Me and my s****r

I have a s****r named Kasey. She is about 5'3 with dark hair and an amazing body. She has small boobs but has an amazing ass and I'm an ass kind of guy. So anyway for the past couple of months the sexual tension I've had for her has been getting worse and worse. Every night I sit in my bed and masturbate to the image of her naked body pressing against mine.

I decided that I was going to make a move and I didn't care what happened, but my problem was my parents were always home. So Christmas was soon approaching and I decided I was going to get them a weekend trip up to New Hampshire because they loved it up there.

The next week rolled around and they were off earlyFriday morning and I had the entire weekend with my beautiful s****r. I asked her that night if she wanted to go to dinner and she agreed, she never really gets out to much because she's always doing school work and such. So after dinner I asked her if she wanted to watch and movie and she said sure.

We stopped at a Redbox on the way home and picked out something she wanted to watch. I really didn't care at all, I had other plans. So we got back to the house and she headed to her room and came down in something I've never seen her wear before. It was this little nighty that barely covered her ass and I could see part of her panties. I said to her, "That's a little much you think?"

She said, "Shut up I never get to wear stuff like this 'cause you know dad would kill me."

I said, "You're right," and smiled.

She sat down next to me and we started to watch the movie. I wasn't paying attention to it at all because the only thing I was thinking was, how I'm I going to do this? I took my hand and put it towards her knee and starting rubbing it a little, then I moved my hand up to the edge of her thigh and rubbed it even more. She didn't seem to mind, she smiled at me at one point. I then hit her boob with my arm and she backed off and moved away.

We just finished the movie, but after it was over she came up to me and kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight and that she had fun tonight. I can't remember the last time my s****r kissed me goodnight? Maybe when we were 4, I don't know, but I was loving it! I headed to my room and masturbated to the sound of her name at least 3 times.

The next morning came and I was up early because I couldn't get my s****r off my mind. My s****r was already up and was in the shower. I sat down at the table and was eating a bowl of frosted flakes. I heard the door open and she walked by the kitchen with this little towel that looked like she stole it from a hotel, you know the ones that barely cover anything. She said, "Good morning, b*****r," in a slutty voice. I was slowly getting a boner under the table.

Saturday night came and I was super horny again but just like last night I was too chicken to make a move on my s****r. So I went down to the basement and thought I'd rub one off to try to kill some sexual tension. I was about 10 minutes into it and I heard a voice behind me.

"What are you doing!"

I instantly turned red and said, "Nothing! Nothing!"

She said, "You were masturbating weren't you? Don't be embarrassed. When you go to work I come down here at least three times a week and play with myself in that very chair."

I said, "Do you really?"

She said, "Yes," and gave me the sluttiest smile.

At that point I couldn't take it anymore!I walked up to her face to face still with a rock solid boner under my shorts. I got so close to her the tip of my penis was was touching her belly button and I lost it. I started kissing all over her neck and she started playing with my penis through my shorts. At that moment I realized that it was finally happening and that all my hard work finally paid off.

I picked her up and put her on the small sofa we had down there. I took her pants off and there was her little striped thong on. I moved it to the right and started playing with her clit. I slowly put in one finger and then another pushing them in and out, oh she was so tight.

She was grasping my arm with all her might, telling me to go faster. I felt her tense up and she came all over my fingers. I took my fingers out and sucked on both of them until they were clean. She then leaned in and said, "Your turn."

She pulled my shorts down and started sucking on my cock. She was really good at this because she was taking the whole thing right down her throat and my ex girlfriend couldn't even do half. She sucked and sucked, playing with my balls at the same time.

This went on for about 10 minutes. My balls and penis were covered in saliva and then I told her, "I'm cumming!" It started to shoot and she put my whole cock down her throat as I was cumming. All my cum was pouring out of the side of her mouth. She gagged a little and licked all the cum off my balls and dick and even all of it on my legs.

She got up and grabbed a towel from the laundry room. She wiped her pussy and her mouth and threw the towel at me, saying, "Just wait for tomorrow." She smiled and I watched her naked ass as she walked up the stairs.
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very good
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very hot. keep going
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Very well written!
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Great story,,but you have more info,,please finish or at least go on,,,,hot ,,,
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Great story
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I'm waiting eagerly for "tomoro"