Braking all the rules 2

He was creepily touching her torso still, breathing heavily.

"Because that's how you tell them to mate with you. You show them your genetic superiority over other women, and persuade them to give you a c***d. I didn't figure that we are all just a****ls until after I had married your mother. I figured out that I'd resigned myself to a small-breasted, average woman. I lost at the only contest that mattered."

"But I had faith. I had so much faith in you k**s. That they'd be great people, and all my sacrifices would be worth it. That living life the right way would be worth it, in the end. I have all the power in my career, but in my f****y I had to sit and wait, and nurture, and be patient, never be selfish, and hope. And then you and your b*****r proved to be sub-par in everything. No real talent. No real drive. Then the pictures of you getting double teamed by two athletes, two broke minority k**s with no future except high school football. That's when the fantasies started."

"I realized that God had put you in my home, his perfect mate, a genetic miracle, and he was mocking me. He was letting these pathetic men put their sperm into your body to mock me. He knew all the money in the power in the world couldn't convince you to not throw away this perfect body. You became something other than a daughter. You became an insult."

He took her by the cheek.

"We have to keep building the chemical bond. Kiss me again."

He lunged forward and kissed into her. Sarah couldn't process what he was saying. She wasn't mature or bright enough to understand the desperation of an older man driven to near madness by what his c***dren had done. But she knew one thing: what he was doing was unholy in its depravity and wrong on every level. She couldn't tell herself it was abusive. She could leave any time, after all...

He broke the kiss.

"I stared at those nude pictures of you. I touched myself. I dreamed of going back in time, having the confidence and knowledge I had before to find a woman like you. Because I believed in society, in natural law, I never acted on my fantasy. I wanted to protect you. I believed there was still good in you. That a good man would put his c***d in this tight tummy, it would swell up and you would mature, and God would stop mocking me."

"But then, you lost all hope. You used your own b*****r for sex, the lowest of all whores. I failed you. You have no moral center, no sense of decency. You are an endorphin junkie, a failed person, and you take no responsibility for your actions. But you do have one thing still, that even your sad little mind can't take away. I spent the last week going over the consequences of this. But I'm too angry, too defiant, to deny that these..."

He violently grabbed her breast. She gasped, partly from pain, partly from shock.

"Belong to me. I paid for everything in your life, I deserve these more than any other man."

He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth. He suckled her, bit her, licked her. She was near tears as she fought the pleasure he was giving her. There's no way this could feel...good... She was being blackmailed. By her own, disgusting father...

He stopped and took her cheek again, forcing her to look in his eyes.

"Those breasts are made to nurture c***dren. They are so perfect. I remember when I first glanced at those puffy were getting dressed in your room. When I knew you'd grown into a model. Into perfection. Then I felt disgusting, but now..."

He undid the button on her jeans, "I feel free."

His hand plunged into her panties and his finger found her clit. He began to rub her as he kissed her neck, softly. That was her turn on, what she told every guy to do to get her going. She started to breath rapidly. After just a few strokes, her lips were cold from her gasps.

"I don't want to just fuck you. I want you to feel me. I want you to know why you pushed me over the edge when you turned my son into another soulless sexpot. I want your feelings for me to be so confused that you hate yourself for wanting my cum inside you."

"Dad, stop, come on..." she whispered. She knew it was against his rules to speak, but she had to protest. She was starting to lose herself...not only in lust, but a part of herself. Dads weren't supposed to make their daughters feel this way. She wasn't supposed to have these emotions about him.

"When you said those rules, to prevent feelings? You're preventing oxytocin from flooding your brain. It's how lovers bond. It's how people pair up and raise their babies. You only want the pleasure, but you know how to avoid the pain. I am going to become your mate. Chemically, you'll yearn for me. As your feelings progress, I want you to know that I know exactly what I'm doing to you."

She was nearing the bridge of an orgasm when he started to pull her jeans down. He took them off, leaving her in panties. She decided she had to try and reason with him. Even if he stormed out of the room and sent the video, she wouldn't forgive herself for just allowing things to progress.

"Dad, let's talk about this. Don't do this, this is wrong."

He put his hands on the side of her panties and yanked them down. She protested, hooking her hands into the sides, pulling them back. He looked up at her.

"Once these come off, you know what that means."

She breathed and struggled with her conscience. He continued to pull and she pulled back. They stayed in this erotic struggle as she tried to think.

She thought about all the awful porn forums in the world that would watch her and her b*****r fucking. All her friends, so man would want her again. And she could get the morning after pill... did he even know those existed? Maybe if she let him inside her just once...he would stop. She could get away...get in her car and drive away...just had to give him what he wanted....

She stopped resisting. She willingly lifted her legs, still unsure about what she was doing as her father threw her panties on the floor.

"Dad, no, stop, come on, let's talk about this...I'll give you anything else you want..."

He was slouching over her. She felt his cockhead at her entrance.

"Dad, I'll do anything, please, just stop and think, come on don-"

Her mouth fell agape as he pushed into her. She couldn't speak. It felt too incredible. He stopped with half his cock in her, and started to push more slowly.

She started to tremble, and it wasn't just her body struggling. She loved sex, it was her vice. The cock in her, whomever it belonged to, was making her feel things she didn't want to feel. The pleasure waves were growing as he pushed against the sides of her pussy. He was stretching her.

She arched her hips, and he went ball-deep inside her. He pulled out to the hilt, and for a moment she felt empty. He plunged back in.

The sex wasn't furious, and it wasn't slow. It was rhythm defined. He slapped his balls into her with just the right tempo, holding her tight hips as her ample, tan-lined breasts bounced with his thrusts.

She found herself having all the wrong emotions. As her eyes fluttered open and shut, she would see his bare chest. She felt drawn to it, wanting him to hold her. She looked to his cheekbones and saw an attractive man. She became enthralled with the waves of orgasms he gave her. She admired his careful hands, as they pinched her nipples and tugged her hair at all the right times.

"Don't be attracted to him", she thought to herself, "This can't feel good."

But she did. He was good and it felt so, so good. He was one of the best she'd ever had.

He leaned forward and put his hand behind her head. She could smell his sweat and feel it against her skin. She put her hand behind his neck as he quickened his pace. They were rutting now, like old lovers. His massive body completely covered her. She felt And full, so full...

"Look me in the eye."

He kept thrusting. She kept her eyes closed. She didn't want to do this...

"Look me in the eye, Sarah."

She met his eyes. He came. She only knew because he breathed hard, grunting, staring into her as deeply as he could. He fell into her body, spent. He laid there for a moment, recovering. She held him, thanking him for what he'd done. It felt so good to have him next to her...her feelings were betraying her....

He moved to hover over her, and looked down at her. Stroking her hair, he pushed her face to look at him.

"Stare into my eyes."

It was painful, so hard to do. He was her blackmailer, her abuser, whatever you wanted to call the awful situation. But to look at him was to feel him. She did anyway.

"You're a better lover than your mother. You're the best lover I've ever had. I love you more than any woman in the world."

It was too much. She turned away. He pushed her back, and she f***ed her eyes open. She could feel his manipulation penetrating into her as his cock softened inside her.

"I want to take care of you. You are more beautiful than your mother could ever hope to be. You're the woman I love. You're the lover I need. I'm devoted to you. You're my angel, you mean so much to me."

It pained her to hear him talk that way about her mother. In the last few years she'd used them both as nothing but doormats, but her mother was still a person.

To hear him call her his made her feel so strange.

He pushed his softening cock inside her.

"We have to wait two minutes. Move your hips..."

He started to move her hips softly, swaying them back and forth. He was breeding her...

He leaned down and placed his face over her. Relentlessly he stared, first at her eyes, then at her breasts, and back again.

This kept up for the two minutes, and then he abruptly left. She had heard that men have a crisis of conscience after sex...that their mind clears and they sometimes regret what they've done. She could only hope that was the case.

After she was sure he'd gone, she cleaned herself up in the bathroom. She cursed herself for always using condoms and not getting on the pill, but it wouldn't matter. She made her way downstairs, listening closely to ensure she avoided her father.

Grabbing her purse from the front table, she searched for her car keys. They were gone. She looked to the rack next to the front door for a set of keys to another car...they were all gone. The money from her wallet was gone as well, along with her credit cards. Her father was hiding them...had he completely lost his mind?

She grabbed her phone to try to text a friend...halfway typing out the text message before realizing her father had just cut off her service. He must have done it within the last half hour...she was beginning to feel trapped.

Because their sub-divison was so huge, it was at least a five mile walk to the nearest pharmacy. Even if she got started now, she'd be back after dark. It didn't matter, she had to do it. She took three twenty dollar bills from a cookie jar where her mother kept some extra money and went out the back door.

She made it barely a mile before her father came up behind her in his white SUV. She felt mortified...should she run? He rolled down the window and stopped next to her. With dread in her eyes, she looked to him.

"If you get in now, I won't send the video."

After hesitating, she got into the car. It felt like all the bl**d in her body was in her feet as they slowly drove home.

Later that night, he called her downstairs. He had prepared her favorite dinner. Over dinner they barely spoke. It was the first time he had cooked her dinner since she was a little girl. Under any other circumstance, she would have felt flattered.

The reckoning came when he lead her out to the living room. A fire was roaring in the fireplace, and he gave her three glasses of wine. When he began to disrobe her again, she became catatonic. It was happening again.

This session was even more incredible than the last. She couldn't tell how long he pistoned his cock in and out of her, but it felt like hours. After he dropped his load into her again, he sat behind her on their oversized sofa and lightly caressed her breast.

The talk was always the same, almost repetitive.

"You're my true love. You're my beautiful angel. Your mother is a failure, an ugly old woman. She could never make me feel good the way you do."

As exhausted as she was, it began to work. She started to feel safe in his arms, and his words started to make her feel wanted. The final load came as they laid face-to-back on the couch, his cock slowly working in and out of her spent pussy as the light from the fire flickered across her outstretch body. He was gentle and aware of her...never hurting her, knowing her endurance. His words kept coming as he slowly worked her breasts with his strong hands. He came in her for a third time, quietly.

He held her for the two minutes, kissing her without restraint. She had given up her resistance and decided to let the feelings in. What else could she do? She was trapped. He was right. She didn't want him to leave. He gave her what she felt she wanted.

Eventually they retired to bed. He allowed her to sl**p in her own room. While she thought he was giving up on his creepy "chemical bonding" obsession by letting her sl**p alone, she realized it was all part of his plan. She felt cold and alone without him there. Naked, she pulled back the sheet and put her hand on her stomach. The idea that her father's c***d was growing inside her filled her with a numb misery. But she still had time to get the morning-after pill...she could still escape...

The early morning rolled around, and she couldn't take it. The thought that the barrier was crossed, and a man was in the other room, waiting to warm her as she slept, was too daunting. If he was going to imprison her in his sexual fantasy, she decided she should take to it...right? Wasn't that the reasoning? It wasn't because she had feelings for him....that wasn't possible. She just wanted to feel good.

She entered his room, and laid down next to him. In mere minutes, wrapped in his arms, she fell asl**p. She awoke in the night to him fucking her body yet again, slowly and gently. In her hazy state, she spoke.

"Dad, don't cum in me...."

He kept his methodical stroke. She was barely awake.


A wave of profound love for his gentle thrusts came over her.

"c*** babies...."

He came in her unprotected womb. Another two minutes passed as he swayed his cum into his daughter...this time with her nipple floundering around in his mouth.

The next day, she never left his side. Everywhere she went in the house, he followed. He took her body whenever he pleased...whether he snuck up behind her in the kitchen and cupped her breasts from behind, or pistoned his cock into her inside their jacuzzi tub. His phone was nowhere to be found, his car keys hidden.

"The water running off your tits..." he had said as they made love in the hottub, "I'm glad I did this before I died."

It occurred to her to run to a neighbors house and plead to borrow their phone or car, but then what? The video would be released, and there was no guarantee the pill would work after two full days, especially after so many loads of cum. She'd waited nearly too long...her egg was seeded with her father's sperm and planting itself in her womb.

He had won.


Two days passed with constant sex. The feelings grew, and they slept as lovers at night. One morning she walked into his bedroom and found an unexpected item on the bed. Her father stood naked, ready for another session.

"I got out your baby book."

By now, she was becoming accustomed to silently taking his orders.

"Come sit, let's look at it."

She opened it, and felt a sense of extreme guilt. At some point, during all the lustful sex, she'd forgotten that this was her father that was making her cum.

She laid face down over the book, reading through it's contents. She was wearing a skirt, at her father's request, and he took down her panties.

"Read from the tenth made that in kindergarten...."

The scene was becoming surreal...

"My name is Sarah. I like apples and the movies."

Her father placed his cock at her entrance. He pushed himself inside her. Unlike before, there was little resistance. Her body had molded to his girth.

"Read the last part. At the end of the page."

Sarah's emotions were getting the better of her. What was before unthinkable had now become pure torture.

"When I get older I want to be a teacher and have a f****y. I want to have a husband and babies and be happy."

Her father picked up his thrusts. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass.

"Read it...again. Don't stop."

Sarah couldn't hold it back anymore. She started to softly cry.

"When I get older I want to be a teacher and have a f****y. I want to have a husband and babies and be happy."

He picked up his pace, drilling her with abandon. Her tears were flowing now, falling gently on the old pages in the book, staining the words she had written as a c***d.


She read it again, and again, and again. Eventually, he came, deep inside her. With his cock buried, he reached forward and wiped away her tears. He leaned over her with his massive frame, flipped to the front of the book, and took out a lock of her hair from when she was first born.

"Dad, stop!" she pleaded. She felt his cum running out of her pussy, down her leg.

He tickled the end of her breast with the hair.

"I made this tit. This perfect tit."

He continued to tickle her puffy nipples.

"I made it so it could feed my c***d. We made a baby. I made a baby in a perfect body."

He placed his other hand on her womb, and pressed it tenderly. Sarah was mortified. This was beyond belief. She started to cry again as the full weight of the world fell upon her.

By the time the two minutes was up, the tickling against her breast had made her slightly aroused. Even through the tears, and the insanity.

Everything was so fucked up...


The following two weeks served to stamp out any sense of barriers she had with her new lover. She slept in his bed, and he came in her almost at will. She lost count of the loads he dropped in her, and she started to inexplicably care about his other needs.

How it came to be, she didn't know. The part of her that hated him for his sadism seemed to melt away a little more after each orgasm. Every load of cum made her feel full inside, like she was loved. She took to kissing him with intent, losing herself in the carnal lust. She even initiated a few sessions, making his cock hard with her hand or her mouth, then putting it inside her without protest. She began to want the unlimited sex he was providing. It didn't matter who he was anymore

She also cooked for him, held him, talked to him. She worried if he was sl**py or hungry. For fleeting moments she could step back and see how disgusting it all was...but then, she realized there was nowhere else to go, except deeper into the fantasy.

Then, one day, she woke up and her father was fully dressed.

"Your mom is coming home. Just act normal. She's just grabbing a few things, and then she'll be gone."

When her mom arrived, she treated Sarah like dirt. To her, she was still the sick daughter that had fucked her b*****r and refused to apologize for it. Part of Sarah wanted to cry out to her for help, while the other part felt superior to her smug, disheveled old mother. She made her dad cum harder, longer, than her mother ever had. She was the better lover. He loved her more, and she felt it. Her body was young and ready for him, his mother couldn't please him. In such a short time, the idea that such feelings were sick and wrong seemed outdated. This was how she felt, and she didn't know how else to be
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