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I was filtering through some adult ads on a date site that today no longer exists. I had responded to a few ads but nobody ever wrote back. Finally one day I got home from work and I said Damnit I am going to send every female on that site a damn email and see if anybody really exists or if its all made up shit. I even responded to some ads from women who were in the next state! The next day when I got home from work a actually had an email sent to me from wouldnt you know it, A woman who was an entire state away. I became interested when she said that she worked for a large hotel chain and she travels to many states including the very city where I lived. After we sent a few emails back and forth she sent me a pic. At that time I was 25 years old and she was 29. She was kinda cute, she had very very short blonde hair and was a bbw. About 2 weeks later she said she would be in my town working for the weekend and would like to meet for sex only. I was like yea sure, here is my number call me when you get here. Everyday when I got home I would check my answering machine to see what the usual bill collectors were up to. Well my room mate who was listening to the messages that day yelled for me to come listen to one of my calls. It was a woman who said, Hello this is "Debbie" I made it to town and wanted to let you know which location I am at, I am just finishing my shift and will give you a call as soon as I get out of the shower. Wow she sounded so hot! The location she was at was only about 4 miles from my house! She didnt leave a return number! oh no! what if she doesnt call back!! but before I could stop saying what if, the phone rang. She said hi this is "Debbie" I told you I would call you back! I said hi how are you! She said I am fine are you still interested in hooking up??? Um yea.... She said ok come by anytime Im nearly ready and I am in room 150. That was the longest 4 miles I had ever driven. My cock was so hard knowing that I was going to meet someone for sex who I have never even met before. It was about 8pm on a warm summer night when I got there. I knocked on the door and she answered. She was about 5"7 approximately 280-300lbs, short blonde hair, blue eyes, and appeared to be a very well manicured and groomed woman. She said come on in and have a seat. We both sat on a bed directly across from each other as her room was equipped with two beds. She put her feet upon my bed beside where I was sitting. It was kinda awkward trying to make small talk at first. She kept watching the TV and I kept sneaking peeks at her sexy thick legs. She was wearing capri style grey jogging pants and a white shirt. Her toenails were painted pink, she had sexy thick ankles and calfs, and really nice thick thighs. Her shirt was baggy but it looked like she had big tits. Her fingernails matched her toenails and she had a little bit of a tan. She had a smooth light voice and a sexy giggle. I was starting to feel wierd so I asked her if I could use her bathroom. She said sure! I went into the bathroom to take a deep breath and gather myself a When I came out I sat beside her and immediately turned and kissed her. She was very receptive to the kiss.She started lightly moaning. I was thinking omg here I am with this womans tongue in my mouth and she is moaning and I have only been around her for about 7 or 8 minutes. This was so hot, My cock felt like it was going to catch on fire. She slowly started reaching for my cock. rubbing and teasing. Then she stopped and took off her shirt. Her tits were enormous. she wrapped them around my head and all over my face. She had those big flat nipples with the sexy blue veins running through them. Then I took off my shirt and pants. She immediately went for my cock. pushing me backwards and grabbing for it. She sucked me like she was mad at me. It was so hot running my fingers through her still damp short spikey blonde hair. Usually bbws want to turn off the lights because most are self conscious but not this one. She stopped sucking my cock and asked me my favorite position, I said 69. She said thats not a fuck position thats just more oral... I said "Hey you asked" She said ok, and stood up and took her pants off. She wasnt wearing pantys so I immediately saw her pussy. Now on most big girls usually all you can see is FUPA, the thick area around the pussy, but not her, she was very lippy. I know some guys dont like it but I love a woman with thick pussy lips. Her lips were thick and very long. Her lips hung about an inch outside of her vagina. I couldnt believe she was straddling me and backing one of the thickest sexiest pussies I have ever seen right into my mouth. I slowly pulled each lip as far as i could back into my mouth. Slowly sucking and pushing my tongue inside her. The more I fingered her the more fingers she asked for. Her pussy smelled so fucking good, she had that musty smell that makes you want to bury your cock as deep as you can inside her. And finally she shocked me by saying....fist me. I was about to cream myself. I had only been with her for about 20 minutes and she was asking to be fisted. I quickly began fullfilling her wish. Because this was a bbw with wide hips, her pussy easily stretched to accept my entire hand. When I started fisting her she gave me the best fucking blowjob ever.She was taking my entire cock in her mouth and burrying her nose in my balls, when she reached the bottom she would shake her head to tickle my balls. I had to stop her every 10 seconds so I wouldnt Finally I said I have to put my cock in this beautiful fat ass pussy, she laughed. She got on her back and handed me a condom. I watched her pussy fold up as I pushed my cock into the same wet pussy I had just fisted. The visual was unreal. I said "oh god thank you for being a lights on" She said "I am a very visual person". I wish I had more details but I didnt last much longer. Watching her fat pussy move around my cock, her thick legs shake on my shoulders, and listening to her moan was just too much. After I came we cleaned up and I left. Over a period of about a year I fucked her a few more times. After I moved from that state I lost contact with her. I would love to hear from her again. If anyone knows a bbw with short blonde hair, big tits,who lives in or around the Blacksburg, Virginia area tell her I said hi! She has a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on her ass, and her real name is Debbie. I never got to know her last name though so I cant seem to find her. If anyone knows her let me know!
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