Braking all the rules 3

Her mother left, and her father told her it was to return to the lakehouse. Sarah believed they were alone again. He asked her to follow him upstairs.

Once in the bedroom, he pulled out her mother's wedding dress from a box at the top of the closet.

"This is the last thing I'll ask you to do," he said, "And then we're done."

Sarah shook her head, "What? want me to put that on?"

He nodded. "This is the last thing, I promise."


After putting on the dress, fixing her hair, and applying makeup, Sarah exited the bathroom and saw her father naked, sitting up on his shoulders on the bed. A smile came across his face and his eyes melted.

"Oh my God..." he said, "You're far more beautiful than she was..."

The dress was tight against her body. Her mother didn't have her supple figure, so her breasts were bursting out the front of the dress. They could barely be contained behind the material.

"Take off your panties and sit down on me."

She did as he said, but he stopped her as she lowered herself on his cock.

"Turn around, face the door."

His request seemed unusual, but she did as he asked. She began to slowly work herself up and down on his cock, wearing her mother's wedding gown. It was sick, but she could see herself in the closet mirror. She looked...incredible. She didn't know if she'd ever looked sexier.

As they progressed, Sarah heard the front door open.

"Dad! God, stop!"

She tried to climb off him, but his grip on her hips was firm. He continued to grind against her.

"Ssshhh, it's ok."

She panicked and tried to push off him with all her strength, but it was no use. He wasn't letting her go. She could hear her mother making her way up the steps as her pussy tightened against his cock.

"No!" she whispered, even as she felt an orgasm wash over her, "Please don't, Dad, no!"

Her mother rounded the corner and saw her only daughter, donned in her wedding gown, taking her husband. His wet cock was visible to her as it moved in and out of her sopping pussy. Sarah couldn't even imagine what she was thinking.

Her mother just started screaming. It wasn't even human. It was guttural, from the depths of her lungs.

"Mom! I'm so sorry mom!" Sarah said, tears welling up in her eyes as her dad thrusted in and out of her. Her mother plunged forward in some panicked state, and tried ot help her off of him, but it was no use. He was too strong.

Defeated, her mother fell down onto the floor, in a total state of shock.

"How could you Harold! Get off my baby! Get away from my baby!"

Her dad laughed. He continued to thrust into her.

"I thought this would be good revenge for when you fucked Daryl Clark at that retreat. How's it feel? Huh? How's it feel?"

He picked up his pace. Sarah's mother continued to scream and cry.

"Sarah, tell your mom what I put in you. Tell her or I'll send the video."

Sarah looked her mother in the eye, trying to communicate her agony through her eyes.

"I'm pregnant."

Her mother began to weep even harder. Flustered, she ran to the phone and called the police, just as her husband plunged deep into his crying daughter and came, leaving ropes of cum inside her cervix.


It had been two years since her b*****r had left for the lakehouse. Through it all: the arrest, the trial, and her father's conviction, she had tried to stay sane. The community could barely contain their disdain for her f****y once news broke of her father's meltdown, and they sold the mansion. They moved into a smaller home in another city, and things seemed simpler.

Sarah could never tell anyone about so many things The worst, by far, was how agonizing it was aborting the baby she had made with her father. To many, it was a no-brainer. Everyone she knew told her she was a victim, but she knew better. Her own vanity had put her in a position to lose herself, and her sadistic father had pushed her the rest of the way. Losing the baby just meant more invasion into her body, more loss, more sadness. But it had to be done. She was unsure if the c***d inside her was even human, seeing as it came from two related people. Where would it's soul come from if it was conceived by a father inside his own daughter? How could it ever be a healthy person?

But it hurt almost as much to not tell anyone how much the tragedy had helped her. What her father did, though unthinkable, taught her just why making love to her b*****r was wrong. It taught her why sex, without love, and pleasure without morality, was wrong. Boundaries are in place for a reason. f****y functions one way and one way only. If her father had practiced restraint, they might still be a f****y, and she might not have been so damaged. But her own carnal lust sent him into a spiral, and in the end, she lost more than she could ever regain.

Nonetheless, understanding why morality and structure was good, while her old nihilistic ways were pure self-destruction, helped her to turn her life around. She remained celibate, graduated from college early, and had a healthy relationship with her mother. Her b*****r got along with her, and even apologized for allowing their sexual tryst to happen. He felt guilty, as though he'd laid the foundation her father's sexual prison. She assured him he did not, and they shared a platonic, familial hug.

But for closure, Sarah had to know one thing. She drove, in private, to the prison where her father was being held.

Eventually, he sat across from her in the visitors room, and held a phone to his ear.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

She kept her eyes down, and asked the question she wanted answered.

"Do you regret what you did?"

She expected him to contemplate, to think about the answer, but he didn't.

"No," he said flatly, "I can die happy. That's what mattered then and that's all that matters now. I can die happy, knowing I touched your breasts, came inside you, and made you love me as a man."

A twitch of lust washed across her body, as her muscle memory remembered their time together. She shook in a controlled rage, and hung up the phone. It was the last time she would ever speak to her father. She didn't know if she was angry at him, or at herself for the way her body reacted to his words.

Years would go by, and her first, then second marriage would come. She would have c***dren, grow older, and try to live a normal life. But Sarah could never lie to herself and say anything other than the truth in her mind, as she lay awake, trying to sl**p, day after day, year after year.

In her heart, as many do with lost lovers, she bonded with her father, in the carnal way that all lovers do. She still yearned to feel him slouch over her, hold her, and make her feel safe. He had been a good lover, and skilled at making her feel incredible.

But most importantly, he taught her that some rules were made to be followed....
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