digital camera for our holiday in Florida. One hot afternoon my wife was sunbathing by the pool. I was upstairs in the master bedroom .On a whim, I stepped out of my shorts and stood there naked. I set the timer and started to take pictures of my body and , especially, my penis which quickly stiffened into a full erection. I have always enjoyed being naked and the pictures were a great souvenir .When we got home I enjoyed editing the images -choosing the best ones ,zooming in and cropping etc. Looking at naked pictures of myself in compromising positions was a r... Continue»
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[Story] First Time Sex in the Forest

I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first realised the pleasure of being naked in front of others. My parents were strictly religious so anything to do with the anus or penis was dirty and it was grievously sinful to be seen by others accidentally or, certainly , on purpose. When one of my friends suggested we looked at each others genitals I was shocked but then excited. We built a little tent out of a clothes horse covered with a blanket and we all crawled inside. Even then , I was the first to volunteer. There was not much room so the other boy and two girls helped me off with my tee shirt... Continue»
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